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Episode 328: SOUL OF LIBERTY



  1. You’re right about service. They want one person on checkouts while there is a line up. Also trying to actually speak to a person rather than a chatbot. If you go to contact details on many websites try going any further without leaving all your details. Come on world back to where we were please.

    1. Del and team…. Great job and as an ICAN contributor I ask this:
      Since we are “questioning”, (Mike Rowe segment) let’s question our (S)election systems. Just like with COVID, there is TONS of empirical evidence and even more logical questions about anomalies but courts and the (S)elected from all political parties care nothing for upsetting their gravy train.

      Nothing is more important for our Republic! Without truly honest elections we are nothing but serfs dictated to by the ‘Ruling class’. We the People are not truly free!

      Question the voting machines and the algorithms which produce questionable results. Question the registration systems which are linked to the # of ballots vs votes. Question where ballots are mailed… like empty lots, businesses, houses with 2 residents but multiple ballots sent. Question states like mine where you can not vote in person, all ballots are mailed and return by mail. It’s a SCAM!

      The solution?
      We need to #VoteAmish which means ; 1 day, with ID, paper ballots, counted in small precincts, results reported by that night…. Like we did for over 200 years!

      1. O U T R A G E O U S the corrupted CDC is recommending another drug that would seriously impact children’s health that has
        This so called health ‘regulatory’ organization needs to be SHUT DOWN! Clearly they’ve been CAPTURED by extreme corrupt influences.

  2. love the comments re tertiary education. My daughter went through a bachelor of arts and I have never seen so much dribble. Many of he questions make no sense at all.

  3. He’s very interesting, isn’t he! Thank goodness he’s making the rounds of all the alternative news media, because the MSM won’t touch him with a ten foot pole.

  4. We fought hard in Maine to preserve our religious exemption a few years ago and lost. One of the reasons was that the State AG (I think) told us we had until a certain date to get the petitions in to get a referendum on the November ballot. We turned them in and he said, “Whoops! I made a mistake. It should’ve been in two weeks ago.” So the referendum went on the March ballot which covered local elections, which have little turnout. Result, we lost.

  5. I really want to understand how Del and the gang don’t seem to associate corporate “greed” leading to government corruption with CAPITALISM. These libertarians want no government regulation or intervention in business (which is basically what we have now that the government is wholly owned by the corps it is supposed to regulate). How is that anywhere close to the values and mission of this show?

    Capitalism is an algorithm that demands more markets and more profits continuously. Can we even call this greed when it is the only way to survive under capitalism? It is legally required that publicly traded companies turn a profit for shareholders. Neo-Liberal capitalism (Libertarians) that began in the 80’s don’t believe in society, only in individuals and their definition of freedom is freedom of choice in a market.

    Capitalists control the mainstream media, not only in the vaccine space but in all spaces, including the economic space. Our political economy under capitalism needs to be examined, but the people who control and benefit from the system are continuously distracting us from doing so!

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Episode 328: SOUL OF LIBERTY

The mainstream is losing comedians on COVID as Dana Carvey and David Spade tackle Fauci’s Sales Approach; CRISPR gene editing tech takes us into uncharted territory with new applications for food, insects, humans, and no understanding of the long term effects; Trans Women ‘Chest feeding’ babies?; Biden Admin shot down by Federal Judge; ‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe joins Del for a captivating conversation on common sense, risk taking, education, the heart of America, medical mandates, and more.

Guests: Jefferey Jaxen, Aaron Siri, Esq., Mike Rowe

In the 2018 case study text referenced during the show, “The patient’s first follow-up visit occurred at 1 month. On physical examination, she was able to express droplets of milk. The domperidone dose was increased to 20 mg po qid”. Jefferey stated that ‘po qid’ was three times per day when the correct way that dosage is interpreted is actually four times per day.

AIRDATE: July 13, 2023