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  1. Which is better – for profit hospitals in the US who charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for treatment? Or socialized medicine paid for by taxpayers which are not driven by profit and charge a fraction of that amount and which allow patients to choose their doctor, don’t have to pay for essential care, cradle to grave medicine that won’t bankrupt people. You decide.

    The problem isn’t socialized medicine or for profit medicine. It is that the oligarchs are using medicine globally to enslave and exploit the population. Medicine is a vital public service that must be held accountable in all countries. Pharmaceutical companies and their billionaire owners are dictating politics with their control of governments of all levels. This is what must stop.

    1. I’m gratfeful for the NHS in the UK – with the exception of their forced COVID response, they are magnificent and treatment costs almost nothing except a miniscule prescripion fee for medications. I’m lucky to also have private medical cover through work … but this doesn’t alter the quaity of care, only the speed of access to specialist when needed. Many of the doctors and surgeons working in the private sector also work for the NHS.

    2. There’s a tradeoff both ways, for profit, or socialization.

      I think you’re right that the risks of the current system are too high. Pharma has gone out of control, and the biomedical industry has turned medicine’s aim away from where it should be – doctors treating their patients the best way they know how – and towards political, financial, ideological, megalomaniacal aims.

  2. I’m literally having a panic attack listening to the stories of patients strapped to a hospital bed and drowning from the inside out without the ability to call for help! Tortured to death! OMG what a horrible way to die ???

  3. Run, death is near. (Rem-des-i-vir) … I’ve not spoken with a single person here in the UK who plans to get the new and entirely unnecessary bivalent vaccines (tested on 8 mice and zero human beings). People are slowly waking up at last. I’m a compassionate person and an empath …but, if there is a hell … I for one hope that the likes of Fauci and Gates suffer there for eternity when they pass – not just for the harm caused by their COVID policies and disinformation but for their decades long history of causing the ultimate harm to millions around the world in the pursuit of profit. I for one, will be partying harder than I’ve every partied before when Tony is finally brought to justice. Scum, complete scum. Nothing more than a vile clump of festering fecal cells molded into human form. To call him a human being is an insult to the human race.

  4. I am an advocate for Donald Trump I’m not upset that you called him out we need to do that no matter what side of the political spectrum their on. However I think Donald Trump had good intentions he hired Scott Atlas, he almost had Robert F Kennedy Jr be in charge. I think Donald Trump was misled sadly. However Biden hasn’t been in favor of any kind of freedoms during his term and seems to favor all the dracconian restrictions put in place.

    1. I felt a bit like Del was projecting the Biden Admin’s actions onto Trump. It’s easy to do that, since the “health” admin. that was pushing the mandates on us, etc. was a continuation of the “health” admin. under Trump. I forget who explained this recently–somebody in the Trump Admin.–that the majority of the decisions to lock down while Trump was president were done at the state level. That wasn’t Trump’s call. He called for “two weeks,” and an extension, but by April 2020, he wanted to lift the lockdown. It was a bunch of states that resisted, and continued locking down their own states. When the Covid shots came out, he didn’t want mandates, but that was a moot point, since he was being pushed out of office. As far as I’m concerned, this was because the oligarchs saw that Trump had served his purpose, and they wanted him out. Despite the fact that he continues to tout Warp Speed, he wouldn’t have stood for vaccine mandates, and the continued lockdowns. He’s said that repeatedly. He touted HCQ in 2020, and incentivized the manufacturer(s) to make lots of it, because he saw it worked very well against Covid. He had hoped it would be widely distributed, but that was blocked inside the CDC. He dropped advocacy for HCQ by not talking about it, and when the shot came out, said it was “wonderful.”

      I haven’t liked him talking about Warp Speed, but I remind myself that he encouraged alternatives.

      In hindsight, I am seeing that the Trump Admin. was not all it could have been, because he had people around him who got in his way. VP Pence was one of them, along with AG Bill Barr. Trump put Pence in charge of the Covid task force. Pence brought in Fauci, Birx, etc.

      I don’t know, but my guess is that for different reasons than I have, Trump took some lessons about who not to bring in to his administration from that experience. One of the reasons I vociferously opposed Trump (as a Republican) in 2016 was because he would be learning on the job. I think he did just that. I could see that throughout his term. However, I learned to like him, because of his goals, and several things that he implemented. I think he was a flawed president, but he was better than all of the alternatives. So, I hold him accountable for his mistakes, but I think they’re outweighed by what he tried to accomplish, and did accomplish, which was not all about Covid.

  5. Science is never settled, it is fluid. Science must always be in a position to be CHALLENGED. We must expect this ‘canoe’ called science is only going to be enlightened by paddling vigorously up stream and against the current of apathy and laziness. The lazy and the cowards need not believe that they will achieve any measure of success. God bless all who love their fellow man. 2.24.22

  6. I agree, I think Trump was misled. He did get Dr. Scott Atlas! He used hydroxychloroquine & told us so. He asked questions. He pushed to have the country opened; churches opened by Easter etc. He tried to reassure the nation that we’d get through this – that is not telling lies, that is what a good leader does instead of promote fear. I know he has many rough edges. He certainly is no paragon of virtue. But we didn’t hire him for his beauty. We hired him because I think he really does love this country & did try to do right by it.

  7. Listening to the first part of your interview w/ Dr. Marik reminds me a lot of the complaint I heard from teachers in the 2000s re. No Child Left Behind. They said they were not being allowed to use their own judgment and skill to teach students. They were not only being told what to teach, but also how to teach it, by people who were not trained in education. It drove good teachers from education, for the same reason that Marik talked about: They could not follow these directives in good conscience. Listening to former educators now talk about what’s going on in schools, where students are not being taught like we were (most of my schooling was in public schools), but are being given SEL, etc., and fielding questions from people like myself, wondering, “How could it have deteriorated to this?”, they’ve said that all of the people who would have stopped this stuff were driven from education by the diktats from on high, and so all you have left are people who just do what they’re told. They are not practitioners, teachers. They are essentially bureaucrats. Marik’s account, I think, spells out how this is what’s happening to medicine.

    1. * Small correction. I didn’t mean to say “educated like we were” like you, Del, were also in the public schools. You were homeschooled. I meant “like we were,” in general, in my generation, or largely, in my community. Similar to you, I mostly grew up in Boulder, CO.

  8. As always, Del speaks the truths that people just don’t want to hear, but that is why I support ICAN and the Highwire as best as I can.
    He’s right! Trump was as responsible as Biden is, but because Biden is so wholly incompetent, people point their fingers at Biden and forget what Trump did.
    Thank you, Del, for bringing us all back to reality!!!

  9. Thank you, Dr Marick, for risking it all to do the right thing for humanity. There are no words to express the gratitude I have for you. You gave us the information we need to protect ourselves and our families. That is a priceless gift. Thank you Del and Jeffrey for your devotion to the truth and for your undying dedication to providing us with that information.

  10. Ive been fighting this fight for over 34 years since my eldest was brain damaged in 1988 at 4 months of age by ONE DPT shot. SEVERE encephalitis within hours, Dr telling me on the phone ,” This is normal. Hell be fine.” and then firing the Dr in person. & years later my healthy unvaxxed daughter was given the “safer” DtAP ( 1999, DO told me it was ” MUCH SAFER” and she came down within months with severe permanent RA! No, it doesnt run in our family. Third child unvaxxed ( except for tetanus for injury which turned out to be DtAP!!) is relatively healthy except for GMO related obesity.I joined and supported CHD and ICAN years ago. Dell, TBO, I think you were slightly bombastic and elevated today and wish you could take it down a few pegs ( I love ya, just being honest!) this message is to Dr Marik and Dr Kory: I worked with hospice and chronic care patients and saw so much evil ( flu shots injuring or killing my patients) chemotherapy ( it killed and destroyed my patients) and so much more that I realized there was something ROTTEN in teh system. I stopped trusting Drs and the medical system decades ago. they tortured and intentionally violated my disabled daughters medical rights starting in 2010. I maybe saw 5% professional behavior and 95% criminal and evil and cruel behavior in patient and in the ER. I no longer recognize the system I worked in where at least alot of the medical people TRIED to be professional and caring. I wish I had become an ER Dr since I never want to go to a hospital or Dr ever again. Im seriously considering living in Mexico since Ive been told that alot of the small town Drs are at least KIND and OPEN MINDED. If I could get one Dr to be open minded and respect patients wishes, Id feel safe, since I could get proper meds I need for whatever Im dealing with, as well as a proper DX. Dr Marik Kory and all the other Drs and RNs out there: You give me HOPE that at least there are medical professionals willing to challenge their own bias and belief system and speak out. THANKYOU!!!

  11. You keep hitting homeruns Highwire team! Thanks for discussing everything worth discussing. Unveiling the deception is so necessary. After 22 years of believing and supporting the hype about medicine, I can relate to so much the interviewees highlight. Statin drugs had me in so much pain as my PCP team prescribed 10mg when I was 33yrs old, had me moving like I was 80 years old after taking them for 5 years.

    After I researched side effects and decided to stop the statins against medical advice. Within 2 weeks my severe back pain disappeared. Been pain free for the last 3 years. Thank you for being light to what is done in the dark.

  12. 2018 Executive Orders:
    National Emergencies issued
    Presidential Emergencies issued
    Both unaddressed by Congress
    Presidential Emergency Active Document (PEAD)
    Stafford Act
    Presidential Emergencies Act
    Title 10
    Title 32
    10 US Code 246
    10 US Code 12406
    47 US Code 606 – War Powers of the President
    Articles II and IV of the Constitution

  13. Even if NY’s hospitals were full why did the entire country have to go on lockdown?? Maybe if they didn’t test every single person sick or not they could have prevented a lot of it. If it was even true. There were a lot of reports at the time of overflowing hospitals that weren’t full. I mean does anyone recall all the tictok videos?? Not what an overwhelmed hospital staff does.

  14. Take “All” the blatant coersive deadly practices used on patients…to the Court/Supreme Court to convict the above perpretraitors of planned mass Murder and Control of the World.

  15. Dr. Levy also has championed vitamin C for a long time inconjunction with a steroid for sepsis. He told me it is absolutely my right to ask for it for a septic loved one. He is an attorney as well and says they legally need to do it. Dr. Levy is a board-certified cardiologist and a bar-certified attorney. After practicing adult cardiology for 15 years, he began to research the enormous toxicity associated with much dental work, as well as the pronounced ability of properly administered vitamin C to neutralize this toxicity. He has now written eleven books, with several addressing the wide-ranging properties of vitamin C in neutralizing all toxins and resolving most infections, as well as its vital role in the effective treatment of heart disease and cancer. Others address the important roles of dental toxicity and nutrition in disease and health.

  16. murdering patients for money using EUA drugs has been hospital policy nationwide for DECADES. take a look at the history of Haldol which was finally banned after being used to murder millions of Americans, so then they came out with Zyprexa (a stronger derivative of haldol) which they used to kill millions more and they’re still using it, even as a diet drug (it causes renal failure)

  17. YES! the hospital administrators are ACUTELY aware and in fact are the ones who coerce and threaten doctors and nurses with their “protocols” , it’s high time they are held accountable for MURDER.

  18. Del, I’ve been following you since March of 2020. I have also been a monthly donor. The only reason I’m telling you that is because I want you to know how committed I am to ICAN and The Highwire. I also want you to know that I am not in agreement at all with your rant about Trump. I don’t blame him. I will admit that I do blame him for praising himself for the “warp speed” of the shots. In my opinion, he had to do that to prevent mass hysteria from all of the brainwashed people. I do not agree with everything Trump, but I do feel he was in way over his head on this one. ANYONE would have been. As president, no one can know if all of this corrupt people are good or evil. It’s taken time for Tony Fauci’s true colors to shine through. I didn’t trust him pretty early on, but my sister praised him. I think your opinion of Trump was a harsh. We can still be friends though. 🙂

  19. Thank you for covering this info so more people can become aware of all the senseless deaths as a result of hospital protocols. My husband is one of those deaths! We were not aware of any early treatments because they didn’t make that info readily available and he ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. When I started asking Drs about treatment with Ivermectin and Vitamins they just scoffed and told me it didn’t work. Even when it was starting to appear obvious that death was the likely outcome, they refused to even try any of those treatments. Instead, they “treated” him with Remdesivir which caused his kidneys to shut down which caused him to need continual dialysis. Everything they did to “treat” him just appeared to cause more problems and now I think they were just going through the motions to make it look like they were trying to do something when they were just biding time until he passed. He also got Sepsis and I wish I had heard about Dr Marik’s treatment while he was in the hospital. It was also mentioned how important it is to have family members present who can advocate for the patient. They kept me away from my husband for 21 days, so I wasn’t able to advocate because I only knew what they wanted to tell me. By the time I was able to see my husband, he was on a ventilator and heavily sedated. There are hundreds of other widows and family members with stories just like mine. Hopefully the truth is coming out because of people like you and your guests. The Drs/nursed who have caused all this death need to face civil and criminal consequences. More attorneys need to be like Mr. Watkins and Mr. Hamilton and step up to help families and victims fight for justice against the hospitals and big pharma. Thank you again!!!

  20. How does a moron (Fauci) tear down a country? So we’re gullible to morons you say?! So is your rant about about kicking the clown dog everybody kicks, because you can’t kick the moron destroying everything? After all it is fashionable to kick Trump the clown: isn’t it? How insulting to think I’ve been pawned and owned by a moron. You to huh. Can’t get Fauci go kick a clown dog?! Huh?

    It’s self-evident Trump did the wrong thing. He was clueless while surrounding himself with swamp creatures to advise. him.

    Del you know better than anyone this vaccine monstrosity has been in place long before Trump got into office. And when Trump got into office, with out one ounce of public service or a political career it was more than he could handle. The only difference between Trump and Biden is Trump at least can find his way off a stage or platform.

    Trump is the distraction. Thanks for bringing it to the top of everybody’s mind again. If I didn’t know better I’d might think you’re just part of the controlled resistance.

    It seems like to me, every time a movement is coming together…,but I have no hopes. Fauci is probably shaking his head in laughter, because he can feel the heat and you’re cooling it off.

    Yea it’s all Donald Trumps fault and he was the hidden guy at the grassy knoll too.

    The only reason Trump got to become president in part was because of people like me that would rather see anyone in office that wasn’t liked by the Democrats or Republicans. I never had expectations Trump… other than him clowning around and missing all the clues. In my ranting opinion I think you have something in common with Trump. Trump has been so thoroughly abused and used like a puppet clown. He didn’t even know his strings were being pulled.

    Tell me something didn’t Trump take meds for C19 from both the Frontline doctors and Fauci’s jab. Trump sounds like someone who didn’t know what to believe or what to do, so just do it all. No I’m not defending Trump. I’m pissed that he’s still the center of distraction in too many minds. It’s also a bit cowardly to go after the dog you and everyone else can kick but can’t touch the Fauci dog. He’s going to get away with it isn’t he?

  21. What they did to Paul was unforgivable and anyone who watches this show knows it. The lies and devious dirty deeds done by hospitals and others that care more about big pharma’s money than human life needs a wake up call.

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GUESTS: Daniel Watkins, Michael Hamilton, Paul Marik, M.D., Pierre Kory, M.D.