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Episode 311: DARK SECRETS



  1. I can’t understand how so much gets exposed and yet…pfizer keeps pushing forth and mandates for kids keep getting set in stone deeper and deeper.

    1. Have you called, emailed or written your local gov representative?
      Because THAT’S how we get these ppl to turn this evil around!
      We MUST speak out, we must write and leave paper trails, if that doesn’t work then we protest and if that doesn’t work then we riot. The constitution specifically points out that if our government becomes tyrannical then we as citizens have a duty to return the country to normal by force. Just as our forefathers spilled their blood to achieve independence from England, we too have a responsibility to wrench our beloved country back from the hands of corporate and treasonous “security” agencies.
      Very few realize that this country is already under attack and under siege by domestic terrorists hiding in plain sight, behind false patriotism, parading as defenders of the constitution. The moment these same reptiles conspired and executed their plan to assassinate a democratically elected president who was trying to put an end to all of the endless wars based on false flags for the sake of oligarchical greed, they declared war on the American ppl and our desire to pursue happiness, in peace.

      1. Edit: Instead of “riot,” I should have said “revolt.”
        As for the comments about agency assassinations, these are obviously alleged. We need a whistleblower to man/woman up and come forward with evidence to punish the ones responsible for these crimes. I expect that not everyone who works at these agencies to be complicit in the crimes they are assumed to have orchestrated.
        I want to also add something else. I believe that the often used excuse of not answering questions for the sake of “national security” is completely bogus. It is a well placed shield to hide illegal and unconstitutional acts from the people who would otherwise put a stop to them. Furthermore, I believe these same agencies answer more to ultra wealthy influencers (e.g. the Rockefellers) than they do to Congress and this, if true, is all the proof you need to confirm that we live in an Oligarchy and NOT in a Constitutional Republic.

  2. Imagine this. A doctor has child. The child goes to school. The school or someone in the school decides on a medical procedure for the child and the father – a doctor – is not even aware… To our children, we are the first doctor, whether we are a medical doctor or not.

  3. Thank you guys so much for covering this issue it is the most important one we have in our world today absolutely number one and vaccines come in second

  4. Had to watch it on Rumble. Great Stone interview. It is Good vs Evil. The elites use evil as a mechanism of control. They are anti nature, anti creation, anti natural. Recognize this and practice the opposite… be pro nature, pro creation, pro natural. They have no control over those that love nature.

  5. Thank you so much, Del, for having Sean Stone on and covering this paramount, yet dark and disturbing issue. I believe the collective consciousness of humanity is finally ready to delve down this deep rabbit hole and protect the most vulnerable in our society. Hopefully your coverage of human trafficking spurs others to act in unity and expose these truths. Much love and respect for all you do, brother ❤️

  6. Ai wrote the Globalist narrative in Dell’s voice? Ai Narrative Machine is what it is Sheesh. “Single Point of Truth”? I’ve got the REAL test of Ai “intelligence”: Can it make all Americans tri-lingual in a year? HA-HA. It is not about improvement and LEARNING. It is about LOSS OF PRIVACY, CONTROL, CENSORSHIP, SLAVERY via “mind transparency” and brainwashing and spying and a bizarre voyeurism on the part of The Authorities.

  7. What is the MOTIVATION behind passing into law the removal of parental guidance and rights regarding children’s medical treatment — especially vaccines and transgender procedures. You can be assured this is not about giving children rights as in enhancing human rights. That’s not what is happening here because kids cannot make such weighty decisions for themselves before they are mature enough to know the score about anything, before their brains are developed to a stable hormonal state. So, what is the MOTIVATION, the end goal? How about this– Taking children out of their family influence and protection and instead placing kids under the influence and control of Institutional Authority including the government. Obviously, in both cases — the shots and medical sex change — the child is being indoctrinated and led by someone who is getting an institutional or government wage, someone PAID to indoctrinate and stear the child to a certain outcome. This has nothing to do with the child’s interests, but the interests of the institutions and government, the outcomes those institutions and officials desire to see realized like selling more vaccines or being the only legal arbiter of a child’s choices.or making The State more powerful than individuals in family groups. And, too, don’t forget the profit motives of selling more vaccines and forcing parents to pay hefty medical costs of sex change procedures and maintenance!

  8. This episode it huge! It touches on so many different things. It could take many hours to unpack it all. I am glad Del had to courage to go there. I am truly surprised.

  9. Medical sex change– What is the PROOF that altering a child’s hormones so early in life will not result in medically-induced injuries even worse than the problems adults experience? Will bone structure suffer? Will IQ potential be harmed? AND WHY can’t individuals seeking change wait until adulthood to make the irreversible changes? Wouldn’t that be the proper medical stance on these procedures if such a stance even exists?

  10. All this hype about Ai and medical sex change is just that — HYPE and Marketing P.R. If technology has advanced so far, then why can’t they devise a dependable, successful hip replacement? Even dental implants are not working out without devastating failures. I wonder when we will be hearing about infection/sepsis dangers of I.D. devices inserted into peoples’ hands for this CBDC/digital currency RESET world.

  11. The ASPEN INSTITUTE is not a country club! They ran a Hunter Biden Laptop War Room prior to the 2020 election. The real haters of truth and transparency conspired to disinform through the work of their Aspen Institute Disinformation Group. Colluding with them was the FBI?

    This story from MelK is dynamite. We can’t let it get lost. IT IS SO IMPORTANT!

    If the PRESS was still FREE and not captured by the Corporate Monopolies and the Globalists, this story would have giant headlines and pages of coverage, with double-page spreads of flowcharts and timelines, and sidebars about the impending indictments! But that traditional PRESS is no longer FREE.

    Plus, the Aspen Institute took an $8 million covid relief money despite an endowment exceeding $100 million! What crooks!

    1. No they are not a simple country club. Aspen Institute has hosted some other nepherious meetings in the past. They have ties to the military industrial complex.

  12. Loving the show every week! I also wanted to make a comment that some people like myself have been searching for vaccine information for years! When I heard there might be issues, I started researching with no results as well as talking to a pediatrician. The pediatrician just kept yelling at me that I was going to kill my child, but she couldn’t hear me asking what is in them, are they safe,…
    I couldn’t find out anything until Covid hit! As I asked questions with others, people began to find Info and share it. That’s how I came to hear of the Highwire! I fought the Gardasil shot for my daughter until the pediatrician said your mom died of cancer, don’t you want to protect your daughter? I can look back now and say that she was mildly injured. She has no energy, hair loss, just a general lack of spark that a 17 year old should have. I wish I had heard all this 19 years ago. At least I have 2 younger children that I can halt all well child checks/vaxx push sessions.

  13. All examples by Sean and Del are ALL human trafficking, from child trafficking to every age and Elderly trafficking = Bribed Corrupt govt = Royal Global $lavery Monopoly, more efficient than ever. They claim to own YOU, ever since 8000+ years back, when “When Kingship was from lowered from Heaven” to manage and CULL you. Not New! Ancient cult of power.

  14. I was just watching this episode on BitChute and at the time stamp of 16:35 it shows them giving someone the shot. It appears there’s a needle on the syringe when they poke it in the arm but when they go to take it out the needle had disappeared. What’s up with that????

  15. Sean Stone is great! I have watched lots of his videos. To learn more about project Monarch and MK Ultra read Cathy O’Brien’s book, “Trance Formation of America” it will blow your mind. Not for the faint of heart.

  16. I’m not sure who is responsible for attaching the microphone to the guests, but they need to work on their placement better. The last few times the mics have rubbed on clothing/collars etc. Pin it on their chest away from fabric movement PLEASE! it’s soo distracting and drives me batty! lol.

  17. My bosses encourage me to use AI, and other strategies, to automate my work. I am concerned not just about taking work from people but also taking the ability itself to do things away from people–the use it or lose it principle. If I’m not exercising my coding/writing/illustrating ability, then I’m not getting better at it and am likely forgetting details necessary for doing it myself. Also, where’s the fun in that? Where’s the ownership in that?

  18. So, another excellent HW Show. Yes, I got through the lagging, and freezing, video play situation. No complaints here. The HW Bomber was definitely over a “Do Not Enter” fly zone. and the evil A.I. was very pissed off about this Show getting out. We will continue to support the HW until the end. This planet Earth now, has become a PrisonPlanet for humans.

  19. As a side note, I’m not religious, and never will be. This Nation was founded by real men, and women. Those very intelligent people warned Americans about tyranny. The first two things they wrote down in the Bill of Rights were the First Amendment, including the freedom of religion, hence no more future horrific Dark Ages scenarios on American Soil, to believe or not to believe was protected, AND the Second Amendment, to provide protection to Americans against any future, damnable Tyranny that may rise up from a totally corrupt and evil government.

  20. That is why this damn evil government is pushing so hard to make our weapons illegal. Because this damn evil government wants to take things to the next Level of Tyranny. And, they want to make it as easy as possible for them to achieve this. It’s similar to 1775 again. I remind myself about the excellent quote from Thomas Jefferson, “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so”. I comfort myself with the words from men that were real men, who had put everything on the foundation of human Freedom and Liberty, even their own lives, to establish and protect the brilliance of the Republic. So, we don’t fear the threats and damnable laws of tyrants, or to those traitors who broke their Oaths. We are Americans who will NOT fall to our knees to any of you evil SOBs. Molon Labe

  21. The sick evil things need to be brought out of the shadows, and into the light… mankind cannot ignore it as though it doesn’t exist… evil has taken over and it time for mankind to stop it… as we can see clearly what is going on in the world the in the last 3 years…

  22. No they are not a simple country club. Aspen Institute has hosted some other nepherious meetings in the past. They have ties to the military industrial complex.

  23. Thank you for having Sean Stone and addressing sensitive and important topics.
    I remembered the incident bk in 2001 where the torse of a young boy from Africa (later further identified as Nigeria) discovered in the River Thames. Nelson Mandela even tried to help identify the child. It transpired that the child had been killed as a ritual.
    It’s their belief system that is so crooked.

  24. Not sure how many agree but I believe government has no business interfering in family issues, especially when it comes to health and gender.
    The push by government to take over a parents position, is just them(gov’t) making way for the medical industry to attain more profit.
    Laws or policies have no place in bringing up children after all it is the parents(mother & father) that were involved in creation of the child, not gov’t!

  25. Not surprised one bit that CBS said they are ready to worship. That is exactly what they meant. They are owned by Warner and are evil. They murdered Prince.

  26. To everyone having trouble watching due to buttering, perhaps ICan is spending their money on lawsuits rather than immediate website upgrades? In any case, I watch on Bitchute or on this site a few days later, rather than Thursday night during peak viewing time.

  27. Great episode! Thanks for branching out. It keeps things interesting and it’s important to be informed about lots of issues that affect us. I’ll be watching the whole docuseries.

  28. Really good show! I have no interest in the Grammy awards and didn’t watch. I heard about the satanic performance and made a point not to watch it either, because I didn’t want to be exposed to garbage like this. The clip I saw on Del’s show was the most I’ve seen, and it was horrific. Probably one of the most offensive, disturbing things I’ve seen on network TV. The cheering sickened me. That CBS could issue a blatant tweet like that and get no flack is astounding to me.

    I agree what we are seeing is a world turning way from God and instead to darkness. The Covid agenda has exposed evil in a way I didn’t expect. I was also interested in Del’s and Sean’s comments on how the liberals of the ’60s seem to have flipped, and now the people protesting lockdowns, the loss of our freedom, the lies about Covid, and tyranny are more likely to be on the right. And those questioning the narrative are labeled anti-Vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, right-wing extremists, and so on.

    I wasn’t raised to question authority. I was taught to respect authority and be obedient. I came from a home with an abusive, domineering parent. Children didn’t have rights and weren’t to express their opinions or feelings. The only way to survive was blind obedience. But as an adult, I found the Lord and I believe he has given me discernment. I think he guided me to question the Covid agenda from the start. I sensed something was off and started looking for alternative sources of information than the mainstream media.

    I never believed the vaccine was “safe and effective”. It was too rushed. I started researching what was in it because I wanted to know the facts. I was also my father’s caregiver and advocate. He had dementia and was at a memory care facility. They wanted to give all of them the shot. I said no way. I couldn’t believe they wanted to give the most ill and vulnerable population, the elderly an experimental vaccine that had not been tested. My father was one of the only ones who didn’t get jabbed. He never got Covid.

    I was with my dear father on April 18, 2021, the day he passed away. It broke my heart, but I know he is with Jesus. I miss him so much. He is the only person in my childhood who truly loved me. I felt loved and cherished by him my entire life, even after his mind was mostly gone. When I would arrive to visit him, his face would light up. He never forgot me, even at the end, probably because I saw him so frequently.

    The hospice nurse who cared for my father there confided in me that many of the residents were taken away in ambulances after they got the shots, yet the memory care never informed me of this. They even sent an email saying for the most part, everyone was fine. “Nothing to see here!” Why I found interesting was the hospice nurse told me she and most of her coworkers did not want to get the jab. So if it was so safe, why were the medical workers resisting it?

    I will never regret fighting for my father, even when they locked down his facility and wouldn’t let me in. I don’t care what the media says, the government says or any of the so-called health agencies or even my own doctor tells me. I know the truth, and it isn’t anywhere close to what they’re saying.

    I’m so grateful to Del and ICAN. I started donating this year and am glad I did. I look forward to his show every week. This is how determined I am to watch it. I listen on my phone and sometimes I can’t find my place when I go back. It starts at the beginning. I make a point to fast-forward to exactly where I left off, no further, because I don’t want to miss a minute of it. I also really like The Jaxen Report! I’m grateful there are still a few reporters like Jefferey who do true investigative journalism.

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Episode 311: DARK SECRETS

Iconic Figures Warn About Artificial Intelligence; Pandemic Madness Spawns New Bills, Both Good and Bad for Freedom; The Son of Legendary Filmmaker Oliver Stone, Shines a light in the Dark With New Docu-Series ‘Best Kept Secret’

Guest: Sean Stone