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AstraZeneca Faces Landmark Lawsuit for COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Injury

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  • Episode 372: BAD MEDICINE

    First Major Lawsuit Against For COVID Vaccine Injury Filed; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on Astrazeneca Fallout, Whooping cough outbreak prompts re-evaluation of DTaP vaccine, and the fight over puberty blockers for children heats up; A Texas Whistleblower exposes unethical transitioning of children in Texas’ Largest Pediatric Hospital. Guests: Bri Dressen, Aaron Siri, Esq., Eithan Haim, M.D. AIRDATE: May 16, 2024

    The Fight Against WHO Pandemic Treaty Amendments Faces New Pushback; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on Chris Cuomo’s Unexpected Reversal on the COVID Vaccine and Ivermectin, and Explosive Revelations About Lithium Batteries; Del’s Message to Chris Cuomo and How Del Bigtree “Knew” Before He Did; Unpacking Transhumanism and Preparing For the Age of the Technocrat. Guests: US Senator Ron Johnson, Patrick Wood AIRDATE: May 9, 2024
  • Episode 370: LICENSE TO LIVE

    Christine Anderson, MEP, unceremoniously censored by the European Parliament, Joins Del to finish her Message to Europe and the World; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on The Origins of the Bird Flu Outbreak, Elon Fights Australia’s Move to Censor the World, and another ‘climate scare’ talking point falls flat in legacy media; Del Reunites with The Original Voice of Vaccine Research, Truth, and Education; Finally, The ICAN legal Match has been extended! Guests: Christine Anderson, MEP, Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM AIRDATE: May 2, 2024
  • Episode 369: GROUND RULES

    ‘Common Ground’ Film Seeks to Revolutionize Farming; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on a Massive Blood Scandal In the UK, and new reports of SSRIs causing permanent sexual dysfunction; Sopranos star and Emmy Award Winning actress never bent the knee to Hollywood; Guests: Drea de Matteo, Finian Makepeace, Ryland Engelhart AIRDATE: April 25, 2024
  • Episode 368: A NEW DAWN

    Has Humanity Spawned A Digital Race with New AI Rollout?; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on New Info About Medical Transitions for Kids Who are Gender Confused, and Special Interests Are Pushing To Pass the New FISA Bill; From Anti-Masker to Firebrand Podcasts Host, Shannon Joy Finds Herself in the Hot Seat with Del; ICAN Legal Match Campaign Off to a Great Start! Guest: Shannon Joy AIRDATE: April 18, 2024

    Sex Change Operations In The Military On The Rise; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on U.S. Signaling Ukraine to be brought into NATO and the potentially nuclear consequences, cancer rates continue to skyrocket, and el niño, la niña, and the role of the sun; COVID Vaccination and The Risk to our Troops and our National Security; Del Announces a New Spring $500k Match Campaign! Guests: Tracy Beanz, Dr. Crisanna Shackelford, PhD AIRDATE: April 11, 2024