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  1. Obvious question, how can any doctor that wanted to be a doctor to help people blindly follow the CDC when they knew the CDC was so obviously wrong?

    Obvious answer, because they didn’t become a doctor to help people, they became a doctor for the $$$$$.

    Doctors are perhaps the greediest on par with lawyers. I will NEVER participate in their approach to medicine; vaccinate 100% when less than half a percent are at risk. Or, give colonoscopies to 100% of people over 50 when colon cancer only effects a tiny fraction of those at risk. Or… stop taking money from big pharma to push pills.

    I am a better doctor unto myself… as my COMMON SENSE trumps their socialistic degrees.

    No apology or video will ever replace the MURDER on your hands for; adapting covid 19 in a lab to target human ace 2 receptor cells… which killed millions around the globe.. and creating a vaccine with toxic spike proteins that are killing people.

    I want to use every expletive in the book right now against a CORRUPT MEDICAL SYSTEM of which DOCTORS ARE THE BACKBONE.

    The only way for doctors to get out if this mess is to TELL THE TRUTH about covid origins… place on trial those responsible and execute them.

    1. TRUE!These doctors that claim they want to help people were essentially bullies if you said NO to taking a vaccine!They were henchmen for Big Pharma,doing Big Pharmas dirty work,KNOWING THEY WERE HARMING PEOPLE..They have been educated by Big Oharma schools,selling Big pharma drugs and submissively enacted and colluded with corrupt medical organizations and corrupt vaccine manufacturers to Harm the people.They should take off those white robes and leave them off.They should be helpd accountable for what they did.I try to find my compassion for their difficult position in all this corruption but they still look to me like one of them.By their actions you shall know them.

  2. Oh, Boo Hoo, Someone call the waambulance, these doctors put profit ahead of health and now they want a “relationship”? Not only will they not be forgiven, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in a new “Nuremberg” trial. Ultimately they must not be allowed to practice medicine for the rest of their natural lifetimes.

  3. I also believe change will have to come from the people. Big Pharma and all that entails is too corrupt. They had some useful suggestions. These Drs. were not the problem and Dr. Turner is the one I turned to to get Ivermectin. I will always be VERY grateful to him for that and all the others who had the guts to take a stand. However, the industry has real blood on its hands. It’s unconscionable the way so many medical people treated patients, vilified those who actually did their research and refused to acknowledge or treat those who were harmed by the vax. They need to be held accountable. It’s not difficult to imagine the hardship of having to give up your job to do the right thing but not doing so cost SO many people their quality of life or their lives altogether. Murder is never OK to save a job. The corruption runs through the medical schools as well. I think the system needs to be brought down and re-created with medical staff who truly understand holistic wellness and nutrition instead of being based on profit from illness. There are some good medical personnel out there but my trust has been forever broken in this system and our government.

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