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  1. The way that Gates’ mouth turns down is a dead giveaway when he lies. He does that a lot. An awful lot! Same for our Canadian deputy finance minister. Awful woman. Has that same bizarre pull down too. A lot! ?

  2. The reporter talking to Hancock is an absolute fool or a shill! And Highwire, you shouldn’t be looking at her like she’s some kind of hero. She’s claiming OVER AND OVER again that “guidelines/policies” are LAW. They are NOT! And no freedom loving individual should ever believe that a guideline should automatically become LAW, without any formal processing, without any public say, etc. I mean, if you think what she’s saying is good/smart, they you are effectively agreeing that when the W.H.O. introduces a guideline, that it should automatically be enshrined into Law, with punishable consequences for breaking the Law/Guideline.

    Please Highwire, try to think more before sharing ridiculous stuff like this, unless you’re at least able to provide the appropriate context/explanation.

    1. I’m afraid you are right.
      We, the ‘normal people’ take guidelines for laws.
      We make it easy for them – the ‘regulators’ – to bypass parlamentary approval and democratic balances, thanks to a press/journalism – and a school system – that makes us believe that a guideline, an advice, a meassure, an arbitrary rule has to be followed as if it was a law, enforced by parliament and confirmed by judiciary.
      It is not.
      Not following a guideline is no criminal offense.
      And if it were, we are no longer living in a democracy (though democracy is a risky assumption in itself nowadays).

  3. 02/07/23 By Dr. Joseph Mercola
    Seed Oils: A Dangerous ‘Global Human Experiment Without Informed Consent’
    Most chronic diseases can be linked to the consumption of processed seed oils, according to ophthalmologist Dr. Chris Knobbe, who called consumption of the oils in Western diets so dangerous it is “a global human experiment … without informed consent.”

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Disgraced Former UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, recently appeared on Good Morning Britain to promote his new book and got more than he bargained for when a co-host gave him the grilling of a lifetime for not following his own tyrannical social distancing guidance back in 2021. Bill Gates received a similar grilling recently over his relationship with convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein.

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