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Episode 323: CRISIS OF TRUST



  1. Re Eugenics, it is across political lines. This is not a left or right leaning movement. Winston Churchill was the President of the first ever Eugenics Conference. Nobody more conservative than him. This movement attracts people of all political ideologies. You could say that what was done to the American Indian was a form of Eugenics. Teddy Roosevelt was a massive supporter of getting rid of Native Americans. Please make this clear when you discuss this again. Thank you for all you do. This subject is so important.

    1. @ElaineMary – I’ll note what you said about Churchill, but I think re. TR, some other history is worth taking into consideration. TR finished out McKinley’s term, after his assassination, being faithful to McKinley’s policies. After winning his first full term, he shifted to his progressive politics, what he really believed. When he ran for his second full term in 1908, the Republican Party didn’t nominate him again. This is why he formed the Bull Moose Party, and ran under its banner (and lost to the progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson).

      TR was a racist. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. In terms of policy, I’m not familiar with him supporting eugenics. Maybe he voiced it, but didn’t act on it.

    2. Doctors and Medicine in general. have been OVERTAKEN BY THE MEDICAL
      CORPORATE COMPLEX. WAY BEGORE COVID HIT! .Doctors have been EDUCATED BY BIG PHARMA FUNDED MEDICAL SCHOOLS .Didn’t they ever question while they are in medical school why there isn’t even a course in nutrition!!!!
      At a ground level,even their education is seriously flawed by this same corrupt compex.Doctors were already very used to not thinking for themselves and have been educated that way, to not think independently and prescribe what they are told to prescribe.Thatvis the real reason why most of them did what they were told during Covid.I have no sympathy for these doctors.
      Sorry,I just can’t access any compassion for them,when they are responsible for doing thr dirty work for big pharma and killing millions

    3. @ElainMary – Given what I said earlier about TR and the Republican Party, I thought I should point out that a patriarch of the Bush family (I’m thinking of George Herbert Walker) was a major supporter of the Nazi regime, which as we know, made a big thing of eugenics. GHW was not a politician himself, but he used his money to make his family politically influential.

  2. I was waiting for Jefferey Jaxen to culminate his eugenics report with the Breaking Oath documentary or at least a brief reference to the murder of the beautiful Grace, a kind girl with Down Syndrome intentionally killed in a hospital and how her father is now dedicated his life to raising awareness and saving lives of others. Please interview him??. We need to broadcast their tragic story and share their helpful practical strategies for patient advocacy when dealing with medical eugenics and other harmful actions.

  3. There was a book that came out in 1979 called “Confessions of a Medical Heretic” by Doctor Robert Mendelsohn. He literally predicted where the medical establishment was headed. And here we are. To me, he was a pioneer and a hero. You can still find the book at some used book sites.

  4. 2020 was simply the elites putting right in front of us their vision for how life was going to go in the year 2030. This was simply a teaser, a snippet… and how they had “20/20 vision” of this 2030 Agenda / Ambition.

  5. The schools are funded by the wrong people/. And health should be multii faceted. I sure agree with these two ladies in that we need accountability for any trust to happen .

  6. In reading about cross-sex hormones used to trans minors, I ran across:

    “The use of cross-sex hormones for transgender patients is non-FDA approved, or off-label.”

    I immediately thought of the IVM brouhaha – still in progress – re “off-label” use. I laugh b/c it’s absurd.

    1. Aspirin is used off-label to help prevent heart attacks. Psychiatrists use off-label drugs constantly to treat mental illness, because to make them on-label would essentially be human experimentation with people who may not be able to consent (bc they’re too out of it), and there often isn’t enough money in it for funders to justify clinical trials. They’re really administered on a “right to try” basis.

      Dr’s use off-label drugs all the time. The whole thing with IVM “off-label” was scare tactics to stop people from using it. It was the same thing w/ HCQ.

  7. Doctors haven’t been doctors for a long time – they’re drug dealers, it’s all “symptom management” (at least here in the UK) and the drugs do more harm than good. Since covid my trust is in the gutter, it was never good to start with.

  8. There is no doctor patient relationship, they burnt that relationship years ago! All doctors were brainwashed their first year in medical school by design! You can’t get a doctors license until you’re totally brainwashed, then they get their license to kill! The last person to realize they have been brainwashed is the brainwashed doctors themselves! I’ll NEVER FORGET OR TRUST THEM AGAIN EVER!

  9. I just want to point out that a cumulative value will not decrease over time. Jeffery says, at 22 minutes into the episode, the cumulative would be expected to decrease. A cumulative is a total of all that came before, so if no further occur then the cumulative value would flatten out. I’ll assume it was just incorrectly stated, rather than a misleading statement. The underlying takeaway is still correct. It’s hard to get it all exactly right when going live and handling data you’re not familiar with. It’s OK! You are all doing a great job in getting important information out. I definitely appreciate your work.

    1. There needs to be an international organization that protects the rights of physicians to practice medicine independent of any government interventions making their decisions for them.They need to ORGANIZE to protect themselves from any further corruption.Otherwise they will continue to be a part of the corruption

  10. the no liability act of 1986 or whatever the actual name is…absolutely is the ultimate culprit and certainly must be taken down and eradicated! we see all of this pushing of false truths and the abilities of these blatant intentional crimes against humanity stems from the…when absolute full accountability must be returned and forced on all the perpetrators… we have been ignorantly run thru this for decades of this to rite now here… we can not turn away from this…please stay and be curious… please

  11. Re. the Nicole Sirotek story, something that I think is important to keep in mind (based on my memory of what she said) is that the hospital that she was complaining about had minority management. You’d think that would count for something with the patients they were getting, but it didn’t. They had no problem killing them off.

    My interpretation of what was happening there had to do with the Covid money, because putting Covid patients on ventilators got them a bonus, and each Covid death got them a bonus, but I don’t really know what their motivation was.

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Episode 323: CRISIS OF TRUST

‘The Great Awakening’ Global Premiere Event Seen Across The World; On The Jaxen Report, German data on Excess Mortality points toward the vaccine | Is SARS CoV-2 causing cancer or something else | and the history of euthanasia and population control; Then, do Doctors deserve to be trusted again? The Global Health Project seeks to address the crisis of trust between Doctors and Patients, but can they succeed?; Finally, The Story of One Doctor’s Very Rude Awakening.

Guests: Dr. Kat Lindley, Dr. Michael Turner

Dr. Turner’s Article:


AIRDATE: June 8, 2023