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  1. I watched JFK (1991) this weekend. The movie kept holding focus on Kevin Costner’s son. I was all, “does something happen to his son? I don’t remember that.”

    By the third shot I recognized him, and realized his daddy was the director.

    1. Oliver & Del, Thank you for taking this issue seriously. For the Future of Our Children & Grandchildren ❤ What Is Going On In The World?

      We can’t even agree on reality anymore. We are at the point in our journey as humanity where ethics and morality must not die; because if it does, our civilization is finished!

      Because our basic understanding of each other depends on ethics and morality!

      We need truth; we need truth in the media! ?

      We need to open our eyes!

      The collective consciousness generates what we see and it is not pleasing to the eye right now!

      Let’s bring an understanding of these elemental forces and create the world we all want and lets Go For Freedom In Love of Biology –?– Cliff

  2. I grew up in Boulder also and watched Del grow up in the church, starting in the basement of a church, from age of a wild child 5. At 77 I did figure out the fouchi and biden sham and left the democrate party with shame. No poison shots either.

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Leave a Reply

Del sits down with filmmaker Sean Stone, son of filmmaker Oliver Stone, to discuss his new, six-part documentary series, Best Kept Secret. The series explores some of the darkest sides of humanity, from the child sex trade, satanism, and cults. WARNING: this segment may not be for all ages.