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Episode 366: REALITY BITES



  1. It is amazing, that we are fighting to keep supplements, which are essentially harmless, from heavy handed regulations but a product that kills or seriously harms millions, like the COVID shots, are pushed through with “warp speed” and continue to remain in the market. they don’t even try to hide the hypocrisy anymore.

    1. My question is. Why are the people that’s bitching about dicky being on Kimmel watch Kimmel in the first place. I say they are worse than dicky. At least he was getting a message out to the dumb asses. They are just plain ol traitors.

  2. When Shawn Buckley speaks about about it feeling like assisted suicide is being pushed on people and he expresses a lack of understanding of the role of medical providers, it reminds me of when opioids started to be pushed for pain management. Health care providers were inundated with education about how no one should ever have any pain and it was cruel to not treat it. This type of brainwashing just confuses the issue till you either become a believer or an outcast. So, I can only imagine the same type of education for health care providers around assisted suicide is going on in Canada.

  3. What happens when an alternative medicine cures someone in Canada – or any other country? Nothing. Cured is not medically defined for ANY alternative treatment, including dietary supplements. The same is true in the USA and many other countries around the world. The ignoring of cures is a key to suppressing so-called “alternative” products. Great to see Shawn Buckley on The Highwire. He has been fighting this battle for decades.

  4. Del. said “The industry can afford it” – the drug product model. But, “The industry can afford it” is not the point. The point is that the INDUSTRY can use it as a lever to stop non-industry competition.

  5. I’m not on twitter. I think the first amendment does apply to minors. Just read it. .” the right of the people “. Unless minors aren’t people. Parents or gardians are the final arbiter’s of what minors are exposed to, not the govt..

  6. I’d love to make a point regarding the discussion, Jeffrey Jackson was having with Dell on the issue of parental choice regarding social media. When we compare voluntary consumption versus something that might be pushed on us involuntarily. we have to remember that there are some things governed that we would never want put in the hands of parent or child considered tobacco and alcohol. If we were to remove restrictions, leaving it up to children and parents. Could you imagine the irresponsible consumption that could havoc on the young population? Social media should be considered the same. Yes, we need to protect children from being influenced to consume things that could potentially be harmful like vaccines, tobacco, alcohol and drugs, etc. I think we’re comparing apples to oranges. If you ask parents, if they think these restrictions protect their children, I guarantee you they will say yes.

  7. There are a couple factors for resisting the restriction of social media for minors:

    1: Parents won’t support anything that will cost them their personal comfort – if the ids are obsessed with social media – there are not demanding attention from their parents.

    2. Parents avoid conflict with their children – likely from the guilt they feel knowing they sacrifice the children to negative influences for their own comfort.

    The claim this disregards parental rights – is absurd considering we all accept banning of cigarettes alcohol firearms… which are also out of the parent’s control, yet no one ever shouted about parental rights then.

  8. If parents did their job this would not be an issue for the law to intrude.

    Also, the idea that parents have exclusive power over their children – as we watch parents allow and facilitate the butchering of their children is absurd.

  9. Well, if it is a cyberattack – was it by an enemy or our own government to increase their control of the people.

    I think covid was deliberately let loose by our own government.

    And of course, the various attacks on liberty. – stifling speech illegal search, government surveillance persecution.

    We are in grave danger of both death for non-conformity and utter control.

  10. @Mechelle – there is also another big issue regarding age verification for children.

    If age verification becomes required that means everyone who isn’t a minor has to verify their age. One method to do so is via credit card since someone under 18 can’t have a credit card in their name. If someone can’t get a credit card then it becomes more problematic because the site has to then verify things like driver’s license, state id, social security number, or birth certificates. Do you really trust any company with that sort of info?

    And if you really want to go into the rabbit hole, just imagine how easily this could be used to silence people. Someone says something the mainstream doesn’t approve of and suddenly an error comes up with their age verification or their records just vanish. Protecting the children has been used as a means to take away freedom from adults before and it’s incredibly effective because anyone who opposes such measures looks like someone who doesn’t care about children.

  11. Nope. Sorry. Florida’s new legislation is too far for sure. Not only are people CORRECT when they say it’s impossible to police, but it’s almost as controlling as forcing people to get a vaccine. This channel stands up for people’s rights, and these are rights being taken away. I don’t think social media is particularly healthy, but this is the world we live in, and you’re not going to protect minors from accessing it. And consider this: this could be the first step by the elite to LIMIT and control the internet for ALL of us.

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Episode 366: REALITY BITES

Bill Maher Goes Scorched Earth on COVID Apologists; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on The Florida Ban on Social Media for Minors 14 and younger, Was The Key Bridge Collision and Collapse a Cyber Attack?, and is ‘Harry Potter’ Author J.K. Rowling Headed to Jail For Hate Speech?; Is Canada Going to Make Natural Products and Supplements Illegal?

Guests: Shawn Buckley, LLB, Dicky Barrett

AIRDATE: April 4, 2024