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  1. This is definitely a real issue. I have been watching the chemtrails for 15 years. The patterns that I have observed totally contradict their excuses. But I did not record them. I love your attitude of , “Give me something that I can take to court.” Perhaps, with some technical assistance, we can implement my ideas for tracking the skies, accounting for weather conditions at altitude, official flight paths, with time stamps on time lapse videos.
    Also, Dane’s earliest videos claimed strong evidence for barium and aluminum in the snow below the chemtrails. Maybe this is useful.

  2. Baba Vangra, old blind iron curtain farm woman mystic, died in the 80s, with predictions by specific year all the way into the 5000s! She sees in 2066, the US uses a new environmental destructor weapon on Rome! Where could she have gotten that from if there weren’t something to this!

  3. What courage, Del! Talk about a hot topic! Many years ago, an old friend spoke quite passionately about this topic. I told him to send me what he had and I’d consider it. Nothing he shared came across as evidence that this is anything other than air pollution, which is definitely something people should be concerned about because yes, byproducts of fuel combustion end up accumulating in the soil and contaminating the air we breathe. Most people don’t know that leaded gasoline is still used in some small aircraft! So you still have small amounts of lead being dispersed. And I did some research when they regulated NiCad batteries nearly out of existence, and, according to the EPA’s own website, the #1 source of environmental cadmium pollution is due to the combustion of fossil fuels. And yet there was a grand hurrah and my favorite type of battery for my small electric vehicles was banned and they even tried to ban artist’s red oil paint. No mention of motor vehicles. Based upon what I have seen governments and corporations do in the past, I feel personally that the Chemtrail Conspiracy is a redirect of attention AWAY from the terrible chemicals poisoning our air and water generated by the burning of fossil fuels and towards something completely hallucinatory. This is to diffuse the concern by focusing it onto something you can’t prove, so that Americans don’t take action against the real bogeyman. For all we know, Dale has all this money (6 figures he mentions at one point just to do atmospheric testing) because he STILL actually works for Bechtel on the sly, a massive construction engineering firm and government contractor that builds oil pipelines, nuclear power plants, vehicle tunnels and more. They have been embroiled in controvery in the past, including the Bolivian water privatization scandal. Bechtel was mentioned in ‘Confessions of An Economic Hit Man’ by John Perkins Bechtel’s definitely a dirty player. I’m shocked that someone who professes to be such an environmentalist would have worked for such a sketchy corporation.

  4. I have always found this topic 1 Too hard to prove, and 2 Not worth the effort, if you are trying to wake people up. That said, I studied meteorology in the Navy, and understand contrail formation. You can spot the difference in a naturally occurring contrail and…trails of substance by getting a close look at the plane creating it. Contrails will start forming out of the clear exhaust as it rapidly cools to condensation, then forms into ice-crystals. There is a delay with contrails, so there should be a space between where the contrail is forming, and the aircraft. If there is no space between, it’s most likely not a contrail, and has something more than water vapor in it.

    I think sky-writers use steam, based on how quickly the messages dissapate, but lack of dissipation from jet contrails is not immediately mean chemtrails. What I learned it meant was low wind speeds, High pressure, good weather.
    In Low pressure, the wind is faster, and contrails dissipate quicker as a result.

    What I need to see are the delivery systems, and the cargo. Someone HAS to have pictures of several delivery systems and the payload they are distributing somewhere, if they are actually doing this on a level that would effect the planet.

  5. I just noticed that the thumbnail for this episode is NOT chemtrails.

    Read my previous comment, and look at the trails where they start. They are not touching the plane.

    Those are naturally forming contrails.

  6. As a meteorologist, I don’t find Dane’s claims of hurricane or general weather pattern manipulation convincing. I watched his video on Hurricane Harvey https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/engineered-climate-cataclysm-hurricane-harvey/ There were claims about weather pattern manipulation that simply showed an observed or forecast long-range weather anomaly map and then claimed without evidence that it was the result of weather manipulation.

    He also claim that Lockheed Martin and Raytheon are somehow manipulating the output of the GFS and other weather models in real-time to show what seemed like accurate forecasts of storms like Sandy and Harvey. I don’t think it is possible to pull that off, nor, to the best of my knowledge do I think that contractors have that much influence over the real-time operations of the numerical weather prediction models.

    I watched the GFS output diligently as the forecast for Sandy (and to a lesser extent Harvey) unfolded starting about a week in advance. From my perspective, these were the credible output of a sophisticated numerical weather prediction model that accurately predicted a large scale and relatively easy to forecast in advance pattern as it unfolded.

    Finally, hurricanes are areas of intensive upward motion that inject a lot of air into the upper troposphere. The continuity equation and the relative incompressibility of the atmosphere requires areas of strong downward motion in adjacent areas. Rising air is associated with condensation and precipitation. Descending air is associated with drying and evaporation and clear skies. The boundary between these two zones is often very sharp, hence a sharp cutoff as any bits of the cloud field that stray into the area of downward motion erodes very rapidly. I cannot imagine a mechanism by which 700,000 watt nexrad radars which where clearly scanning in all directions and couldn’t possibly been adding energy to the hurricane at more than a few hundred or at most a few thousand watts could possibly influence a hurricane whose power in terms of watts (energy per time) is about a trillion times that. The hurricane claims are simply showing a radar or satellite image to a layperson and claiming some strange seeming (to said layperson) pattern is a result of human intervention without providing any evidence or plausible mechanism.

  7. I’ve followed the chemtrail and HAARP issues since the 90s, so I was thrilled to see both surface here. Thank you, Del! Thanks to comments here and on the main, I’m going to go watch The Dimming, at geoengineeringwatch.org, and look for the books, Imagine You Are An Aluminum Atom by Dr. Christopher Exley and Angels Don’t Play This HAARP by Dr. Nick Begich. Such good info shared here, in the episodes and in the comments!

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Del tackles the taboo topic with Chemtrails and weather modification, questioning Lead Researcher for ‘GeoEngineering Watch,’ Dane Wigington, on his findings from US Patents, military whistleblowers, and even lab-studied samples from cloud seeding. Is it a global conspiracy?

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