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  1. HIGHWIRE STAFF and CATHERINE FITTS, please read “Samuel Adams, Father of the American Revolution” by Mark Puls. Sam Adams was a brilliant political strategist – he invented the boycott, and advocated for civil disobedience – please read this book. Sam Adams would have known exactly what to do and Ms. Fitts is on the right track, she should read this book and will gain inspiration and insight from Adams. We need a modern day Sam Adams. It can be a Samuel or a Samantha, we need a visionary like him to galvanize the public to fix this crisis with brilliant and LEGAL strategies!

  2. All western nations leaders are facilitating the invasion of illegal immigrants. – why?

    They ar also

    Taking control of the food supply

    Taking control of banking

    Taking control of utilities

    Taking control of healthcare

    Using minimum wage targeting Fastfood is to control food availability.

    Moving the invaders into low-income neighborhoods

    Allowing the invaders to steal homes – squatters.

    Giving invaders tax-payer money

    We are in a deliberate pressure cooker designed to reduce us to animals of chaos.

    Ultimate form of population reduction and total control

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Investment Banker & Economist, Catherine Austin Fitts, discusses the engineered financial coup that is squeezing the middle class through inflation and debt, and how families can protect themselves from what she calls “the great poisoning”.

Air Date: Mar 28, 2024