1. If this man wasn’t murdered after trying to warn the people about the upcoming 911 attacks, (Bill Cooper) we would be so much better off. (truth movement) this is Bill cooper warning us about Alex jones 20+ years ago before he was murdered.

      Or search for “Alex Jones Exposed by Milton William Cooper” on YouTube.

      1. Alex Jones Interview Part 2 was worth the wait. This interview further opened my eyes to the Worlds great reset. These evil people in power throughout the world really believe the evil their propogating is for the better good. The bible says in the end times evil will be looked as good. and good will be looked at as evil. We are living in those times now. The truth must shine brighter than the evil darkness, so humanity can awaken to the truth of God and his word made flesh Jesus the Messiah and Christ.

        1. Amazing, Amazing Interview!
          Del & Alex Jones should plan a “Save Our Country Rally” together!
          We Must All Come Together Peacefully For Our Children, Grandchildren & Future Generations To Live FREE!
          Our Children’s Future Is In Our Hands!
          God Bless The United States Of America! ???????????

      2. Bill Cooper was an anti-semite. It’s okay to criticize Israel and the Jewish community. It’s not okay to claim they are foundational to the world’s problems.

    2. I’m replying to this interview as a person who doesn’t live in the USA nor did I know anything about Alex Jones nor the terrible event at Sandy Hooks (I read up on it). We’re watching this show from a lot further away, across oceans. This person Alex that I “met” for the first time here on The Highwire in this interview seems a victim of a thought crime. I know historians that talked about 9/11 in a way that was against the narrative who lost all their credentials; doctors who treated Covid patients against protocols who lost their licenses; here in Europe if one doubts the numbers of victims in the 2nd WW they’re being called a nazi and condemned by law. Why? Why can’t free people doubt the narrative? Why can’t free people ask questions without being attacked? Why are people being forced into believing something without questions allowed? When I asked the pediatrician years ago questions about childhood injections I got attacked. Why? I’m NOT the criminal just because I question the narrative! I’m just asking questions… is that criminal enough to make me worse than the ones that have for real blood on their hands?
      I didn’t know the story of Alex Jones. But I comprehend his story.

    1. Love me some Alex but as predicted….they are setting up DeSantis vs Newsom 2024. DeSantis appears to say and do all the right things. Clearly, doing what’s right but he is a rhino. He is TIGHT with Pence and owned by wall street. Sigh…back into the matrix we go.

  1. When Alex says them . Who is “them” Fauci , Brix never came out saying the vaccines are a mistake. All news media took money for ads from the vaccine corporations. From A as in ABC to Z like. Washington Post
    Msnbc just aired the other day Bill Gates and what he said about Robert Kennedy Jr and Trump worth looking into.
    Those governors all but one never mentioned VAERS. Gov Justice West Virgina stated adverse reactions in His State months ago. Thank you Alex for some great points. But my question where are the proceeds of the book going? Seems like everyone has a book for something these days. And I do believe you were completely blindsided by that Texas judge.
    Thank Del and team for a great job.

  2. Del, this has been interesting. Alex is in a real bad spot it seems due to the media. Since you are diving deeper and deeper, I believe the crux of the matter is economics. Saving the nation economically is our only hope and Trump understands the empire and the minds of the people I believe, since most are oblivious to the reality of vaccines still. He has the best chance right now but ultimately those who do not turn to God around the world have no chance. Only He can save us. That is why He is called The Savior.

  3. Your silence will not protect you.

    That’s something we used to say all the time, and it’s more true than ever.

    Am I afraid of what they will do to me if I speak out? Sure.

    But I’m more afraid of what will happen if I don’t.

    Thanks to Alex Jones for 80% of your reporting.

  4. Btw, I am also sometimes known as “Becky with the Good Hair”
    Suspended from Twitter for speaking out against lockdowns, school closures, masks, curfews, social-distancing, vaccine mandates, isolation of patients in hospitals, censorship and fear-mongering. Apparently that involves “platform manipulation,” which is the only clue I have to my Twitter crime.

  5. If this man wasn’t murdered after trying to warn the people about the upcoming 911 attacks, (Bill Cooper) we would be so much better off. (truth movement) this is Bill cooper warning us about Alex jones 20+ years ago before he was murdered.

    Or search for “Alex Jones Exposed by Milton William Cooper” on YouTube.

  6. The biggest problem AJ always had is still being blinded by the 2 major party illusion. He’s not the only one tricked by the Red VS Blue BS, because I see the same guilt written all over Del’s face too!

  7. I bailed on Trump when he created Warp Speed. That was the absolutely worst thing he could ever have done. I’ve never liked his personality, but liked his policies–until the covid vaccine stuff. Then I knew he was being manipulated, and too blind to see it.

    1. I watch a broad range of information on issues around the last 2 years, but some dismiss those who speak out on what has happened simply due to their ‘style’ or the fact they may be ‘off’ on some issues. I don’t do that. I listen to all equally and make my own judgement. No one will be able to get everything right. The one thing all (including me) are aware of that we are at war with our governments and the elite psychopaths. Regan himself said big government was the biggest danger and now they want global government. Few realise what atrocities this has and will lead to.

  8. People like Alex Jones and Del Bigtree are very important in the middle of all the madness that’s going on today. The more people like them there are, the sooner this can all be over.

  9. Thank you Del and Alex. It was definitely worth the minor hassle to finally figure out how to get to watch this. Stay strong. You are on the right side and that’s what really matters. Thank you so much again for all you do!

  10. Thank you Del and Alex for continuing to reveal truth and expose lies. We must never give up in this fight/battle/war for freedom, justice and liberty. We are winning!

  11. Alex Jones says one thing and then says he said something else. He sometimes has good information, but I quit listening to him once I realized he does this so much. I can’t help but suspect he is just another gatekeeper.

  12. Ladykatie917 People who refuse to listen to the other side of an issue should be ashamed of themselves. I hope EVERYONE watched the Alex Jones interview. It clarified so much of what MSM skewed. Don’t EVER take what they air as the truth because 99 times out of a hundred, it ISN’T!

  13. This is a whole new view of Alex Jones. For a long time I’ve thought of him as a big-mouthed, screaming, nutcase. This has given me a lot to think about. It’s always about the spin, isn’t it? One question comes up for me again and again: In that court case that he just lost, why did his disavowals of his previous views, which were made before he was sued and which were actually filmed, not taken into consideration by the jury? Were they not allowed?

  14. Alex Jones is a national treasure. Thank you Del for this interview, it was amazing. I’m surprised you didn’t give him more credit. Infowars was critical in getting out information from Andrew Wakefield, the Vaxxed team, and has been explaining the lies in the vaccine program years before you got in the game. His platform (and followers) no doubtedly were as responsible for the success of Vaxxed, Truth about Vaccines, etc., as it was for getting Trump elected.

  15. Thank you both for a really interesting chat. It’d be great if you could do more interviews with Alex in the future. He is a very interesting man, especially once you remove the man from that which is the ‘Alex Jones machine’.

  16. I regret Del has no questions about the official story of Sandy Hook. He follows the science of vaccines but not FBI involvement in school shootings whether kids die or not. — Alex Jones was not honest in this interview. There are plenty of solid reasons why the official story is rightfully and legally challenged. — Foreknowledge of the event is well documented, for example. Please review the documentary “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” where multiple investigators and authors contribute their questions and stunning evidence –

  17. Unfortunately Alex Jones did walk into the biggest trap laid out by our United States Government (left and right) and rather than making the smart leadership move to try and get people to leave, he just tried to move them to the actual rally site. I’m into history and I’ve studied wars within and outside our country, and I have learned that great leaders don’t always become the hero by winning the day, but by making the right decision. Alex Jones unfortunately made the wrong decision and that’s why he is now stuck in this mouse trap of which many others are as well. My advice I would give to anyone including Alex Jones, is to walk away from the political team sports game. People should check out James Corbett of to see what I mean. James Corbett doesn’t play left or right, he doesn’t believe in the game of politics and he gives great open minded opinions with more objective information than most reporters. I’m not saying hes better than Jones, though in my own personal opinion I think he does a better job, but he does things in such a way that I feel Alex Jones could benefit from and maybe learn a thing or two. Once again I encourage people to check out James Corbett’s work on the, and if interested check out his merchandise website where you can buy his documentaries on Big Oil, The Media Matrix, Bill Gates, 9/11, the bankers Schemes and others to come.

  18. Trump is as much responsible for this covid mess as anyone and now he owns it. He had his chance to come out, as Alex said, that he was lied to by these people.. But Trump’s ego won’t allow anyone to tell him he was lied to where he has to admit he made a mistake.

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The powerful conclusion of ‘The Real Alex Jones.’ In Part 2, Alex gives his unfiltered opinion on Donald Trump, and reveals his greatest fear. #TheRealAlexJones #RAJ #Part2 #AlexJones


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