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  1. WHEN is Biden going to lift the mandates so Canadians can fly into the US? Is the US the only country still doing this? I think Joe forgot about it.

    1. Please watch Maria Zeee’s interview with Dr Ana just this month. She has found what they are spraying in the blood. Everything from the nano called, “Morgellons” as well as Graphene Oxide that is in the c19 bioweapon. Dr Ana is finding the SAME metals and poisons and nanoparticles in the jabbed as the unjabbed.

      She is on Red Voice media and I believe the name of the interview is “Maria rages!”

      Everyone, please watch and share. We, the unjabbed, have the same elements in our blood. Coming from the air…

  2. If natural immunity would not be PERFECT, there would be no humans on earth.

    Do always remember that these mandated injected are thought to prevent an illness that will affect severly … 0,014% of people who get infected.

    These numbers are know since april 2020 (ioannides et al).

  3. Emergency summit …

    If i remember the nato treaty right, if one member of nato is attacked, automatically the other nato-nations are supposed to defend this member.

    What is if one member of nato – usa – attacks another nato member – germany – …. – then it is just a fertlizer production issue? Come on.

    There is no equality of nato members. There are no deals, Del. Germany is a vasall-state to the usa. No german government is ALLOWED to defend their country against the usa. And no other nato member nation is going to help to defend germany against the usa, … How do you call that?

  4. It was good to hear a discussion on such a controversial topic that one can see in the sky. Are they experimental or so horribly effective that these frequencies can cause an earthquake?

    Sounds far fetched to me.. I think the climate is out of control by all the accumulative pollution over the Centuries of the Industrial Revolution. FlybyNews.com is one of the few sites with resources on both chem-trails and dense carbon saturation in the atmoshpere. The Nord Stream sabotage is the real news of the day. Great work.. Thank You.
    “Energy Pollution’s Impact On Environment” https://flybynews.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/energy-pollutions-impact-on-our-environment/

  5. Related to CO2 … ¿You all know that plants need CO2 for their metabolism, right? That actual CO2 content of atmosphere is SUBOPTIMAL for plant growth? That therefore industrial agricultural production increases artificially the CO2 content in greenhouse atmosphere to increase the crop yield?

    Every molecule of CO2 that increases (by the way, we are talking about parts per million …!) CO2 content of breathable atmosphere will be readily used by growing plants, deposited in wood and dissolved in the oceans.

    So, in a greater global view, there is no real problem. Not concerning CO2 antway.
    But blaming it on CO2 is VERY convenient! Because every animal – including human animals – produce CO2 with every breath. So industry, which produces far more poisenous products and gases, and releases them 24/7 (Ohio) hides behind 8 billion of human beings. We have, every one of us, a ‘environmental footprint’, and industry has a public relations department for ‘saving the earth’.

    As i said, convenient.

  6. Geoengineering is a real activity that has been going on for a very long time. Thanks so much for having Dane Wigington on.
    I’ve been following Dane’s work for over 10 years and his research has been impeccable. I think the agenda of it is multilayered. Thanks Del and crew for having Dane on.

  7. The wars, social injustice, the illegal drugs, and the vaccines all tie into the same thing, government control. It benefits the government in keeping you sick, in debt, in fear, and to have hate. As long as a nation is in divide, the stronger a government can be. Welcome to the Democracy where the citizens want their government to rule over and to implement color of law that does not benefit the people. A Democracy is also majority rule where the 49% has to do what the 51% says. This is why a pure Democracy is dangerous. The Founders understood the importance of a Republic where the people govern themselves which limits government involvement and keeps them small. So our constitution and Republic is a threat to this government because it limits their involvement and would keep them small. Study a Republican Form of government and then you will understand why The US corp hates the constitution and what the framers setup

  8. I was very disappointed with the “health 2 happiness challenge”. It was just a big infomercial. Day 3 they mention $2k saying they want to be upfront. I think upfront would have been Day 1. I believe they might have good advice but you have to pay to get it. Couldn’t find Del’s promotional clip for them so I posted here.

  9. Go to my profile, click the ellipses menu (…), use the “search profile” tool with any “conspiracy theory” keywords you want. My profile goes back 14 years, covering everything from Fluoride to Chemtrails to religion history to NGO corruption on the world stage….all of it. Every subject you can think of in this “conspiracy theory” concept has been posted about at least once on my page in the past 14 years. I even posted a .pdf from the Gerald Ford Library on “Operation Mockingbird.” Enjoy! http://www.facebook.com/dexus

  10. Del, THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing awareness to weather modification. I have known of this for decades and it has boggled my mind how people could not see what is happening right above our heads.

  11. Oh my goodness!! I have been waiting years for you to join forces with Dane. Please, everyone, donate even a dollar, five dollars, anything to ICAN to bring cases against these evil entities.

    We must fight the poisons that Gates, our own military and our friends at WEF have been dumping on us for years.

    If this doesn’t cause all of us to donate, I don’t know what will: The pilots and teams that fly these planes have patches sewn on their jackets that say, “Don’t Just Spray em… Barium”! Can you believe the audacity?

    Pure evil. Thank you for bri ging Dane on. He was my first channel that I visited when I got my first cell phone at age 45 in 2015. I’ve been pissed ever since.

  12. Del! You are smarter than this. All you have to do is observe the airplanes in your skies!

    Look at planes that have CON trails that disappear! They completely dissipate. They do NOT spread out like feathers and then fill our sky with a grey, silver haze! For example, I was sitting on a beach, on a beautiful sunny day that was reaching 60 degrees in March, with clear and beautiful blue skies. Then, it began. The plane sprayed. I watched the trail spread and spread into what looks like feathers. I was so pissed that we couldn’t even gave one day of sun on our faces! At ten minutes, the sky was hazy and the feathers had spread. I felt the temperature drop about ten degrees and could feel the crystals hit my skin. Del. Observe. Videotape. There are two types of trails. Ones that completely disappear and ibes that spread out.

    Please. This is so damning to humanity and all living forms of life. We are very close to not being able to come back or recuperate from what they have done to the earth.

    DAVID KEITH IS THE FOURTH WORST HUMAN ON EARTH, only behind Fauci, Klaus and Gates. As everyone can see, this has been a huge concern if mine for years. My apologies.

    1. Not all of the medical industrial community is trying to convince everyone, there are thousands of dissenters tens of thousands after covid. Not so with the airlines. And Pilots.

  13. Wrong, Del!

    The banking industry affects everyone. The statutory counterfeit that is issued by the Federal Reserve System sanctioned by the US government affects everyone. It is a tool to transfer wealth from the many to the few for the purpose of redistribution by the few to insure that they remain wealthy and in power.

    Roddy A. Stegemann, First Hill, Seattle. 98104

    Author of Mount Cambitas: The Story of Real Money

  14. I know you can enter by land without papers. I know that wasn’t your concern, but thought I would share. My nephew from Nova Scotia has been here twice since my brother passed (not from jab). I am with you in your concern, bc my inlaws are british & both jabbed just to come see their son & our kids 🙁

  15. If planes are spewing out chemtrails all over the sky on a daily basis it would take millions of pounds of fuel. Where are they reloading? Who is pumping the fuel into them without any questions? Are the petrochemical engineers and lab technicians in on it at the refineries if they are adding the chemicals to the fuel or producing them separately?? Where are they storing these giant planes and millions of gallons of special fuel and/or the chemicals? Is everybody in the control tower covering up for it and not reporting all the planes in the sky, empty of people? Thousands of professional Pilots tens of thousands worldwide thousands in the Air Force and none of them are calling out all the unoccupied planes spewing a white trail criss cross across the sky daily? No whistleblowers? Everybody just lets it go? Unmarked planes are not suspicious to other pilots?How are these millions of gallons of chemicals transported? Tanker trucks? Train? Employees doing the transporting are clueless of what’s in there and therefore unprepared for a spill? Has there never been a spill? Millions of gallons, no incident ? Where are the chemical plants doing the manufacturing and do the chemical engineers all keep it covered up? Do fire departments have any clue what to do with these chemicals if they were spilled in transport ? No government regulation on a chemical plant them and shipping them or everyone working for the EPA and other regulators all cover it up? Not an honest one in the bunch? No MSDS sheets anywhere along the way from manufacturing plants to plane? If every white line in the sky is a chemtrail there has to be Millions, tens of millions of gallons, possibly billions of gallons being shipped throughout the country

    1. Problem with the comparison to Dr pan, he has hundreds or thousands of doctors, nurses, medical professionals speaking out against him. The chemtrail crowd does not have that with pilots. I know many Pilots and they are not believers. Poor comparison, poor answer.

  16. Fluoride? Hmmm, the first 3 letters is damning enough…Why are we talking about this?…Have you not looked at your toothpaste tube?…It literally states “Do not swallow”…”CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS OF AGE. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Centre immediately. If irritation(such as redness, swelling, soreness)of the gums or the mouth occurs, discontinue use and consult a dentist. Use for periods of longer than 8 weeks is to be only under the supervision of a dentist(WTF? ARE THEY SAYING/NOT SAYING HERE?)Avoid contact with eyes. Not recommended for use by children under 12 years of age.

    Hmmm…seems to me, someone knows something.

  17. How can Sen. Richard Pan state…that “the most dangerous ingredient in these “Covid vaccines” is WATER”?!… and yet no one bats an eye, no questions…Not a…Can you provide the science you are using to make that claim?…He is gaslighting and mocking the public. Obviously he knew no one would call him on it…AND to this date…apparently he was right.

  18. Great episode! Congratulations on the CA win! I know Del doesn’t mean that he wants people to stop watching and just donate. Everyone should do both!

  19. Messing with the electronically charged ionosphere? Perhaps that’s why so many people have heart problems, especially irregular heartbeat. Our Creator designed a well balanced system that enables a part of our brain to derive the needed electricity from the atmosphere. Another part of the brain works continually to connect and disconnect so that the properly converted derived electricity – converted by yet another part of the brain – can flow via the nerves down to the heart muscles. When the brain connects, there is flow of electricity which contracts the heart muscles to pump the blood… If we knock the electricity of our atmosphere out of balance, perhaps the brain can not compensate for the discrepancy, hence the heart does not receive the proper electrical charge and malfunctions.

  20. Bill, I totally agree with you! I think that Del and these doctors should have told us from the beginning that this was going to cost us. I thought they were just doing Del a favor and giving us some info on their program. The cost is outrageous. The 4 videos were like advertisement. I’m on SS, no way can I afford this even making monthly payments. Complete waste of my time.

  21. I’ve been talking about Chemtrails and weather manipulation since I woke up in 2005. Even got a reporter from my local paper to come outside and look at them and they printed one of my letters about them, but most people can’t see things right in front of their eyes. I convinced a few friends over the years, but most sheeple are just that.
    This was another one of those times where you guys jumped into the deep end of the pool and it was very well done. Many people who understand HAARP immediately wondered about those earthquakes. Your team did a great job introducing these issues to your fans with documented facts.
    Your community forum is a cess pool though and until you make a block button, I won’t return to it. Every platform has one for a reason. I should be able to post without being harassed by the same loser trolls every time I go in there. But you guys have been ignoring that request from many people for a long time, so I won’t hold my breath.

    1. They have to let people have their opinions does not matter if they are wrong or right. Its a side effect of free speech that must be tolerated if you yourself desire free speech too. Hope that makes sense.

  22. Same technique used to determine the chemicals in the atmosphere of planets can be used to spectral analyze out own atmosphere. Light can be used, we measure the light that is reflected and absorbed to determine chemical makeup of our atmosphere. Then we don’t have to argue if its aluminum in the fule, as the proportion of chem trail vs fuel would be no where near similar via spectral analysis.

  23. Dear Del,
    This is definitely a real issue. I have been watching the chemtrails for 15 years. The patterns that I have observed totally contradict their excuses. But I did not record them. I love your attitude of , “Give me something that I can take to court.” Perhaps, with some technical assistance, we can implement my ideas for tracking the skies, accounting for weather conditions at altitude, official flight paths, with time stamps on time lapse videos.
    Also, Dane’s earliest videos claimed strong evidence for barium and aluminum in the snow below the chemtrails. Maybe this is useful.

  24. Watch out for fluoride filters. Many of these may add aluminum to your water in exchange for removing the fluoride. You have to check with the manufacturer to know if the process adds aluminum to the water. I heard some bone char filters do fluoride without aluminum. See Dennis Crouse PhD on removing aluminum from water.

  25. I have The Fluoride Deception & many other books regarding this issue. Have been attempting to sound the alarm for a good 25-30 yrs. As with “covid,” I was just regarded as “extreme” & a “conspiracy theorist.” I stopped vaccinating my children in 1978 so I’m an early anti-vaxxer, too! Maybe NOW, people (including my family) will pay attention.

  26. Really glad you’re covering these topics, since you have a much larger audience now, so you are helping get the message out to far more people than before.
    I haven’t finished watching yet, so may be jumping the gun but if you want to talk to a real expert who has worked within the government programs, you should get author of 1997 book ‘Angels don’t play this HAARP’ Dr Nick Begich (not to be confused with the politicians with the same name) on. Anybody who listens to him knows how professional he is – I would suspect he has been following the Highwire Protocol long before you have.
    He’ll be able to discuss HAARP, as well as mind control techniques which have been explored by the Govt for a many decades now. Nobody will be better to have on the show than Dr Begich.
    I think he can be contacted via:

  27. Have been following Dane W. for a long while. Thank you for having him on.
    My father was a meteorologist in the USAF for 26 yrs then worked in Civil Service. His love was climatology. He grew very disenchanted both with the USAF & our government in his later years. He passed in 3/20 at 90. (His name is on one of your walkway bricks.) He used to tell me about all the military experiments that were done on unsuspecting civilians.
    I find it easy to believe that the powers that be have been utilizing technologies for a very long time, in secret. When they finally allow a little to be released, it is presented as if it is a recent discovery. Even the politicians might be unaware of a lot of this stuff since it is coming from a “shadow government.”
    We are going thru’ a transition in which darkness is being exposed so that wrongs can be made right. It will take time, as more people (finally) awaken to the fraudulent nature of our existence.
    “The Truman Show.”
    I bought the aluminum atom book after listening to a fascinating interview with the author. Haven’t read it yet but will!
    Thank you again for an extra special show! Fluoride & chem-trails….wow!

  28. BRAVO DEL!! For another great Episode and getting some people out of their comfort zone. At this point in time i know it could be comforting pretending to be open minded but not really dealing with the underlying evil that exists. This Episodes proves to me and to the viewers that you are a Rock star who will take on difficult topics. Thank you for being you and moving forward with bringing out the truth. Have an awesome week!

  29. Late to the game but I appreciated the segment on chemical trails. I have logged onto Dane’s website before but haven’t yet finished his documentary. It boggles my mind that the government could be doing this, but after the Covid debacle, I have such a high level of mistrust that I can’t rule it out.

    Yesterday I was driving home and saw what looked very much like a chemical trail. It was just a few blocks from my house! I was taken aback and pulled over and took a photo.

    What I didn’t know was how far back this weather engineering experiment goes. The clip with Lyndon Johnson…wow. And Bill Gates continues to reveal what a megalomaniacal, demonically-inspired person he is. Amazes me that he has managed to position himself as an expert on weather, vaccines and population control. He isn’t even hiding his sinister agenda!

    If we have been lied to all along about fluoride being “safe and effective,” then what else is left? Dentists promote it, it’s in our toothpaste and water, and the average person thinks it’s healthy. Wow. What is next? How many more lies are we going ot uncover?

  30. With that said, I am not ruling out the possibility of geoengineering, although I seriously doubt the use of commercial passenger jets because 1) it would require tons of material to be loaded into dedicated tanks on the planes; 2) the nozzles, no matter how well hidden, would be subject to the scrutiny of dozens of passengers on each flight who would have a clear view of the rear of the engines from just a few yards away; and 3) the planes fly primarily in the upper troposphere where, unlike in the stratosphere, the particles would fall out rather rapidly as they mix downward in air currents and get rained/snowed out to the ground.

  31. Silly wabbits. As a country boy, I played outside ALL day admiring the sky. As a flightline cop in the military multiple USAF bases, I was again staring at planes, fences, and the sky for 12hr shifts. Clouds move variably swiftly… condensation dissipates fairly quickly… chemtrails spread SLOWLY and stay visible for long periods. Add to that, I have NEVER seen so many fallen trees in the woods in my life, until about 15yrs ago.

    Two of my favorite revolutionaries, the D & D connection! Glad to see Dale not waiting for “proof” about geoengineering before talking about it for those unaware.

    Revelation 6:12-17 says this geoengineering stuff would happen.

    [12 I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, 13 and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. 14 The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

    15 Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16 They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of their[b] wrath has come, and who can withstand it?”]

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Today we are following The Chemical Trail: Fluoride Lawsuit Exposes Apparent Government Official Hiding Data; Big Win in Maryland; Gates-Funded Study Shows Two Years Later, Natural Immunity Still Better Than Vaccine. Why?; Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Attacked By The U.S.?; Tackling the Controversial Issue of Chemtrails; ICAN wins in CA Lawsuit Prohibiting Any Vaccine Mandates, Setting Precedent

Guests: Derrick Broze, Dane Wigington

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