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Episode 333: INESCAPABLE



  1. I only lived in Hawaii for 3 years and moved to mainland 1 year ago. Our family has lived in 2 3rd world countries, and this is NOT to demean my Hawaiian brothers and sisters, but even my daughters noticed how much many parts of Hawaii reminded us of these countries.

    BTW- Gov. Green is “Dr. Green” who was the Health Tzar during Covid. He was Awful!!!

    When we moved to Bangkok we saw all these cement pillars in sets of 2 set up kilometers apart along the highway. Come to find out 70 million Dollars to finish this elevated train just went missing.
    When we moved to Hawaii, we saw the SAME cement pillars along the freeway!!! Come to find out it was the Same Story!

    That government is So Corrupt.

    Don’t worry about private land developers going in to steal that land. Nope. The state government probably has it all wrapped up.

    I’d quickly look at how much Gov. Green is worth right now, because his bank account is going to skyrocket… Just like Gov. Ige’s did during the Lockdowns.

    My prayers go out to the Hawaiian people- those who lost everything and those who are trying to help. I went through a flood while I was there and saw the AMAZING Hawaiian people come out of everywhere to do what they could to help, even when the government did next to nothing.

  2. Geert Vanden Bossche?…Yeah here we go again…His BIO is “vaccine creator”…DUH…that right there says it all…HE KNOWS VACCINES ARE BULLSHIT!!
    Del, for the life of me I don’t understand why you can’t see this guy for the fraud he is.
    So Geert speaks…Del drools

  3. Del… Your constant interjections (aka interruptions) during EVERY Jaxson Report are beyond annoying and eminently counterproductive. Let the man connect the dots and hold your editorial input untul after he’s finished the story.

  4. Geert brings up “waste water” testing?…lmao…good lord, did he just parrot MSM narrative?…”Waste water” testing is the “New” propaganda to keep the covid BS alive…what am I talking about, you ask?…Because, no one is TESTING anymore…

    1. G.VB..and his”evolution of virus ” is obviously more fear mongering propaganda that is helping to orchestrate the new incoming covid lock down, just in time for the upcoming election ,with its mail in Ballots that are so vulnerable to FRAUD..

  5. You have got to be kidding me…Geert: “Immunological correlates of vaccine “breakthrough infections”(once again parroting the narrative)caused by SARS-COV-2 variants in highly C-19 vaccinated populations.”
    Variants?…(it’s the virus)…He still has not ever blamed the “vaccine” for the “variants” or rather adverse reactions and disease brought on by a diminished immune system

  6. I’ve said it from the moment this guy “came out”…Geert Vanden Bossche is a “vaccine” promoter…Listen closely to what he says…Not once has he EVER blamed the C-19 jab…It’s always been…variants(virus) or the process(pandemic response)

  7. You are totally right William, this guy has deceived me a lot and the same Dell who is believing in him. I just hope that we are not the only ones who have understood this!

  8. There was NO siren alarm which is activated on the 1st of every month which went off Aug.1st,so it WAS working.There was NO water in the fire hydrants because the WATER WAS TURNED OF!
    There were No fire trucks!What happened?
    It was a mildly windy day because Hurricane Dora had already passed by Maui.Then ,there was an explosion at the gas station,which brought with it these 70mph winds immediately and everything caughtvonvfire at once after the exposion reducing the entire town to ashes in 17 minutes.It was like an atomic bomb went off.Many local people have said it burned too fast and too hot to be a natural wildfire and are comparing it to the 2018 Paradise California fire in which a book has been written called Paradise Lost by John Lee
    The characteristics of both fires are something to consider because both fires shared many similar characteristics.One of the similarities is the high 70mph wind that came on quickly. initially with both fires ,almost immediately.The furious rate the fire turned everything to ashes in minutes is another similarity.Also,the very unusual way objects burned is telling.Metal cars and steel engines were melted,glass windshields melted,steel rims of tires were melted while rubber tires left intact.Wooden trees untouched standing right next to the melted vehicles.This uneven burningof metal,rubber and wood would never happen in a natural organic wildfire as noted in the Paradise fire and the Lahaina fire.Trees would have been burnt up before steel and rubber but miraculously were not.Many of the natives have concluded that some kind of DEW had been the cause of such differences of burning.DEW stands for Direct Energy Weapons..These sophisticated weapons are hard to detect both before and after a fire.They use laser technology that travels at the speed of light.One type of D.E.W. is called HPM which stands for High Density Microwave.This type is just like a microwave and burns this unevenly.
    Plastic ,wood and rubber doesn’t burn either with HDM ,but with a normal,natural fire,they would!That is why many people compare thevtwo fires of Lahaina and Paradise.Ironically,there are two D.E.W. research centers in the U.S.A..One of them is located in Kirtland. New Mexico and the other D.E.W. advance research center is located in MAUI called the air force Maui Optical and supercomputing(AMOS) Site
    Hint.,lasers are optical devices..Both are used to advance related energy weapon technologies

  9. The following Forensic Arborist

    Thursday Jul 27, 2023

    Robert, a forensic arborist, joins Tanya Gaw to provide a thought provoking presentation that brings into question the origins of the massive fires that have been ignited in Canada and the USA. Robert is a certified arborist for 20 years. He has taken one hundred and six trips to thirty-eight fire aftermaths, mostly in California, and determined that only three were natural wildfires. The mainstream media provides news reports that are crafted to make Climate Change out to be the culprit but Robert provides very compelling evidence that something else, very sinister, is afoot. *Please share this important video widely with elected officials, those working in the forest industry, media and environmental groups. https://action4canada.com/empower-hour-with-forensic-arborist-robert-global-fires-global-control/

  10. So now pro vaccine Geert Vanden Bossche is recommending to vaccine recipients at ‘risk’ to take prophylactic antivirals to avoid death.Interesting who makes the antivirals he recommends.Pfizer called Paxclovid.I wonder how much money they will make on this antiviral?

  11. Great job Del. They were fantastic together.
    Was surprised that Peter mentioned that the unvaxxed were getting blood clots. Any idea why? Don’t understand this? Could this have any connection to Chemotherapy? Please have them again soon. Thanks!!

  12. Idiocracy government. There are many videos on TikTok of Directed Energy Weapons being used; we need more investigations on the D.EW. and the history of land grabs…

  13. Awesome episode! As far as those who get CVID naturally, then blood clots… is anyone gathering data on these individuals? Do they have underlying issues that are similar? Similar medications? Smokers etc What protocol/medication(s) were used in treating their CVID. What is their ethnicity? I would think this would be important to know.

    I just added a decal on my rear car window that says: “If I told you we’ve been duped….. would you believe me? Thinking I need to get some business cards made up providing the links to all of the truth tellers. Just in case somwone strikes up a convo. Its a vast conversation. It’s sometimes hard to know where to start. I sure would love a copy of the “left blank intentionally” jab insert. To me that’s just shocking. But I’m in the loop so it maybe has more meaning to me just bcuz I know.

  14. Jeffery and Del… Really?
    Do you listen to your own report. “The science” states that Leprosy is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae or Mycobacterium lepromatosis. And yet, suddenly after the experimental poison jabs, Leprosy is on the rise….
    How do you put two and two together here? Do you suggest that the jabs contain these bacteria? Or do you conclude that somehow we all already have these bacteria but the poison jab just so happens to “activate” the bacteria or make them overpopulate??
    It’s just absurd nonsense from the “germs cause disease” camp, trying to make excuses for vaccines causing harm. Do you still not see this!?
    And if you still believe Leprosy is caused by a bacteria, could you please cite the research which proves it, not just some half-arsed circular reasoning nonsense but some hard evidence that this bacteria is the true, sole cause of Leprosy.

  15. Is GVB talking about Antibody dependent enhancement now? Covid still around he says, the dangerous virulent strain he predicted now being disguised as ADE. This is what Professor Cahill had said back in 2020 March,. About the anti virals – Dr Zelenko had said that if a vaccinated person just sneezes, he should take a dose of HCQ. Seems he is losing a bit of credibility with the push for his own vaccine. But anyway, since SARS COV2 has never been isolated, why are we always talking about a virus and not heavy metal contamination. It’s been proven that heavy metals are in the vaccines, but MRNA hasnt.

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Episode 333: INESCAPABLE

Heroes of the Devastating Lahaina Fire Report from Maui; Jefferey Jaxen reports on the FDA reversing course on Ivermectin, and They Want Us to Mask Up Again Citing a New Variant; Are We On the Precipice of An Inescapable Pandemic Of The Vaccinated?; Heart Related Diseases and Death are Skyrocketing in the Young; New Bonus Series Launches Monday on TheHighWire.Com!

Guests: Mike & Andreza Cicchino, Steve Slepcevic, Sam Eaton, Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM, Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

AIRDATE: August 17, 2023