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  1. No comment on Cuomo’s actions…. why is that?


    On March 25th, 2020, New York Governor Cuomo issued an executive order forcing the transfer over 4,500 Covid-19 patients from hospitals to their nursing homes (also called old-age or care homes). In the following weeks the nursing homes saw 6,000 deaths from Covid-19.

    The New York Governor, Cuomo, refuses to say who conceived of the order (to send Covid-19 positive patients to care homes). But as you can see (from the above), the person/people who gave the order, gave it worldwide. Who has this sort of power? Perhaps Cuomo should be charged with murder to loosen his tongue.

    Recently, the media has been trying to impeach Cuomo over the massive under-counting of nursing home deaths, and numerous accusations of sexual harassment. These are designed to throw the real issue into the background. However, Cuomo will eventually have to be thrown under the bus to protect those who actually designed (and understood the implications of) the policy which Cuomo carried out.

    Unsurprisingly, those countries known to have adopted this policy (of sending Covid-19 positive patients to care homes) have among the highest number of deaths (per unit of population). It would be interesting to know if the other countries with very high death percentages, namely, Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovenia, and Czechia, also subscribed to this evil policy.


  2. What a GREAT episode. THANK YOU so much for showing us what’s going on in other nations. My heart was instantly filled with hope while, bawling with joy, I watched the thousands of people rising up against the tyranny in Europe and elsewhere. We need to see each other, to feel the global unity among the PEOPLE if we ever hope to overwhelm and defeat the obvious global unity of the tyrants… But also, your report reminded me that one thing I wish more analysts would speak about (in order to help us defeat the globalist covid19 narrative) is this: The PCR test cannot identify nor quantify a “variant” because it cannot even identify nor quantify the Covid19 virus. The PCR test is and has always been a fraud — a tool for manipulating “case” numbers” – and has been discredited by the CDC (though they are allowing its use through December 2021!). What the mostly vaccinated people in hospitals are sick and dying with is very likely ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) CAUSED BY THE VACCINE. We need to get ahead of the lying media’s narrative that these covid spikes are due to some unidentifiable/unprovable “variant”. That narrative allows them to blame PEOPLE (unvaccinated) instead of the deadly injection they like to call a vaccine…

  3. glad you guys are talking about this. this global coordination of censorship. global narrative.

    when things don’t make any sense i don’t scratch my head and move on. i look for a narrative that matches the evidence.

    the narrative that matches what i’m seeing is a shift in power from democratic-ish states to an unelected global tyranny.

    i can understand that pharma wants to gouge people. i can understand that they want to cover up harm done by bad products. what i can’t understand is the way the economy was shut down. why so much pressure to get everyone (kids, pregnant women, covid recovered) vaccinated? the passports. the mostly useless (imo) masks.

    certain things are only explained well by a global transition of power.

  4. I wait the whole episode to hear who is behind the dark mass, only to hear that there is hope. I lost all hope, belonging to the 20% with 80% of the population against you. Frank Fenner will be correct, the extingshion of human kind is inevitable.

  5. Mass Hysteria kicking up again. Deluded majority is behaving like it’s the end of the world. Shelves are getting empty again. Hospitals filling up with people who believe they have the imaginary virus. I feel sorry for all the sheep, but it’s their own fault for not listening to the truth.

  6. Hello from Africa. We have known you for a long time, Del.
    Now we really need you – the Pharma companies have their greedy, sticky fingers all over my continent. Let us stop them, please. We won’t all die from Covid, but millions will die of starvation because after we have paid for the ‘shot’ there will be no money left for food.

  7. Australia and NZ will be more vulverable in the long run. We do not have the choice of getting natural immunity. And we won’t be allowed out without the vax. There is a strong ‘sheeple’ mentality (In NZ at least).

  8. Never trust the Government and the media! They are all puppets! Do your own research about this scamdemic and you will see and find the truth. Thanks to the highwire for providing what REALLY IS HAPPENING about this scamdemic.

  9. Why do we “Back the Blue?” “The Blue” are good when they do their jobs properly. But look at how willing they have been to enforce the draconian lockdowns and mask mandates. They took people out of their means of income, all the while keeping their own. If “The Blue” would have refused to comply, we could have all told the government to stick it. “The Blue” has let us down terribly.

  10. Several times I’ve heard that Covid -19 is just a collection of symptoms, I’m beginning to think this is true especially considering that I’ve NEVER seen or heard of anyone that has actually isolated the covid 19 virus. Has c-19 EVER been isolated?

  11. This is a political cult, next stop is Climate lockdowns for $aviothics Cens$or, think again…r Gates. If U think science & Ethics Cen$or, think again

  12. The QUEENS COUNCIL LAWYERS have admitted they could not supply ANY test proving that a VIRUS EVEN EXISTS,
    Always go back to what caused this FARCE, NO VIRUS NO DICTATES, and we can sue those that have committed these crimes against us! and hopefully NUREMBERG TRIALS..

    1. Greetings from Stratford on Avon England. Thank you for exposing our MP’s ridiculous nonsense. Don’t be fooled by Starmer ‘challenging’ Boris Johnson though…unfortunately, it’s all theatre! MP’s on all sides are corrupt, and many in the UK are now politically marooned.

  13. ALL the politicians are following the JESUIT FREE MASON corruption to their needs to OWN THE WORLD, just look at their guide stones, it has to be written in stone for them…

  14. I am late on the episode this week, just getting to it now, but I can’t help but say, with extreme discomfort…Del we are not winning this fight right now, we are losing. Military mandates coming down, people saying we shouldn’t let the unvaccinated buy food or drive cars, these are mainstream ideas now and for a fairly new father I am terrified. I am a grown man, a life long wrestler and trained in full contact fighting. I say this not to be egotistical or to be a braggart, but to say I am a strong capable father and husband, and I am terrified that I won’t be able to protect my family. I feel there is a war coming, and I can only hope it doesn’t destroy what we have left.

  15. It’s a game among the elites as Senta said, but the players use the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu’s very deceptive “art of war” to manipulate the masses into enslaving themselves. They’ve been doing this for centuries. And it’s part of their Satanic religion. If you don’t see that it’s a religion, and that in a religion the motivation is based on strongly held beliefs, their actions will seem nonsensical to you.

  16. This is all heading to FASCISTIC Communistic enslaved population with an upper class of people dominating dumb down injected regularly for 5G programming, in the UK police are NOT injected, ask why not, because they know that the injections will make people ill or kill them and no poo lice they have no protection from the very people they sware to protect and represent, … we need to rid ourselves of these inhuman’s

  17. Yes in Kanada, the guy ice skating and then two wokedykepoo lice alleged women brutally assault him, and for what ! but what was worse that the guys standing around and doing NOTHING against these TERRORIST POO LICE.. they should have kicked their asses out of there, disgusting inhumans carrying out UNLAWFUL actions once again and all for a VIRUS that in a Kanadian Court has been proven to be non existent as they have NO PROVE IT EXISTS as admitted by QUEENS COUNCIL LAWYERS…

  18. These are a few thing that concern me, one is that the highwire keeps referring to this as a pandemic when they know its not. Second, Del knows that there is a shadow one word government and that needs to be brought to the for front. Third, please leave religion and God out of the show, we all have the right to believe in what ever religion we choose. Lets focus on news and leave religion to Sunday church. I love the highwire but I do have my gripes.

  19. Is this why they made the Capitol building a fortress with walls? Because when they mandate vaccines they will hide behind their walls from the protests of the people? So they can control the people behind their fortress?

  20. How are they identifying any variant since according to FOIA, the proof of a Covid 19 has never been isolated? PCR cannot differentiate between Corona types. More scare tactics.

  21. The vaccines have nothing to do with health and everything to do with control. The pandemic was man made by Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates with the cooperation of the CDC, politicians, & governments. I came to this conclusion by watching everything I could that I trusted. Main stream media was paid a LOT of money to spread the lies. They have spent all our money. This charade is to cover that up at any expense. Heads up: the vaccines are designs to kill.

  22. Would be nice if we could edit our posts. I have poor vision and often don’t see a boo boo until I hit the enter button. Posts make more sense if there are no boo-boos.

  23. Got chills, moved to tears to see what is going on all around the world and how communities are standing up against the tyranny. At this point, all eyes on U.S. Our time will come. One big difference for us, however, we are ARMED!!

    “When men yield up the exclusive privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.” Thomas Paine, 1776

  24. I love the work The Highwire is doing but I’m a little perplexed that a lot of the reporting is based on the false truth that the v.irus exists. IT HAS NEVER BEEN ISOLATED, so there is no spooky, deadly virus. Even if there were, the recovery rate was reported to be 94-7%, hardly anything to be concerned over and of course makes the vaccine issue completely moot.

  25. Hi Del and team. Love your work! Watching from New Zealand, where we live a “free” life compared to so many other countries… but the push to mass vaccinate in spite of safety and efficacy concerns is insane. From the outside we have looked like the dream-land for managing CV but I can promise you from the inside, it’s not too unlike what it is like everywhere else. Those of us looking at the data, and seeing all the red flags, pointing out the flaws, asking the questions they keep refusing to answer are being accused of spreading misinformation and being silenced on the daily. It’s tearing apart communities and families. Border-worker vaccine mandates coming into force with a deadline that falls next week mean people are facing losing their jobs if they do not comply. Our govt was actually found guilty at the High Court of unlawfully rolling out the vaccines here, so they rushed to change the law immediately overnight that night to legalise their illegal actions, without following normal due process for law changes in our country! Just like they did when the high court found the first weeks of our hard level 4 lockdown were technically illegal. Our government is proving itself as corrupt as any other. Literally ignoring all new information as it comes to light if it doesn’t fit their narrative, and simply staying the course. And they are literally blaming “misinformation” on social media for low vaccine uptake and “vaccine hesitancy” and working on rolling out “targeted focus teams” to various workplaces and communities to “change their minds”, whilst simultaneously standing up on their pulpit in front of the media every day repeating the line “it’s 100% safe” (?!?!?!?!?) And I hate to say it but an alarming percentage of people are eating up the propaganda without question.

    And just like what you showed in the UK, we also have heavy border restrictions that include a 2wk mandatory managed isolation stay (including PCR tests throughout said stay) for a minimum of 2wks on arrival (longer if you refuse to be tested) from almost every country in the world. We do have some (somewhat fragile) quarantine-free travel arrangements slowly rolling out to some of the pacific islands we are close to, and also Australia when they (or us) are not suddenly thrown back into lockdowns, but for the most part that’s the accepted sacrifice you have to make if you wish to travel.

    Fortunately we don’t have much in the way of mask mandates currently, other than on planes and public transport. I have literally worn a mask twice ever since this whole thing started (both times I was at a medical centre, so it wasn’t completely unreasonable) – I have NEVER worn a mask simply to leave my house.

    1. Thank you! New Zealand is coming across as a ‘paradise’ through the media propaganda, even online. So sorry. We are all dealing with puppets, controlled by Communist country at the moment. Stock up, and batten down the hatches! ?

  26. Tuesday Aug.10 14.39 Thailand time. I cannot properly look this video. It is constantly uploading.
    A few words and it stops etc etc.
    What is going on????

    1. After it starts to load and then plays again push pause right away. Leave it on pause for a minute or so and then it will play again. I’m in America in the middle of nowhere and sometimes that helps.

  27. All for a virus with a 99% recovery rate. This is definitely not about a virus, it’s about the vaccine to depopulate. And, I’m not afraid to say it, all of these presidents were killed because they spoke out and wouldn’t accept the vaccine. Many governments and people and msm have been paid off to go along with and push this

  28. In Myanmar, the dictatorship sill govern the country and they robed the freedom from the citizens. They killed thousand of innocents citizens and they destroyed many Myanmar citizens heart. Moreover, the military leader arrested many innocents young man and they also killed it in the jail.

  29. If you understand the shot ‘vaccine’ wasn’t created for the virus, but the virus was created for the ‘vaccine’, you will see more clearly what their plan is. Look behind the puppets!

  30. I’m in Lincoln Nebraska and I’m ready to stand up and fight! And we’re all grown adults here you should stop using the term LOL. That’s for juveniles and the sheep.

  31. Anna Brees seems to have forgotten that BBC Media Action has some powerful donators. The following is detailed in the next link
    https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediaaction/about/funding (accessed 11/08/2021)

    Copied from page: “We are grateful to the wide range of funders, including national governments, the UN and other international organisations, foundations, corporate partners and private individuals that supported us in 2019/20.

    Significant donors included the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the European Union, several UN agencies, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and many others.

    The members of our Corporate Leaders Group contributed cash and in-kind support, and our annual fundraising event The Correspondents Dinner and gifts from individual donors continued to raise valuable unrestricted income for the organisation. The BBC provided gift in kind office facilities and a grant to reflect the value of programming that BBC Media Action provides to BBC World Service.

    Find out more about BBC Media Action’s Corporate Leaders Group or donate to us through Just Giving (to external site).

    The financial information on this page has been taken from the Annual Report & Accounts for the year to 31 March 2020.”

    UK Column has some really good information regarding the BBC and their psychological arm and blatant push to help overthrow governments and nations who do not align with the globalist agendas.

  32. The new video download function worked exceptionally well for me, high resolution and it finished in just a minute or two for me (5G connection).

  33. Why does the reply button not work?

    The tech department is false opposition.

    What new video download function?

    The tech department is false opposition.

    Why the little box for comment that is so hard to read?

    The tech department is false opposition.

  34. Why can’t one download the videos?

    The tech department is false opposition.

    Why does the reply button not work?

    The tech department is false opposition.

    Why the little box for comment that is so hard to read?

    The tech department is false opposition.

    Why did they change from an easily readable comment section?

    The tech department is false opposition.

  35. You guys wanna see something infuriating? Try going to the Highwire’s channel on Brighteon, copy the link in the address bar and go to FB Messenger and try to send that link to someone you know in messenger. It will astound you to know that FB is censoring private messages now. Try it..

  36. It’s not “somebody” making all the decisions… it’s some THING.

    Somehow, the AI that lives on the global quantum computer has taken control, and with so many people injected, it will soon have total control.

    I don’t know what to say about that, or if it’s too late…

  37. Careful not to post old Gilets Jaunes footage from France. People will find that one bit of inaccurate footage to discredit the whole report.
    We need to be impeccable; even if the mainstream media aren’t.

  38. Hi Del, I’m not sure if you read comments, but I’ll try. First, I don’t recall any mention of Tommy Robinson on The Highwire (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon); no problem with that, he’s off-topic. But I think it’s important to be aware that the UK has had a serious problem with Muslim immigrants gang-raping English children and having the police and public officials side with the rapists rather than with the victims and their families, and Tommy Robinson was arrested for this bizarre cause in 2018 May and given a show trial that would make Jean Simmons in her Nora Satie costume blush (Star Trek: The Next Generation 4×21 “Drumhead”, 1991.) There is a lot of simmering indignation from that issue upon which this nonsense has been stacked.

  39. These are not images of the actual protests in France… They are from 2 years ago with the “gilets jaunes” (Yellow Jackets) movement. Millions of people have been marching peacefully each Saturday though, since 8 weeks now, against the Pass with no major violence. Unfortunately, in Paris, since a couple of weeks, Police Forces have started to blow lacrymo and water tanks to slow down the movement.

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