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  1. I enjoy these videos but lately I’m having a difficult time getting them to buffer and play.
    As viewership grows you need to add streaming capacity. This is just not working….

  2. Del… please contact Dr Peter Glidden (www.riseupintohealth.com) a Naturpath- he would fit your show perfectly. Let’s assure people that there is options for them outside of a MD.

  3. I tried to watch the video of the march on mask mandates, no matter how many times I tried, it just wouldn’t play. I’ve also had trouble with Del’s Thursday program. Can’t this be fixed?

  4. Streaming seems to be ok for me so far. I am not receiving the weekly newsletter and want to – have emailed the website but still no letter.

    I appreciate the work of The Highwire – so Valuable

  5. Hey! This is TikiBlu here & I need to say I am heartbroken cause I did not get to watch the last 2 Thursday shows!! Please, Del, get this fixed. Now! Del, don’t make me walk over 2,000 miles to help you get this fixed STAT!!..:-) PS, LOVE you dearly!!!

  6. One of the problems we face all face, is the person who voluntary took these dangerous vaccines and selfishly wants others to do the same. Most of these people now know that these vaccines are very dangerous. Many want others to suffer the same fate and make the same stupid decision they made. Just another side of this sickness sweeping this nation.

  7. Agree that the time it takes to download with buffering is getting worse. Especially if trying to watch on Smart television. But do love The Highwire and getting the truth. Keep up the great work.

  8. Curt
    January 27, 2022 at 11:26 pm
    One of the problems we face all face, is the person who voluntary took these dangerous vaccines and selfishly wants others to do the same. Most of these people now know that these vaccines are very dangerous. Many want others to suffer the same fate and make the same stupid decision they made. Just another side of this sickness sweeping this nation.

    My concern too…

  9. Impossible to watch. Buffer not working. Reloading.

    I’ve complained before and you have not fixed it.

    What’s the point of having content if it is unwatchable?

    No idea how to download and reply as I’ve seen other comments.

  10. Impossible to watch. Buffer not working. Reloading.

    What’s the point of having content if it is unwatchable?

    No idea how to download and reply as I’ve seen other comments.

  11. In thinking about the amount of people that did not want to take these investigational/experimental shots, sadly the paperwork they are forced to sign (military) has no check box for did not consent. That is another statistic I think that should be counted. The paperwork they signed is an agreement that they consent

  12. I notice an apparently inordinate number of complaints about not being able to stream the program. I had such problems myself and the solution, as suggested by people here, was to download the file and watch it offline.
    More recently, I haven’t had the same problems with streaming but I still do the download, fearing that a streaming problem may occur. Sometimes I finish watching online and then I’ve got the file downloaded and occupying disk space but I’ve already watched the show online.
    WHAT I PROPOSE, HIGHWIRE, IS AT LEAST LETTING IT BE KNOWN WHEN THE FILE WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be made available immediately after the livestream is over. Apparently this depends on someone doing something, but why can’t this be scheduled for the most appropriate time, namely right after the broadcast? Or, as I said, at least let it be known at what time the download option will be available. YOU CAN EASILY DO THIS WITHOUT HAVING TO UPDATE SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE OR ANYTHING. I’ve written asking about this but haven’t received a reply. Okay, I just won’t send any more money to ICAN until I do. I guess that takes care of that, or at least there isn’t anything else I can do about it.

  13. Imagine many Canadians cannot fly bus or train anywhere within the country or outside? This Travel Ban is a huge infringement on our charter of rights. The only way to support our truckers is to drive to Ottawa. God Bless all the truckers.

  14. The HighWire website needs some TLC because it appears it cannot support the inflex of viewers. I tagged producer Patrick L in a FB post and I am sure they are aware of the issue. I am at a library right now, super fast Wifi and it is still buffering. I am downloading and saving the video to my computer so that we can watch later.

  15. I see many people are having problems watching the latest episode. Why the constant changes in format? Obviously there is a problem. Are you being blocked or is it a technical problem.

  16. To those having problems viewing. I use Firefox browser and had that same problem yesterday. I jumped over to the Edge browser and it got right in. So next week, if you have that problem, try using a different browser. I suspect if you clear cache data for thehighwire.com, it will work in your current browser.

  17. The buffering problem seems to only happen with the live stream. I can get to the replay just fine. I’ll experiment with the cache clearing next week.

  18. I would like a job with any of these Doctors. Please message me here if anyone in one of these systems is reading this comment. I have been saying from the beginning that we need to reinvent the healthcare and even airline wheels. I’m glad that this is finally happening. I’m in tyrannical Western Washington State and can’t get a decent paying job without the injection.

    1. Having that difficulty myself, here in Canada!
      Good paying jobs are requiring shot for work, which is discrimination ( by the rules of employment ethics and law).

  19. Dr David Martin has posted the documents which prove Gain of Function and Ran Paul has this so why won’t he use it to put away Fauci? Too much theatarics..


    SADLY, the Seattle PD officer that told Gov Inslee to kiss his ass because he was mandating the death jab, has died only three months after he was forced to quit. The news in tyrannical, uneducated Western Washington State is saying he died from covid in a hospital! More lies to fuel the divisiveness.

    He didn’t die from covid.
    He was murdered with covid…
    …with starvation, dehydration, a ventilator and Remdesivir.

    The comments on Twitter (the link is provided in the news article, I’ve never had an account with them) are inhumane. I’m beyond ashamed of some of our brothers and sisters in life. Del, we have got to get the word out that nobody dies FROM COVID, they are murdered WITH COVID just like the Johnson Roundtable proves.

    We have the tools to treat it within the first few days. I am so sad for his family and I’m contacting Stew Peters. Maybe he can introduce his widow to the lawyer that helped Scott. Rest in Peace, Robert LaMay.

    ? My sincere condolences to the family ?

  21. This really is a human rights issue – demonizing the unvaccinated or those who wish to remain in their natural state without synthetically altering themselves. Please help me spread the word about this campaign for Natural People’s Rights at https://www.thestrongfoundation.com/naturalpeoplesrights – We need a new social justice movement to stand up to the bigotry of misonaturalism – the bigoted belief that natural people & those who make natural lifestyle choices such as natural medicine, natural immunity, etc. are inferior to synthetic lifestyle choices such as vaccines and those who choose them. When framed in this way, even those who are asleep can ‘get it’ more easily. Everyone seems to want to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to social justice movements. I identify as a natural person and I have the right to live as a natural person without synthetically altering myself and without facing discrimination. Many others feel the same way. Even those who do not identify as a natural person have the right to make any natural lifestyle choice that they want, of course. Have you been discriminated against for making a natural lifestyle choice such as natural immunity or choosing natural medicine, etc.? I’m seeking testimonials that can be submitted via the link above. Please spread the word about Natural People’s Rights and standing up to the bigotry of misonaturalism.

  22. Same here. I’m unable to watch this. I’m at our number to after it has stopped over and over again. And now it’s just stuck there. Del, you’re going to need more band with buddy or something…

  23. Shed some tears at the DC rally, it felt soo powerful and soo accomplishing.

    We’re WINNING!! And as Robert Malone said, ”Truth doesn’t need to be defended, it defends itself!”

  24. RealityInReality…I share your sentiments, but I also know we are not connected, not unified, not organized, and I wonder what happens when all of us go back home to our private worlds, to fight alone. Praying for the Truckers that they can stand up to whatever’s coming for however long. This war is a long way from over and will not be won until the system of medical tyranny itself is defeated and replaced with true medical practice.

  25. I hope I can keep watching the highwire the Committee on Emergency Operations of our local Government in Cuenca, Ecuador, which is supposedly trying to attract digital nomads won’t has closed the banks and utilities to natural unvaxxed people, not letting us pay our internet, or electric bills.

  26. Today, Sat Jan. 27th, Hundreds of thousands of Canadian truckers and citizens converge on Ottawa to protest Trudeau vaccine mandates. This, in -30º weather! Trudeau has apparently fled the city and his whereabouts unknown. The Canadian media, CBC, has released the following statement:

    “The CBC claimed on their broadcast that Russian invading forces had infiltrated the Canadian protest ranks, disguised themselves as truckers, and were attempting to destabilize the Trudeau government.” It’s laughable! Talk about denying of the truth and bald faced establishment lying. I personally these truckers do destabilize the corrupt Trudeau government…

  27. Hey all. Due to overwhelming growth over the last few weeks, servers were overwhelmed this past episode. We have taken the necessary steps to remedy the current situation, while moving to a more permanent solution in the very near future. Thank you for your feedback, your patience, and your resolve as be push through this new period of growth for The HighWire, and our community!

  28. Watching the new episode from Del and the crew, Jaxxen report was first class and I am urging everyone to please donate to ICAN because they are bringing us the best data reports and fighting for our freedom! I live in Ireland and download every episode to share, and I had to become a donor to do my part as best I could to help (€21 FOR 2021) and I am proud to be a part of this movement, for my sons and for my future grandchildren, in Jesus name! When the history books are written it will be known that we have done our bit, please give what you can, PLEASE!

  29. Interesting on Canadian front. Just saw an article that the leftist government in Nova Scotia just passed a law making it ILLEGAL to drive trucks along the highway in protest. It is also ILLEGAL to stand along the highway to cheer and protest. People are subject to arrest and a $10,000 fine! This has been confirmed. Anyone who thinks these Canadian truckers and protestors are not having an impact better think again. I truly wish I was there with all those Canadian lovers of freedom. Bless every one of you!

  30. Awe…The best part of the protest was left out of the recap! Superspreaders of HUGS! That was the greatest moment in history when everyone there hugged and their faces lit up and were smiling and happy again! By far my favorite part!

  31. many people say the video is buffering…..try pressing the little play button in the lower left corner of the video player. I thought it was buffering too till I saw that play button

  32. Del:
    Real journalism is 100% dead in the US. Period! This decline started many years ago and was true when you worked at CBS. I’m pleasantly surprised that you, and possibly a few others, have seen the duplicitous and continuous lies that the press perpetrates on an unsuspecting public daily. Sadly, journalism has evolved into a huge propaganda machine controlled by the establishment and huge money interests. I absolutely don’t waste my time with their continual lies and bull shit. It’s ridiculous!

  33. I’m injured by the mRNA. Dr Malone needs to tell us the antidote to this poison technology. I’m in pain. I think the nano lipids are in my bone marrow. How do I get it out?

  34. Methical Ethics! Great One Del! How about doing blooper reals at the end of HW Episodes or as seperate videos! Gotta Love innocent silly moments such as that! Love ya Del!….Also the best thing is knowing when something found/shared is truly helping people.So Thankful for all who put together the Holocaust Museum Website. Thankyou all of you at HW for sharing it!

  35. Jonco
    January 28, 2022 at 2:41 pm
    The reason for pushing shots is only about money, money, money and absolutely nothing else!!!

    Slightly incorrect. It’s about money, class control power, and social engineering programming. There is no such thing as Covid. There is no proof Sars2 exists, falsified computer models do not count as evidence. PCR tests can NOT detect specific coronaviruses much less a specific variant. It’s still impossible to make a vaccine for any coronavirus. Nothing is what it seems! Stop being gullible sheep!

  36. Beautifully put, Del, nothing can be more crucial than talking about the Nürenberg Code, and we must never forget the horrors of the Holocaust.
    1: 07: 00

    That Holorcoaste incident is so eerily frightening does not in itself mean that it has no relevance at the moment right now.

    On the other hand, I see newspeople and their ‘well-chosen’ condescending terms ‘the anti-vaxxers’ as a mockery of the Freedom Fight, the many who want to choose in their own lives. They do not want us to compare the horrors and embellishments, yet they use words like the “anti-vaxxers” “Vaccine skeptics” it arouses the worst horrors in me. When they appear so clearly as followers of The Great Reset and want to embarrass me, with words like the “anti-vaxxers” attached to “Vaccine skeptics,” I want to emphasize most strongly that I am in no way inferior to these fascist expressions, which alone used to suppress and demean.
    When such condescending expressions are used again and again and the average citizen is indoctrinated through the favor of repetition, such expressions become their ‘truth’, I am not the “anti-vaxxers,” I understand Biology. I will not find myself in any grumbling Me in any box, I am a Sovereign – Free Thinking Man who does not let me control or manipulate, no one should tell Me who I am and what I am, or what I must understand, as of right or wrong.

    I have been working on understanding Biology for almost 40 years.
    As a Naturopath (Heilpraktiker) and Acupuncturist, I have seen that;
    “The Truth is that vaccines have always killed more than they have saved and caused massive degenerative public health problems worldwide hidden in statistical manipulation and medical lies.

    In favor of and disregard for real medical art and health, oppressive medicine is used in lack of understanding of Biology. The fever is seen as the number one enemy, and the natural process of excretion is blocked in favor of the pharmaceutical industry’s ‘miracle medicine,’ with fatal consequences hidden in the time carousel and denial.

    Share, it makes me proud and full of joy to support a freedom organization like The HighWire and ICAN. I am extremely grateful for the outstanding journalism and being part of a network that conducts trials against the many crimes that clearly occur worldwide. Furthermore, I am grateful; to have the impressive Aaron Siri on our side in this unjust struggle for nothing less than the Truth.

    For me, it has always been difficult to understand that the ordinary citizen has never asked the obvious question; if vaccines were so unique, why saw all the hidden agendas, lies, statistical manipulations, lack of records of possible side effects, embarrassment and more?

    Ask the obvious question; Why is this (Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Mawson Homeschooled Study Reveals Who is Sicker) study hidden and censored instead of exploring and asking the questions relevant to clarity about vaccines? Why does it bring no wonder? Why will the people not know the Truth? Etc., –Etc. What hurts the most is that family, friends and neighbors believe in the mainstream narrative rather than science. What science can do is compare data and show pros and cons, is science showing vaccines are not safe, effective or necessary???
    Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Mawson Homeschooled Study Reveals Who is Sicker.

    Cliff – Go For Freedom In Love of Biology – ? with The HighWire and ICAN

  37. I had the same issues when using Safari – useless. Then I switched over to Brave and now all is well. I connect easily and although it’s not lightening fast, it’s a matter of seconds, not minutes. Try it!

  38. I am going to the next one. I don’t care about anything but going to protests from now on. This agenda has to be stopped. Look at the heroes on that stage. True heroes. I love Bobby Kennedy for what he does. Thank you, Del because you are one of the greatest leaders we have.

  39. Big pharma is the real enemy and so many well meaning people are getting suckered. I think this “Reset” is going to backfire and turn into a serious freedom movement. I’m fighting for my great grandchildren to be free

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