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  1. OMG! From about 2 hours onward the feed was TERRIBLE! circle circle circle chop chop chop Gah! Tested my computer speed and it was excellent.

  2. I had to comment on Del attacking us who are saying Germ theory/viruses are a lie. For the record I think “viruses” don’t exist, HOWEVER, Fauci, and Eco health etc. DEFINITELY created a BIO WEAPON!. They worked in a lab to create something that attacks your biology, also the so called “vaccines” are part of the massive die off and depop agenda. Heck there is even one scientist who offered ANY virologist to prove that a virus exists/has been isolated/purified and meets Koch’s postulates, and to this day NOT ONE scientist has claimed that money!. Germ theory is the most flimsy house of cards there is, and before Del silences the facts, maybe he should have Andrew Kaufman on his show and let him explain things better. The TRUTH is what this show is about after all isn’t it?!.. Exposing the LIE of “germ theory” does not let people like Fauci off the hook, for doing illegal gain of function work, and making biological weapons!. C’mon Del, that was an unfair thing to say. I have well over 7,500 hours research into Convid, and I truly believe this is the real truth. Viruses don’t exist, but poisons, toxins, bacteria, parasites, and bio weapons DO. For anyone reading this, watch the documentaries “the end of germ theory”, or “Terrain”, they are quite damning for germ theory!. Fauci needs to be tried for crimes against humanity regardless, with what he did, and his actions with Remdesivir, silencing HCQ, and Ivermectin, and his actions with the HIV debacle!. Germ theory not existing, and Fauci being charged for crimes can both be realities, the 2 are not mutually exclusive!…

    1. I meant to say a scientist offered a reward (I think it was 1 million dollars, can’t remm the amount, but it was a LOT!), to prove that germ theory is real, and that a virus has been isolated/purified in a lab. The reward still has not been collected. NOT ONE paper exists where a viral particle has been properly isolated!. Viral/germ theory is a JOKE!. It’s easily as big a joke as the science the CDC uses to say vaccines have been safety tested. Look into it, once you do, you’ll realize viral theory is just as much of a joke as everything else our health agencies have been cramming down our throats for decades!.

      1. And as long as it is given TOP credence, vaccines will be rammed into us, and as is done now — other risks like EMF, Pesticide pollution and GMO risk will be ignored.

    2. ????? All I can say is if I was writing out my comment I would have basically stated the same exact things you said. I have spent a good amount of time with Dr Kauffman in Central NY. Early on in the scamdemic with met a handful of times with others in a small private group we had. People simply can’t wrap their heads around how big and deep and wide this all goes. Like you have have thousands of hours in not just on the convid scam but all of the pieces of the puzzle of the last 15+ years. There is few on this planet I would not feel comfortable debating things.

  3. PLEASE find a way to offer “CLOSED CAPTIONS” (subtitles) for your weekly shows.

    There are millions of reasons that will benefit The Highwire …. like the millions of would-be watchers for whom their English is good but maybe not good enough to keep up with all shows’ dialogs (BUT subtitles would enable them to understand what’s being said, etc.)
    Of course, even if your first language is English, subtitles would keep you from missing aubio bits and bites that are too fast or muffled, etc.
    Finally, you can not say you can not afford subtitles for the additional costs or added production time:
    You could edit-in these features later, AFTER the first few days of broadcast, and thus available to those millions of your audience who will wait a few days for this delay.
    Just as I am sure there are thousands of eager would-be volunteers (including me) who would work as a team to draft and double/triple check the CC for accuracy before inserted afterwards, etc.

  4. RE discussion of HPV vaccine’s aluminum adjuvant — I wouldn’t call it by a positive term like “booster”. It is like chemotherapy in the intent for it to FORCE the body into an extreme immune response. WHAT A GREAT INTERVIEW, thanks to you both for this hopeful pushback to the insanity of the California legislature’s desire to force something so injurious on young people!

  5. The way the way Liberal has been redefined, is in the pattern of the way the covid bioweapon has been made to fit the redefinition of “vaccine”. Twisted. And the ostracization and coercion to accept the narrative and comply to every covid mandate, is the same way Democrate are expected to accept the new liberalism no matter how alien to the preservation of Liberal accomplishments for minorities and progressive causes. It is like we are being forced into a CULTURAL REVOLUTION similar to that which ripped China apart and ripped the intellectual thread of its rich heritage. There is so much depth in the observation Dell and Rob Schneider were discussing about how Liberalism has been turned on upside down in the last few years.

  6. When you enter the US internationally you have to fill out a form so that they can STILL contact trace you. Can you guys help remove this ridiculous rule?

  7. A friend whos pretty orthodox on covid said that Robert Gary, anderson and Holmes changed their minds within 3 days of the emails in which they said they were leaning to lab leak, (in the nature article w/fauci) because in those 3 days, new data came out on from this hong kong scientist and that’s why they changed their minds.

    ”The Hong Kong Scientist who got the pangolin sequenced emailed Holmes the day after the call.
    Holmes talks about it here:


  8. At about the 1 hour 30min mark, Del you mention “why would Terrain Theorists want to disregard everything that incriminates Fauci”.
    Do you hear yourself??

    Disclaimer first up, I’m open to the idea that there is some element of contagion applicable to the spread of disease – however the method/foundation by which germ theory stands upon is proven to be flawed. The Scientific Method is not followed and therefore I don’t completely subscribe to it. Terrain Theory hasn’t yet been able to explain everything but it is far more applicable that the fear attributed to germs and non-living “viruses”.

    Now then, back to your statement – Terrain subscribers are not interested in preventing Fauci from going behind bars. They/We are interested in THE TRUTH. We will not sacrifice the truth to achieve a personal desire/goal and I thought The Highwire stood for this as well but over time it has become more and more obvious that your goals are more important than the full truth.

    The reality is, if the FULL TRUTH revealed that Germ Theory is utter nonsense, then FAR WORSE people than Fauci could get incriminated. Think about that for a better goal.

  9. Stefan Lanka offered 10 million dollars if someone could isolate a virus. It’s yet to be claimed. Viruses are the dead cell debris or exosomes from within our cells they are not contagious but as humans we resonate with each other via our energy. If a virus was contagious the human race would be wiped out. Pasteur has a secret diary before he died confessing Anton Beauchsmps terrain theory is correct and not the germ theory which suited Rockefeller as you can’t sell vaccines if you don’t have a bogey man
    Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan, Stefan Lanka and Robert Young have a lot of info you can read on the subject

  10. I was disturbed when I heard Dell dismiss and minimize the “little group” of proponents of terrain theory and even more confounded with his premise that the full exploration before his followers of terrain VS germ theories would somehow exonerate those culpable for this scamdemic and mass genocide. Sorry, I can’t find the connection there and a full exploration of this topic is warranted to elevate and liberate humanity and to move us toward the world that we all know in our hearts is possible. To my understanding germ theory has been debunked long ago and is one of those belief structures that has kept this allopathic “vaccine” system in place. I have really appreciated Dell’s work and feel he has a gift for making complex topics and concepts visible and understandable to the layperson. Learning how to cultivate and support both our inner and outer “terrain” is going to be essential to healing both our planet and our human bodies. The individuals and institutions I most respect are already operating out of and promoting these principles today, despite being vilified by those promoting the narrative. Humans have been manipulated, by the powerful interests of profit and power, into writing ourselves OUT of nature and this is where we find all of our mainstream institutions and our “science” today. Furthermore, these very structures that have imprisoned us are beginning to crumble and falter, thanks to those of us who are speaking out, Dell and the Highwire included. I can only implore you to give Terrain Theory a stage and a voice and take your place fully on the right side of history. Yes, no “real science” is ever “settled”, and Terrain theory may not be able to explain everything, but at this point, it is closer to the full truth of observing how nature works and, working within her laws, and using them to promote healing and regeneration. Much Love. ?? DM

  11. Yes the viruses are not real. Same as fossil fuels are not real that causes climate change. We have been conditioned to believe that the Earth is against us. The earth is evil the earth has diseases and bacteria’s, and everything that is going to kill us. Don’t get me wrong. There are poisonous things out there in nature. But the most poisonous thing to nature is humans . Just recently, I saw an article that there is a bloom of seaweed coming to Florida. And I noticed how most people look at it as this big toxic thing that’s coming. And then I just simply started to investigate the necessity of seaweed and how it is actually there to promote detoxification of elemental forces, and also create homes and life for nature. But we vilify these things . And also, I am noticing, even on the highway or.com they are really just dancing around with the whole premise of their platform is within germ theory. It’s almost as invalid as all the money that they seem to be using to fight a system that continually creates lies in order for people to simply get a piece of paper to tell other people that they were lying . Only evil sorcery

  12. Damn! I am being censored on a site that I have given $$$$$ to. Kinda isses me off.
    We might just part company. YES, ALL
    “vaccines are bad.” YES there ain’t no such thing as a VIRUS.

  13. Could it be that the same technology used in the COVID vaccine is also used in the HPV vaccine? The adverse events are very similar , in some cases.

  14. i also do not believe in the virus theory…aids and covid virus has never been proven…vaccines and fear is whats killing people..its one dirty big lie.

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The Fight Against HPV Mandates in CA; UK’s Hancock Caught Red-Handed; Dutch Farmers Step Up The Fight; Congressional Oversight Committee Questions COVID Vaccine Origins, Redfield Lets Loose on Fauci; Movie Star / Comedian Talks Surviving Cancel Culture, Doing What’s Right; Russell Brand Lights Things Up on Late Night .

Guests: Michael Baum, Esq., Rob Schneider