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  1. whe have god on ouwer side ??? if there is a god why he didnt stop this. . . god is just a verry tail voor people who didnt had any clu . and the curch give them a nise storyy

      1. 10:25 EST, still no link

        Aha! The email did come, but automatically, from me watching part 1 (I guess), and had scrolled down out of sight by the time I put in my address and knew to look for it.. None others ever showed up.

        Oh, well, I finally spotted it, I saw the 2nd part, I love Alex as always, and Del as always.

        We will win. Stay strong!!

    1. God will not stop what he gave to mankind and that was “free will” while in human form.
      If you choose to commit evil deeds while on earth don’t think you will get away with it when you cross over!….there are Universal Laws and you will “reap what you sow”

  2. What a power packed episode…. it was like 2 episodes in one! Can’t wait to see Plandemic 3. And thanks for giving Alex Jones a platform here, I did not know he was so voracious about studying history, and it was very enlightening to see what his background is.. It’s so easy to make assumptions about people when they don’t know their background. Thanks for enlightening us!

  3. GratefulCivilian
    This program was really interesting, Del. I am appalled at the stupid comments people have made on this message platform. I have always had mixed feelings about Alex Jones, but didn’t really know about his legal problems. So it is nice to be able to hear the real story. I wish people wouldn’t make conversation on this site that are not about the show. Thank you again to the Highwire team for all you do!

  4. Del thanks for having Alex on . But talk about talking in circles. Good greath man.
    And what’s this about everyone now selling and promoting books? Where was all this like a decade or two ago? Please we don’t need a show about politics. There’s plenty of that already. What your doing on vaccines is the greatest thing out there with one other show perhaps. Don’t quit your day job.

  5. My guess? We see the gov target anyone close to the truth. I think Sandy Hook WAS an operation, but Jones got it wrong by thinking it never happened at all. I think they programed & influenced that kid to do it, and that’s why they’ve targeted Jones. They target EVERYONE that gets close to exposing their game plans. He’s spot on about the globalists wanting 90% of the population dead, we can see that with our own eyes, worldwide. I’m ordering his Great Reset book, to get informed about the actual plan, in their own words. Love this episode. I never watched Jones, until this Covid bioweapon was released, but they really cover a lot of global news, everyday, and I can’t watch MSM anymore. We have to educate ourselves! Share with everyone you know! Thank you, Del & team.

  6. Well done Del. Well said. You nailed it. There is no truth outside of forgiveness. Paving the way, setting the standard, building bridges and making history yet again.

  7. Agree with your Sandy Hook position. Then they did it again with the shooting in Uvalde Texas but this time there were witnesses to the atrocities of “law enforcement” standing there doing nothing.

  8. Thanks, Del, Mikki, JP and especially Alex. I’m glad you brought out Alex’s history. Like David Icke, he has been at this wayyyy longer than most people. He says himself he was set up with false information that led to his involvement with the grade school shootings. The Deep State is clever enough to engineer the public takedown of almost any adversary they have, as long as they control the media, not to mention their “lawfare” strategies to tie up their oppenents. All the more reason for the Highwire to continue to carefully navigate their sources. But, I’m grateful you had the courage to have Alex on the show, he has done so much good. He’s easy to attack and dismiss, given the caricature built up around him, but he has not given up and will continue to be a key player in helping us reclaim our world. Best wishes to you all!

  9. Yes Del…we do have power over the gov…but not using THEIR system to combat them. That money should be used to build a new system … and not feed lawyers. We must turn our backs on this madness and NULLIFY them.

  10. No apology required for airing this interview. That is why you don’t have sponsors. I want ti hear everybody’s version of their truth. I trust that the more I know the better I understand what the truth is.
    You know in Canada Dr. Tam once told us that the data would not be revealed because the nuances of the science was far to complex for the average person to understand ( that is not a quote but rather my recollection and interpretation of the gist of her statement.
    Anyway, the public is interested ( many of us anyway) in interviews of serial killers. Not because we want to endorse them but because we are interested in understanding them.
    I trust myself to interpret any information that comes to me to my best ability. Life is not stagnant. Knowledge is not stagnant. We will never know the finality of anything and so we keep learning. Let it bring you wisdom.
    Blessings to the planet.
    Freedom for all.

  11. //Background voice
    The incident that happened at the Two Pines Wedding Chapel that put this whole gory story into motion has since become legend.
    “Massacre at Two Pines.” That’s what the newspapers called it.
    The local TVnews called it, “The El Paso, Texas Wedding Chapel Massacre.”
    How it happened, who was there, how many got killed and who killed them – changes depending on who’s telling the story.
    In actual fact, the massacre didn’t happen during a wedding at all.
    It was a wedding rehearsal.

    It fits very well, if you’d like to replace ‘Texas Chapel’ with ‘S.H. School’.

    It is never Bigtree’s ignorance of the matter, because he operates exactly the same way as Jones, as controlled opposition.

    They made people real dumb (yes, including you, critical thinkers not following mainstream…) and then tell people,
    Jones’ case is about freedom of speech,???
    Bigtree’s ‘fight’ is about medical freedom religious freedom.???
    No, to functioning brains, these narrowly framed principles carry very little weight in the light of facts, causality and reasoning.
    (For a seasoned ‘conspiracy theorist’ like Jones to make a 180 degree turn to admit his ‘mistake’ and shred all the evidence he saw/knew, it requires better skill than the turning of AA77. That was really bad script and acting from Jones.)

    There was no dead body in S.H. and there is only SCAMdemic (no C19 virus).

    Legend has it that there is no such a thing, as retired CIA agent; it is a job for life. CBS has always been a stronghold of the agency. Bigtree worked there.

  12. Great intro with the video montage! So well done!

    Well said, JP! Gnosis: our inner moral compass

    Love the PLANdemic series!

    Love the Court Jester analogy!

    Yes, expose their lack of integrity!

    JP says his skits write themselves. That’s how I deal with anti-freedom “keyboard warriors” and trolls. I bait them in to talk at me and just allow them to expose themselves as ignorant cultists and fascists

    Thank you so much, Mikki and JP!

    I’ve always been on the fence about Elon Musk until recently, he’s a Transhumanist shill for sure

    Thanks, Jeffrey! Great work!

  13. You did really well leading the interview with AJ, Del. Glad you added the clips for context, too. Just feel the need to point that out because I’ve criticized your interviewing in the past. 🙂

    Everyone else: embrace the label “conspiracy theorist.” The people who use it don’t realize they’re complimenting us, being that the main difference between theory and hypothesis is evidence. If they wanted to insult, they should say “conspiracy hypothesist.” Or, we can call them conspiracy hypothesists to help them learn the importance of evidence.

    Enjoy this downloadable pdf from the Gerald Ford Library on “Operation Mockingbird:”


  14. Love how Rachelle Walensky of the CDC frames her statement: “Here’s what I will say about our updated vaccine…” wait… isn’t the CDC a regulatory body? Whose vaccine is this exactly?

  15. Mr. Del Bigtree. Probably the BEST mind, the highest of INTELLIGENCE living on our planet today. I have never heard a more capable thinker & speaker during my 73 years. He clearly demostrates his intellectual superioraty especially in this episode. How come he is not the one deciding about the most important issues of humanity?!

  16. So what was mentioned about programming our cells. Anyone else just find the idea of that absolutely horrifying on a level beyond what it could do to our freedom?

    I mean just think about how often programs crash or freeze. If you had something like that in your body or brain what would happen? Now just imagine that happening while you’re driving or crossing a street.

    The potential loss of freedom is horrifying enough. But just the thought of the bugs that could happen and it’s absolutely terrible.

    Even with current implanted devices many faults have been found. What about the issue with those pacemakers that could easily be accessed by hackers? The government having access to such things is horrifying enough, but imagine if criminals get access to the chip in your brain. Scamming people now is a piece of cake. They could make you commit crimes for them and take the fall and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Yeah, definitely a HELL FUCKING NO on this technology.

  17. I’m still not sure Sandy Hook wasn’t a “black ops” (not saying nobody died). Jones was right to question it all (I did, too!). Here’s a 3 hour documentary that goes over all the things about Sandy Hook that don’t make sense. Isn’t it weird that it gets sponsored by iMDb (an Amazon subsidiary) now, even while Jones is facing millions in fees for saying the same shit?

    Say what you want about Alex Jones. When I first got into Max Igan’s work back in 2009, I chose to follow him more than any AJ/InfoWars or his followers, because Max’s demeanor about it all was more akin to mine (Shamanistic), while I thought AJ was a stirred pot boiling over…

    In spite of that first impression, and knowing he got together with James O’Keefe and settled down a bit after the very well-done film “Hoaxed,” everything AJ said on Thursday’s episode of The Highwire is accurate.

  18. I disagree with the final statement about “it comes down to our bias,” but glad you specified (confirmation bias when seeking truth) when you elaborated.

    Staying curious prevents prejudicial bias, sure, but we need to stop using “bias” generally as a bad word or naughty thing. I am 100% biased in judgment AGAINST pedophiles, globalist technocrat agendas, etc… You won’t change my mind on that. The problem is in calling someone a pedophile without the evidence to support it, just because they’re associated with “the opposite team.” That’s why in arguing with people on social media, I say “pedo-enabler” because they’re defending a known pedophile (like Epstein/Maxwell, etc.), but I can’t say the person arguing with me is “the pedophile.”

    Great ending to the final speech!

  19. Just to be clear, Jacinda Ardern is a WEF Young Global Leader.. Almost without exception, the most draconian measures have been graduates of the WEF Young Global Leader program. Why didn’t Del or Jefferey mention this?

  20. If anyone is interested in digging deeper or learning of the other side of some of the stuff Alex Jones discussed and subjects maybe Dell doesn’t fully understand, I encourage people to go check out James Corbett at the corbettreport.com and check out his work. Also on James Corbett’s merchandise website newworldnextweek.com you can purchase his documentary DVDs on “Big Oil”, Bill Gates, 9/11, Al Qaeda, Mainstream Media, and Bankers. If there is anyone Dell Bigtree should interview I say it should be James Corbett or even Whitney Webb from unlimitedhangout.com for I feel that they could shed some light on subjects Dell may not fully understand.
    Check them out and share their work.

  21. @ WestEli
    Whitney Webb’s new book
    ‘One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein, VOL.1.’
    On her podcast ‘Unlimited Hangout’ she does and episode in August about her book .The podcast episode is called One Nation Under Blackmail.
    Heard her interviewed by Mercola, very, very good.

  22. Where is part 2? No email with exclusive link either. Where is it? What are you trying to do? … trying to REALLY make us be “Jonesing for the truth”, or something? LOL

  23. Alex and Dell–I am praying for you both and all your intrepid efforts to get at the truth and bring people out here up to speed. I choose for you both to know success in these endeavors beyond your wildest dreams. I choose for the termination of this horrible onslaught against humanity to be swift and thorough. I choose an awakening for the Planet that’s rapid and good in every way. Bless you both for LIVING OUT LOUD and being forces for change who inspire us again and again. Thank you so much.

  24. Thank you for this interview. I agree with you that we should not make judgement.

    I must admit I felt very sorry for Alex Jones when he broke down at the end of the interview. It’s very obvious that this man needs a lot of prayers. We must remember that with God anything is possible.

    Look forward to your next show – again, many thanks for your show!!!

  25. You made it sound like there are only two groups of people, people who love Alex Jones or people who hate him. You left out the giant segment of the alternative media community that believes Alex Jones is a cointelpro agent. Most intelligent people within the community figured out his scam a long time ago and the true Godfather is William Cooper, not Alex Jones.

    By the way, if you think everything that happened at Sandy Hook is legitimate, that just tells me you’ve never investigated Sandy Hook. People can die during a false flag, one thing doesn’t negate the other. Jones is a controlled shill that convinced his legion of fools that Trump would save them and now he’s making excuses for his bullshit.

  26. Have you considered the idea that those of us who began questioning and investigating the events of Sandy Hook immediately afterwards actually gathered evidence of a false flag?

    Anyone remember the helicopter video of the police chasing a man in camouflage through the woods behind the school? Anyone looked into the work of Wolfgang Halbig? Anyone watched all those videos of SH parents smiling and laughing in interviews?

    What if COINTEPRO JONES participated in a show trial for questioning that shady event to establish the precident of legal action against alternative media organizations and journalists?

    You know… like a COINTELPRO agent would do….

  27. It was nice seeing Alex Jones again. Without the fear mongering. So what’s next? David Icke? Bring back James Corbett? How about maybe interviewing all the families that lost loved ones to the jab? That would make more sense.

  28. Del: I would interview Anthony Fauci and treat him with kindness.

    Of course Del would because he walks his talk.

    It’s a lesson we should all take to heart.

    Thank you Del, for being the upstanding human you are!

  29. Trump is in with the Vaxx corps. Even the best governors will still allow a [proven death $hot rather than doing the right thing – BAN it, call it illegal. The Gov and AG of TX are corrupt there too, and will do nothing to set the Alex Jones show trial straight. they refuse to take a real stand against Corporate CONmunism which is highly illegal , monopoly, cartel, demands anti-trust hearings and investigation, arrests, Nuremberg 2 trials. CONgress refuses to do their real job, so it must be headed up at local and state levels. All of them bought out or just CONpromised? The Red Flags of them being bribed AND CONpromised are screaming loudly. Srpred the word and say HellNO from NWOsome’s banana Republic of Commiefornia. With fiends like WEF, WHO needs enemas? WEF, WTF!.

  30. So Del…I’m curious…when are you guys going to stop propagating the myth, that “variants” are anything BUT cover stories foe “VACCINE INJURY”?…please stop treating us like we are “NEW” to this…You are being disingenuous

  31. We really want to watch part 2 Alex jones. 3 seperate high wire member faithful watchers in my house cannot get in on separate devices.
    Del please read post an east watch link. We are jones Ing to watch it!! Thanks. Dr Liz.

  32. Re. the Fauci clip

    Interesting he talked about deploying a shot w/o a clinical trial, because, “We can’t wait,” but when Trump talked about HCQ, Fauci came forward and said, “This is unproven,” because it wasn’t put through a double-blind study re. Covid.

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