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  1. They are trying to make “disinformation” in the new National Security Act an Espionage Act Crime / National security interest crime.

  2. The NSC Memo, under the heading of Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Section (3), states that:
    “[t]he Inspector General is authorized to receive and investigate… complaints or information from any person concerning the existence of an activity within the authorities and responsibilities of the Director of National Intelligence constituting a violation of laws… Once such complaint or information has been received from an employee of the intelligence community… the disclosure is made to an official of the Department of Justice responsible for determining whether a prosecution should be undertaken[.]”
    President Biden, “Memorandum on Renewing the National Security Council System.” Briefing Room, The Whitehouse. February 04, 2021. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/02/04/memorandum-renewing-the-national-security-council-system/

  3. The INSSG Memo has also incorporated dis- and misinformation into the realm of national security. It stated: “[a]nti-democratic forces use misinformation, disinformation, and weaponized corruption to exploit perceived weaknesses and sow division within and among free nations, erode existing international rules, and promote alternative models of authoritarian governance. Reversing these trends is essential to our national security.” This places mis- and disinformation as issues within the category national security. This greatly widens the scope of the definition of national security into all domestic and international matters that could conceivably affect the United States, including anything that is labeled mis- or disinformation by the U.S. administration. https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/NSC-1v2.pdf

  4. Jesus said, “People will become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited Earth…” Luke 21:26

    But verse 27 says this “And then they will see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”

    I urge any of you that have not done so, to examine closely what Jehovah’s Witnesses have been saying about the times we are living in.

    True, many in this organization have mistakenly listened to the “medical authorities” regarding the “vaccine”, but they did so with a good motive, truly thinking these authorities were trustworthy. Well, now the truth has come out, and Jesus ALWAYS spoke the truth. Every person in this organization is ONLY human and therefore subject to human imperfection, and those who mistakenly took the “vaccine” can stop taking it now or perhaps, as Del said, and I’m paraphrasing, “perhaps the Almighty can intervene on behalf of mankind”… Bottom line, JW’s have been pointing to God’s Word the Bible as the source of truth for many years. It is not too late to get on God’s side. There is a battle called Armageddon coming soon and if we are not on Jehovah’s side in this battle, then we are on Satan’s side. I’m sure many in this forum will take issue with this view, and that is fine, God gives us free will to choose to serve Him, or not.
    SURVIVAL is at stake, right? That’s what we are talking about. But I’m talking about “Eternal Survival”.
    We talk about how we are “wonderfully made” and about our “God given immune system” and the “Creator”….. Well, the Bible identifies the Creator as YHWH, or Yahweh or the English: Jehovah. Please examine His Word closely and get firmly on His side. Check out http://www.jw.org for more information.

    By the way, I’m a monthly contributer to the High wire, so I feel I have a right to express my views. Do I agree with everything expressed here? No and I realize that not everyone will agree with my view. As far as I’m concerned, that’s fine and I applaud Del and his team for attempting to get the TRUTH about big pharma and “vaccines” out to as many that will listen. Thank you Del!!!

  5. Del has officially drank the Kool-aid. Geert’s entire theory is based on the PCR test fraud. When he speaks about “cases”, this only means a positive PCR result, and as we know this means absolutely nothing. Del and HighWire team, please research the validity of the PCR test and have alternative doctors like Thomas Cowan and Andrew Kaufman speak rationally to your audience rather than Geert’s message of fear. Thanks for all your hard work. I think you have just missed something here.

    1. That is what I was wondering. This discussion was very confusing. Not because of the complicated science, but because they were talking about “cases” and the “vaccine” like they were the usual/normal viruses and vaccines that we have always had. These are novel inventions that are not usual and have never been seen by mankind. How can we have “innate immunity” against a novel lab-created coronavirus?

  6. The facts and expert opinions pose a very dark picture and your closing was highly effective at making the point. We all have to be responsible for how those enthralled by mass psychosis will hear this…they won’t. Perhaps 50% can hear and understand this and it’s dark…”the sky is falling” kind of message. We need to focus on what to do…discontinue vaccination, make Ivermectin and HCQ over the counter. We’d better get congress behind this solution.

  7. “Science” didn’t do this…public health and fake science did it. We shouldn’t be giving a message that sounds like “anti-science” because science never had anything to do with it.

    Good show!

  8. WARNING: Although we may speak as if Covid-19 is real, there’s still no evidence of any Novel Sars-CoV-2 existing. However, that does not mean a similar one will never be introduced, because we’re overdue for a global plague which may eventually come. We have about 2,978 years of humanity remaining, therefore an actual Novel Coronavirus has plenty of time to pop up.

  9. The debate is exactly what is needed. Clearly he is saying that you don’t vaccinate during a pandemic. Gert said “it should be forbidden” for others to voice their incorrect opinion. Gert is wrong here. We need freedom of speech, free debate and an end to censorship.

  10. Gert goes deep. The info and debate is so necessary. I think we should not forget the basics. Is this man man? If yes, this guides our response. Are therapeutics available? Yes. This means the EUA is a fraud. Is it justified for Big Pharma to be immune from prosecution? No. We must end what congress put to law in 1986. Return informed consent. Return body autonomy. Let doctors practice. Where there is risk there must be choice. Protect human rights. Uphold our constitution.

    1. I agree. They are murdering people on both sides of this. Vaccine effects are one. The other is treatment.
      My father was just one of the many. Mom took him in because he was positive and she couldn’t care for him once he became extremely lethargic. The ER said they wouldn’t use Redesivir (prior kidney issue) but once he was admitted the deal was done. He was isolated from us and they pushed the death protocol for which it’s said they are paid well. Within a week later he was gone. They had no business pushing a deadly antiviral at the stage he was in. Then again, it was all business.

  11. The WHO, CDC, Gates etc are not legislators, they don’t make laws. They have no authority over anyone. Why do people still listen them? Don’t we have our own minds and know what is best for us? It’s all BS and if you bow down to these organizations it’s all over for you.

  12. I still don’t know why people are still calling this a vaccine. It is gene therapy to kill the host. It is a depopulation shot. It kills the immune system so now the host is unable to defend itself.

  13. Del, I appreciate the fact that you go way above and beyond to report real science and truthful, factual information and data to the best of your ability. I love your commitment to the truth and integrity in journalism however, I have never fully bought into Geert’s perspective because of how he has surfaced in the midst of all the fake Covid vaccine pandemonium. He may have some valid points if it was what we are being told that it is. But as we all know we’re are not being told what it actually is. We do know what it is not. And calling Covid the disease attached to the so called sars cov 2 virus number one is fiction and continuing to call the Covid shots vaccines is also fiction and a waste of time talking about unless we are willing to call it what it is and go from there. Then maybe red could have a coherent conversation about it. It’s safe to say these shots are bioweapons and the qualified experts who are addressing it this way know some of the characteristics and known ingredients but they admittedly don’t know all of what is in the different shots out their circulating through the world population. I could only listen to 1:12 hrs of your interview with Geert and am not sure why you drank the kool aid to the extent that you did. Do you really know who he is besides his background in medicine and science? He feels like controlled opposition to me whether it’s witting or unwittingly. It happens unfortunately all the time in alternative media. The parasite/s control both sides and I know you have to be aware of that. Please don’t let them play you too. You are so real, sincere and genuine in your soul’s calling to do the right thing solely because it’s the right thing to do. Look as deeply into him and behind him as you can and then see and feel into your own heart and intuition about it. Maybe you would have a different perspective. And if my intuition is off about him and his intentions then I will absolutely humbly stand corrected. And could we please atleast stop calling these toxic shots vaccines. It makes these parasites stronger when you use their NLP nonsensical language!!! I love you Del and the whole Highwire family and will continue supporting as much as I can ?????????

  14. Unless “covid case” numbers are verified, rest of discussion is pointless. The PCR test has been the tool used to create a “covid case” pandemic- our lab runs the PCR test, and as run (high cycle number,) it is completely unreliable. No scientific journal would ever publish results based on this PCR test as run. Our lab also does RNA-seq used to first “identify” SARS2. Again, using a single unpurified patient sample (no negative control) to determine a “new” virus is completely unscientific. Have done this work over 30yrs- yet to see proof that either SARS2 or covid exists.

  15. On the Walgreens data …
    It’s really not possible to draw the conclusions I’ve heard from it in a couple of episodes. The issue is that’s It’s not a random sampling. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. In most cases those that get tested and are vaccinated are doing so because they are symptomatic or have a known exposure. Those that get tested and are unvaccinated could possibly be in the same situation, but I suspect overwhelmingly are testing because they are not but rather are told they must test to do some activity. That to me means, unvaccinated that get tested are not surprisingly turning up more negative (less positive) relative to those that are vaccinated. I don’t want to see our medical freedom side get slammed because we use data in invalid ways. We need random populations to make the points I see being made. I’m not sure whether sure data exists, but the Walgreens data isn’t it.
    Keep up the good work HighWire!

  16. Another problem here is that even if it temporarily helps the lower respiratory tract, that is all well and good but if it only helps one part of the bocy but contributes to severe disease or severe reactions in other parts of the body, then its the small benefit is a mute because if you die of a hard attack from the injection then what does it matter if your lower respiratory is protected from severe disease. It doesn’t protect you from severe disease in other areas of the body, from severe lifelong nerve damage, from other permanent side effects or disease. This lying by ommission of the whole picture is extremely dangerous when a population then assumes when they say that that it means severe disease in general, when infact it does not and they only mean it does for a specific area, but conveniently decide to leave that part out. So then someone thinks they are protected from severe disease but end up with a permanent chronic one anyways in some other area. And on top of it the infection rates are still ultimately rising because of immune escape still risking everyone’s existence on the planet! Its absolutely demonic!

  17. Here’s my understand. Lets pretend poison ivy is a virus for a minute. (No its not really but for the sake of a good visual.) Lets pretend it is and that it was supposed to stay binded with the nuetrilizing antibodies that were supposed to stop you from catching poison ivy from me if you touched me, but instead they binded with non-nuetralizing antibodies that will stop a bacteria infection from getting in if a poison ivy scab opens up so the virus helps enhance that function but because they arent attached to the nuetralizing ones you can still catch poison ivy(the virus) from me but not a bacterial infection. For all we know this virus being attached to the wrong place unnaturally could cause a chain reaction of havoc in all sorts of other ways throughout the body just like when a chemical that is unnatural creates a hormone imbalance in all sorts of areas because multiple functions (hormones, enzymes, immune cells., etc) are all going to places the werent meant to instead of getting slam dunks, They miss they bounce off the hoop, or miss it completely, or end up in a completely different court. Anyways I hop I got that all right.

  18. So I’m understanding that transmission and infection are two different things:
    Nuetralizing antibodies cover transmission while non-nuetralizing antibodies cover infections. Again I hope I have that correct.

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