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  1. and now the icing on the cake: please interview Dr. Sam Bailey and Mark Bailey, and /or Dr. Thomas Cowan, and get the the real truth that virology itself is a lie!

    1. I think it is pretty obvious to anyone who has actually studied microbiology and/or virology, that Dr. Sam Bailey and Mark Bailey, and Dr. Thomas Cowan, are all controlled opposition. Modern microbiology and virology are on our side and prove the crimes against humanity done by the governments and drug companies. Don’t let the controlled opposition fool you, contagion is real, covid is real, they created it and released it on us. Viruses serve a purpose, 99.99% of virus are good.

  2. “The great poisoning” – how many diseases are today considered “idiopathic”? Framkly, almost all of them. How can we tell? Because there is no cure. To address the cause, is to cure. But most diseases are considered “incurable” Let’s make a short list of Curable diseases. Officially, a curable disease is an infectious disease that can be cured by an approved poison, a medicine that disables or cures the infectious agent. And the list of “incurable” diseases, diseases that have no “cause” we can address?
    All non-infectious diseases: arthritis, cancers, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, gout, heart disease, hypertension, immune disorders, janundice, malnutrition, poisonings, obesity, even scurvy are considered incurable. How many of them are caused by poisons?
    All mental disorders from ADHD to autism, bipolar, depression, epilepsy, mania… are considered incurable. How many cases are caused by poisons?
    COVID, influenza, and the common cold only kill us when we are weak or disabled by another disease – possibly caued by poisons. But these other diseases are incurable, so… “there is no cure for the common cold… influenza…. COVID” even asmost cases are cured.
    Why don’t we know the poisonous causes of these diseases? Because we refuse to cure. What happens when hypertension is cured? Nobody cares. Hypertension is incurable. What happens when a case of COVID is cured? Nothing – nobody cares. We track deaths and sell preventatives – but not causes. We study statistical causes, but not cure causes – real present causes. If we find the cause, we know the cure. But modern medicine has abandoned cures. Why? Because the cure for most diseases is health, healthy foods, not poisonous drugs.
    to your health, tracy
    Author: A New Theory of Cure

  3. Polio is part of the great poisoning. Polio is curable – but only when it is not caused by a virus What happens when a case of polio is cured? Officially, it wasn’t polio – polio is incurable – so the cure must be ignored.

  4. Measles? We know how to cure measles. We also know how to cure measles outbreaks – we do this every year because measles oubreaks occur every year – and we cure them. What don’t we know? We don’t know how to prevent measles. We vaccinate hundreds of millions of people and measles outbreaks still occur. There is no scientifi evidence that vaccination stopped a measles outbreak. Cures are better than preventions.

    1. It is in the governments best interest for the opposition to think that viruses are fake. Did you ever consider that maybe you have been fooled by controlled opposition???

  5. we have just received our new land valuations in our state which has shot up incredibly so that means large increases in rates on top of increases in mortgages after people lost jobs or had to part time. Gee I wonder when they said this was going to happen as part of the plan that all those cynics can now say I should have listened.

  6. It’s not often that I correct Del but I don’t think it’s true that the last two administrations were pushing against Ivermectin. I believe it is only the Biden admin. Trump spoke about Ivermectin and HydroQ and how we should consider them. He was vilified and called a nut.

  7. I absolutely Loved this show! (I love all of them, but….) I didn’t feel like I was being pandered to as a woman.

    BUT, we got to see all these amazing women and their priceless contributions specifically to these important causes.

    Thank You Highwire Team!!!

  8. please! what is an outbreak is nothing more than testing, and an environmental toxin, just the same as covid. . . what is polio? poisoning, nothing more.

  9. Cost of capital is REAL! Banks get 1% money from the FED and you get to pay 17% on your credit cards. Then there’s the American consumer that goes into a new car dealership and pays window sticker plus $1500 to $5000 dealer markup to won a new car!

    Much of this insanity lays right at the feet of the American consumer.

    “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Consumer”…….

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AIRDATE: March 28, 2024