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    1. Warning regarding The Happy Healthy Guys (H2T)

      Hello, beloved The Highwire team.

      This message is to inform you of the incredibly disappointing experience I have had with the Happy Healthy Thin (H2T) weight loss company Del featured in early February. I wish I had not taken Del’s and The Highwire’s connection with these two characters as an endorsement and I would have done a Yelp or BBB search. I would have quickly seen they are accused of running a scam and of preying on people’s desire to lose weight. I trust Del experienced good results on the program, and I have no doubt his customer service experience was vastly different than that of the hundreds of The Highwire viewers and supporters who joined this program based on his word.

      However, the customer service we have received has been atrocious. Emails go days and even weeks without responses. They have constantly contradicted what is in their manual and other resources as well as their coaches. Their kit took over a month to be delivered to most participants (I ordered on February 16 and the kit arrived March 20). And they have not honored their 3 week or their 5 week guarantees; even going as far as denying some participants the coaching call promised when the 15 lbs weight loss was not reached during the first 3 weeks on program.

      I DO NOT BLAME Del, but I do believe he should try to separate his good name from these apparently unscrupulous doctors, in order to protect his image. All of this information is assuming that you have somehow overlooked these issues and, like us, were duped by Drs. Robert Vasquez and Randy Johns, and this communication is my attempt to make you aware of it. But ultimately your response will make it evident to hundreds (and potentially to thousands in the future) of your followers and supporters whether you were in fact unaware of these issues.

      A lover of truth and liberty!

      1. Furthermore, it appears they are no longer qualified to call themselves doctors. Both of their chiropractic licenses are “Non-renewable” and they have had many actions and fines from the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners in regards to presenting themselves as doctors, among other reasons of unprofessional behavior. Enter their names at the link below and you can read all the actions taken against them.

  1. I shouldn’t have to “believe in” their “vaccines”. That’s religion and/or scientism. How about TRUST. Why in the world should we trust an experimental biotechnology administered by rogue bureaucrats who twist laws and rules and definitions and instructions without explanation, without oversight and with complete impunity. Can we trust anything emanating from a broken system, corrupted by private-public partnership between the government bureaucrats and the pharma giants making the shots? i am witnessing a Public Health Tyranny, and there is nothing there in which to invest my TRUST. Sorry — NO sale.

  2. Love it how quickly you guys got this up on the site, thanks! Maybe this is asking too much, but If there is any way you could make MP3s available for download, that would be super helpful. 90% of the time, I listen via MP3 by downloading the video from this site or Bitchute, then I turn it into an MP3 to listen to it in the car, on dog walks, doing dishes, etc.. When I listen on my headphones, I am able to pick up a lot of the stuff I miss during the livestream, but I end up listening about 3 times later, cause I have a lot of yardwork to do, and foster dogs to walk : ).But it would be a lot easier to just get it directly from the site if possible. Just a thought. I know you guys are super busy so I will keep doing my own conversions, but I can’t help wondering if you might have other listeners who’d like an MP3 version as well. Thanks for always putting on great shows!

  3. This is a false law, because it is only pretending that the child can make make a competent decision to take the vaccine. What is their scientific method for deciding a child is sufficiently intelligent? Are they going to test to see if they child even has a vocabulary that understands the range of issues about vaccination, longterm issues regarding medications, laws broken by pharma companies and drugs removed from the market because of being harmful and lethal? Of course it is impossible for a child to have this grasp of the issues involved. The child is being groomed to do exactly what authorities tell them to do. And the health provider is there to recommend they take the drug. You KNOW the next step: If the child says “no”, the doctor or authority can say the child has a mental health issue, and that means the authorities can take control and make the child get the vaccine anyway. And is anyone asking about liability? If the child takes the vaccination, the parent is libel for health costs incurred if there are adverse effects of the drug. When a minor gets in other kinds of poor judgement problems — driving without a license, drunk driving, shoplifting, drug abuse — the parent is responsible. Taking an experimental drug or vaccine is one such poor judgement situation the parent can control. Now bureaucrats want to remove that.

  4. YES! Bill Gates behind closed bars. And eugenics should be outlawed! Biotechnology cannot run the world like gun-thugs taking over a town — that’s what Bill and Melinda Gates did in India and Africa claiming they were helping when they were sterilizing and killing with impunity. Now they do it everywhere. We need a future without Bill Gates and his pals at NIH, WEF, WHO and Wellcome Trus and Big Pharma. His partner in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is Warren Buffet. Elon Musk has a piece of the mRNA. The entire WEB OF Bioterrorism needs to be mapped and all these thugs decommissioned for good.

  5. I found you about a couple of months ago. I have been following the FLCCC since early 2020 & that’s how I eventually found you. Thank you for all you do. I hope to eventually support your work. Until then, thank you for making it available to everyone. I lost about 40 lbs. since covid started. I was never jabbed & follow the FLCCC protocol. I am not sure if I have had covid but if I did, it was no more than a slight cold.

  6. Just good old low carbohidrate ‘diet’ high in savoury fats and any protein you want – plant based or animal based.
    On days you need ‘nerve-food’ you just eat and feast on your favorit sweet. And combine it guilt free with intermittent fasting (timerestricted eating if you prefer).
    Be happy and share your happiness eirh all your loved ones.

  7. Sounds like the 20% of unjected pilots need to create another category for our needs within our new parallel society.

    Maybe Josh can lead the charge with a Pilot Start-up company.

  8. Based on what the cardiologist on your show said, the FAA has decided to change the standard of what is a normal, healthy EKG. So if Joe Blow went to see his cardiologist and got an EKG and he received the .3 rating, that would be an abnormal EKG. Yet the FAA says, “Nothing to see her. Keep flying!” This is outrageous and dangerous.

    The mass deception continues. The only reason I’ll continue to fly is because there is always a copilot, so the odds of both of them keeling over at the same time are very low.

    I feel sorry for these pilots and all the other employees who were coerced into getting this deadly injection. I’m grateful I didn’t get it and neither did my husband. His work didn’t require it. He was prepared to resign if it did.

    I hope they all get sued. I would also like to see President Biden held responsible for his vaccine mandates and going on TV chastising people to “GET VACCINATED!” I know it will never happen though because that is the world we live in.

    What also bothers me are all the doctors that are going along with Fauci’s narrative and promoting this dangerous injection, risking the lives of their patients and violating their Hippocratic Oath. Even if they don’t recommend it, they aren’t warning their patients NOT to get it. Very few are anyway. This is medical malpractice.

    I don’t trust Fauci and his minions, Bill Gates, the FDA, CDC, the Biden administration, the NIAD, WHO, WEF, AMA, Big Tech, or the mainstream media. Who else I’m leaving out? There are few people and organizations left to trust.

    Two of them that I do trust: ICAN and Children’s Health Defense for being brave, bold and strong in suing these horrible criminals!

    I also admire America’s Frontline Doctors and Dr. Peter McCullough and all the pastors I follow who have been warning people about what is happening for almost three years (in line with Bible prophecy).

  9. Great job Jeffrey exposing the quiet change in the study end date! All shots need to be stopped. Period.

    They thought it could quietly sit and none of us would know. Thank you for being the best at exposing injection awareness.

  10. Why does Del keep saying “The only place you were safe from a PCR test was actually being in the Moderna and Pfizer trials”? The two trials clearly used the PCR test to test efficacy, as the protocol portions of the trial reports state. The issue with testing for impeding transmission is that you have to do contact tracing and testing, which is much more difficult, expensive and invasive of people’s lives. Yes, they should have done it, but it’s false to say they weren’t PCR testing the trial participants. Del needs to stop saying this.

  11. What is truly frightening is how naive qnd easily manipulated the general population is.They just didn’t see it coming,DIDN’T SEE THE BIOWEAPON AIMED AT THEM


  12. Add up all the other unconstitutional, and lawless, data point signals from the expert/authorities and you must conclude 5th Generation warfare has been deployed against the free world. EPA is changing the rules in NW Ohio which result in the destruction of farming.

  13. Forgot to add: a few doctors I follow online have warned me about how bad the seed oils are. So wrong that they are marketed as being “healthy” especially canola and corn oil. They’re all horrible for you.

  14. time to really wake up. connect all the dot, governments around the world all working in concert to promote a deadly vaccine. When all the animal studies done should that the MRNA covid vaccine was fatal to all the animals in the studies. This vaccine was released on purpose, no it was not to make money. There is a depopulation agenda. wakey wakey

  15. True,It was a planned bioweapon released and mass mandated on the WORLD population.The naive public didn’t see it ciming and its not over yet..

  16. He may be being questioned in the US but now Mr Gates is in Australia talking about injecting our cattle against disease (what disease) and building big factories here in Australia to make his vaccines. Oh Boy, do I wish someone would take him out.

  17. I have followed the Highwire for a long time. I live in Panama in a small town in the highlands. The weight loss program was very interesting but nowhere is it posted if people outside the US can participate. ?Does anyone know?

    1. While I have a lot of respect for Del, I am leery about these “Happy Happy Thin” guys. I finally located an approximate cost of several thousand dollars for their “program” and some bad reviews.

      1. Glad you didn’t make the same mistake I did. I purchased and after poor results and a very poor experience, I realize I should have been leery of them as well. Furthermore, it appears they are no longer qualified to call themselves doctors. Both of their chiropractic licenses are “Non-renewable” and they have had many actions and fines from the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners in regards to presenting themselves as doctors, among other reasons of unprofessional behavior. Enter their names at the link below and you can read all the actions taken against them.

  18. Here’s a good article about seed oils and which seeds should be avoided.
    Seed Oils: A Dangerous ‘Global Human Experiment Without Informed Consent’
    Most chronic diseases can be linked to the consumption of processed seed oils, according to ophthalmologist Dr. Chris Knobbe, who called consumption of the oils in Western diets so dangerous it is “a global human experiment … without informed consent.”
    By Dr. Joseph Mercola

  19. Very inspiring to see Del being empowered to take back his health by reclaiming his diet and giving up these pro-inflammatory seed oils.i think people were as vulnerable as they were to allowing such medical tyranny dominate them because they have been allowing these despicable corporations to control the food production and hence,our diets for decades.We were so disempowered this way and didn’t even realize how much so, being turned into passive,recipients of bad food and bad medicine for decades. .As our small farms disappeared ,swallowed up by the industrial farming conglomerates, we were watching T V. ,eating Cheetos,while our children ate Coco Puffs, losing all touch with our primal roots,with our beloved earth,with our power connection to the land, source of all life and anundance.So Kudos to Del,for bringing it all back home to the kitchen table ,where all true medicine begins? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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FAA Lowers Bar on Heart Health For Pilots?; Medical Tyrants Caught on Camera; Pfizer Caught Shifting Goalposts, Again; New Legislation Targets CDC, WHO Overreach; Cochrane Review Shows Masks Didn’t Work, But this Vitamin Does; How Did Del Get So Fit?

Guests: Josh Yoder, Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. Randall Johns, Dr. Rob Vasquez