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  1. Highwire is always great. Even Peter McCullough said they should never went past 25% of vaccines. Yet he and other pro vac doctors also said passing out vaccines during a pandemic was not wise. If we’d passed out treatments to those sick and not sent them home to only seek help if they can’t breath, was very wrong. Many died who could’ve been saved, even prophylactics like supplements should’ve been advised at the first, and for sure demonizing HCQ, Ivermectin, Budesinide was pure suicide. But that was the plan so the CDC could get EUA for these worthless injections. Could be Eugenics is the end game.

    1. Yip,the powers that be really seem to dislike sharing their planet with all of us peasants,how many ways have they tried killing us already,fluoride a toxic byproduct of aluminum,excellent let’s throw that in the water,how about mammograms for women,let us squash ya tits till it hurts and then put a beam of radiation directly towards ya heart and lungs,yeah sounds fantastic,NOT. OR let’s fight cancer with radiation,really doesn’t cancer develop due to radiation ( along with other things) I’m so over modern day medicine band aids,they never look to see what’s causing the problem they just throw drugs at it and then hello you have another health issue so let’s throw another drug at ya. Medicine was stuffed from the day the criminals called rockerfellas took it over.

  2. Please search graphene oxide in chem trails, used in climate change and now found in vaccines as well as paper masks.
    I would post evidence , but unfortunately I am unable to do that here.
    We all know Gates promotion of climate change and vaccines. Follow the money and you will find the benefactor of this global genocide.

  3. How come some people say “I’m fine, no issues” That many placebos or weaker dose vials? Delayed reaction is widely screamed about. “They have maybe 14 months before they start getting symptoms” “They have months left to live” I think the symptoms people complain about are the one’s that happened soon after the jab. This delayed reaction promised, I want to understand better. I suspect it’s jab plus beam forming EMF. It’s like when they get hit with 5G or other laser, etc then they get sick or drop dead.


    Each of the nine VSV hybrids, as well as the spikeless particles, were used to infect each of the three cell cultures. This gave thirty cultures to report on. The results are shown as a matrix of small photos (shown below) of the cultures 48 hours after infection. These photos show the results of having the various spike proteins expressed on the surface of the Vero E6 cells. They indicate the level of damage done by the various spike proteins to the ACE2 expressing cells in your body………

    The SARS-2-S(opt) hybrid virus looks amazingly dangerous. The relevant photos are (1,1) (1,2) and (1,3). Here, syncytia formation is extreme. Here the cleavage motif at the S1/S2 cleavage site has been destabilized by adding extra arginine (R) and lysine (K) units. In other coronaviruses this causes the spike proteins to be so unstable that they are able to fuse neighboring cells without the need of any receptor.

    Fortunately, such heavily multibasic motifs can never establish themselves naturally………


  5. Your show is absolutely spot on, Del. You all are heroes at TheHighWire!!

    A good thing about this scamdemic is the fact that even though I always had a general sceptics to gov in general and never was the type to take orders… I still had the belief that so called antivaxxers where a bit out of their way. Its easy to judge when you dont really know, but just takes out small parts of the picture. Even though I have done research for years, its so much evil in this world, it does take time to fully understand how deep in the rabbit whole you must jump in order to see more clear. What this scamdemic has given me is a pretty clear site of what insane world we live in. I came over Del BigTree last year and has been a regular visitor ever since. I am still not a antivaxx but I am not sure I ever again will trust anything coming from Pharmacia. By learning from Dr Rashid A Buttar, Zevlenko and many others I now know more about how to take my own health measures.

    What really surprises me most of this scamdemic is to see how many actually falling for the propaganda. Its a very lonesome experience to see clear, when others dont. The milgrim experiment together with the history of psychiatry gave me a big wake up call. The still on going practice of “Electro Compulsive Therapy” which is nothing less than another word for ELECTROSHOC was really a big shock for me even though I was well aware of many cruel facts of the world.

    Thank you Del BigTree and TheHighWire! We will never give up, and we will never surrender to the cult. Until our last breath. With that said. Remember when you get tired and frustration…. HEROES NEVER QUIT OR GIVE UP!

    Best Regards from Norway

    PS: For a sidenote our healthminister Høye (pron Hoye) in Norway stated 2 days ago that we will get back to normal in a couple of months… 100% this is bullshit. Its election in Norway and people still believe in these crooked criminals called politicians… Just wait and see after the election and people will get a new shock. I 100% believe there will be a new so called “variant” from Sweden coming to our country. They have just getting started… So get ready!

  6. Thank you, Del and your team for everything, have been watching & listening to from Day 1.

    I am interested in how the immunity of liability for pharmaceutical interests is going to play out with the False Claims Act.

    Connection between Vaccine Passports & creation of Data-mining tied to the Vaccine Passport Technology to impose a Social Credit System similar to that of China.

  7. I agree we need to go back to naturopathic healing methodologies, energy healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and citizens hopefully will become medically concerned, educated and active in their own care. We will learn to cook our own food, and DIY in general. Thank you for this information.

  8. Yesterday, I went to the doctor for an appointment. They, of course, asked me about the vaccine, and I told them I haven’t gotten it. Then, my provider brought it up and I told them “I still need to research it more.” In both situations, I felt like I was treated differently after telling the medical assistant and provider after telling them. I wanted to address a specific concern about my medication, and my provider didn’t even listen to me, and quickly rushed through the appointment. This is getting to be absolutely ridiculous, people exercising their god given right to make medical decisions are judged and chastised by the medical community now?

  9. Hi Del, big product news failure is Samsung Galaxy Note 7: 2 batteries burst into flame (not to diminish a phone blowing up in your pocket!!), no injuries (phew) and one airliner emergency landing/diversion. A Samsung spokesperson stated that the company had received 35 reports of battery failure, which “account for less than 0.1 percent of the entire volume sold”. (I think a VAERS-like <0.1% report rate can be safely assumed.) The replacement program failed, resulting in 1 injury, and eventually, multiple mechanisms (including firmware patches and stolen phone lists) were used to disable these phones. I couldn't find a total number of "doses" of Galaxy Note 7, but if it's less than 4 million, I'd be astonished. Maybe 100 of these things failed in a manner which could have caused even a minor injury (plus about 4000 benign failures assuming that VAERS-like <1% report rate; some 'tuber experiments seemed to indicate that at least 99.999% of these phones were no more dangerous than a phone without such an issue, i.e. if you awl a battery of any phone to short its plates (which is hard to do by accident) it is very likely to burst into flames, and most phone batteries are fine with being bent, hammered, dropped from any height onto any surface, baked in an oven, and fried in a pan: they stop working, but they usually don't burst into flames – don't do any of these things because they'll still do so often enough that you should treat it as a certainty, as these experimenters did.) Returning this phone eventually required a large fire-resistant box and could only be shipped surface. Oh, and there were no known discussions of the problem of "smartphone hesitancy" among the marketroids of such products.

  10. Anyone else feel like the world was purposely infected with covid, to make everyone get the vaccine (that I believe is poisonous and slowly killing whomever got it) and the “boosters” are to help sustain your life? Not to amp up your immune system but to keep you from dying from whatever it is that they have released. Kind of reminds me of the Netflix series, Sweet Tooth where if they don’t comply then they don’t get their meds and will die. But, if they do comply then they get them like clockwork… I’ve said it from day one that they are trying to thin the herd and I believe this new ploy they have about not needing boosters at this time is to eliminate more and blame it on a new variant.. I read somewhere that one was discovered in Kansas I think? Then there will be another crisis to hurry and get the booster because you won’t die if you do.

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The $1 Billion Whistleblower Search; International Vaccine Mandates Start; W.H.O. Insider Exposes Pandemic Response; The Ultimate Proof Masks Don’t Work!

Guest: Astrid Stuckelberger, PhD

ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 15, 2021