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Episode 334: PANDEMIC 2.0?



  1. If anything, your Twitter test proved you’ve been throttled ALL ALONG.
    People never seeing your posts, and not just recently, for MONTHS.
    Elon is NOT a free speech advocate. He is as much a wef toady as any of them. He was deployed to sweep up the freedom hold outs.

    The miscalculation is this: because the writers of this script have had such success with famous/popular/important people herding the masses in the direction they want, they have overlooked the holdouts of free thought. Those who question everything and every motive.
    Censorship is censorship, even when they call it free speech.

  2. Come on humanity! Let’s end their disgusting agendas, masking us, locking us down, Destroying our economies, poisoning our children, while damaging them psychologically! It’s time to send Gates, Schwab, Fauci, Peter Dozak, Harari, Bourlia, Biden, Trudeau, and all the psychopathic liers, manipulators and cheats, back to Hades where they belong! Come on humanity we can do this thing! We must do this thing and disempower the evil ones, walking back into light as a race for a new dawn , a new paradigm, a new age!

  3. Great show Del, Jeffery and guests! You help keep us going in the resistance movement! Many thanks and many blessings towards a truly free and truly democratic world! I hope we can lift the dark veil that has been lowered over humanity!

  4. God bless Johnathan Isaac, and may he be protected from attacks, and have his God given DNA protected. God bless you, and all fighting to be free and human. IJNA

  5. Great show , you guys are my lifeline…..I’m feeling down here in the U.K. as no one around me apart from my hubby sees what has gone on and what is possibly going to go on, I try to keep positive but I really believe the devil is at play here sadly

  6. Here in the Uk they all need to wake up. Great to listen to the informative information that you all give us.
    Pray to God there are no more lockdowns.

  7. I did not comply the first time, and I am turning 67 in a few weeks – still alive and well. There is absolutely no reason for me to comply if they try this again. I will be living under a freeway first. I will be hungry and free. I know people are very good at creative ways around tyranny, and we will prevail.

  8. I found a couple of remarkable things:
    * Virology avoids at all costs demonstratable PROVE of function: Purification. Causation of infection-symptom/ legit control trials. The employed methods are far from convincing
    * Mass vaccination preempted a qualified bacteriology by decades let alone vireligion.
    * The generally accepted causal reduction of symptoms to a single agens is a pure medieval relict in direct contradiction to modern knowledge of highly complex systems
    I start moving back to square one. Prove we were not lured into their Angst model!

  9. I don’t believe there will be lockdowns in the same manner as previously. I don’t think that is the intention. Mask mandates, as stupid and unscientific as they are – they may make a comeback. After all, the science was already there showing masks don’t work and are probably harmful and yet policy pushers brought them in anyway.

    But regarding the lockdowns, I believe these were intentionally large scale measures, in order to get people use to / accepting of smaller scale lockdowns. You know, the ones which will be called 15 minute “smart” cities. You won’t be locked down within your own city (“oh, that’s ok then, happy citizen”), you will just be unable to leave your 15 minute city when a curfew/lockdown is in place (“oh, ok then, I guess I should be happy, as it’s not like it’s as bad as in 2020 what we all went through – happy new norm citizen”).

  10. – About lockdowns happening again, we are hearing the same scenario – 14 days masks only, the virus is nothing to worry about etc., just like they said in 2020, to catch everyone off guard. Bad news travels fast. Here in Greece, people re masking up slowly. Think it’s time we all rethink what we can do as individuals to spread awareness – as Del says, the Highwire can only do so such. for eg, was have documents on hand that prove the vaccine was never safe (open vaers link) and was never effective (various videos of incompetent officials stating this fact) and that masks don’t work – ie. the Cochrane study and the latest one that Jeffrey Jaxen spoke of in today’s episode. Thank God for the Highwire and its community ! The segment on Jonathon Issac was pure inspiration.. What a beautiful human being!

  11. The clinic supported with Federal money in my community have required the use of masks for years before covid because so many immigrant farm workers here have tuberculosis. So, masks don’t even help with that? Yikes.

  12. All this disinformation about the jabs being safe and effective and it’s time to boost up. and that masks work, and that the lockdowns worked and social distancing worked and that PCR tests can diagnose disease — it is ALL gaslighting the most fearful and gullible.////The Great Barrington Declaration DID address the harms of the lockdowns, right?

  13. PLEASE look into the fact that Anthony Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, is a BIOETHICIST at the NIH. I’m assuming she rubberstamps a lot of what is discussed here, but I would like to find out for sure. How about redefinition of terms vaccine and pandemic; the handling of DOD contracts for gain of function bioweapons using the NIH; use of an experimental injectable without clear informed consent procedure; money spent for media promotion of the “vaccines”, but no money spent to clarify the experiment and informed consent “rights”; the deadly Remdesivir being made the hospital protocol without proof of efficacy and being continued even now.

  14. Public Health “experts”??? They are not experts but only bureaucrats! They use their positions to push a pro-vaccine narrative/propaganda. That makes them not experts but HACKS behind bureaucrat desks.

  15. Del misspoke again. Trump did not “lock us down.” He left it up to the governors. Why did you pin that on Trump instead of the governors, Del? And no, I’m not a Trump fanboi, I just can’t help but to correct errors.

  16. The only thing that’s going to stop this vaccine insanity Is a huge economic downturn. The majority of the American public have proven they are like dolts who can’t really think for themselves.
    Another thing on the horizon that has the potential to put a stop to this vaccine insanity is Russia. This war in Ukraine is a total and complete loss for the United States and NATO. Russia is not going to put up wiht US generated lies and Covid bullshit.

  17. Great show, Del.
    You said you have Geert on, even though he makes some uncomfortable, because you want to hear all perspectives in order to make conclusions with all the information. I hope one of these days you will have on some folks like Dr. Sam Bailey and her husband, or Stephan Lanka to share their perspective, which I haven’t yet heard on your show.
    Also, I hope you will do some careful research into this “big concept in science” that you promote called ” evolution”. Yes, it is a big concept in science. In fact, it’s at the level of a religion that cannot be questioned and must be assumed as a lens through which to view everything in science. But, as someone who loves the scientific method, you should understand that this concept is not observable, repeatable, testable and is built entirely on assumptions, imagination and creative storytelling. Adaptation is not evolution. Mutation is not evolution. Even if you believe that viruses are something and that they cause illness, they never become anything other than viruses. They don’t evolve into mosquitoes or cockroaches.

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Episode 334: PANDEMIC 2.0?

NBA Star Makes Freedom Fashion Statement; Jefferey Jaxen Reports the Writing is on the Wall for Health Regulators and Governments To Push for Lockdowns Again; Esteemed Physician Issues Comprehensive Report on What Went Wrong During COVID, and Mistakes We Can’t Repeat Again

Guests: Jonathan Isaac, Alvin Moss, M.D.