1. God willbhelp you..he will heal you all.. Your loss will never be forgotten & your love will always remain. For God will carry you home to where your loved ones will be waiting for you with open arms. God bless you ??xxx

      1. This is just unbelievable, that no one is helping! My eldest daughter, who was fit and healthy, had chest pains and high blood pressure with a racing heart after her first pfizer jab. She ended up in hospital, but they scolded her and lectured her about making sure she had her next jab. Her own gp at the time, diagnosed her as vacc injured and she had to have physio and she took natural treatments. Now she has to line up, alongside her 18yr old son, for the second jab because of her work, and I am very worried for them both!! She refuses to talk to me about it and won’t lodge a complaint because she is a single mother and fearful of losing everything she has worked so hard for!

        1. The pharmaceutical companies are serial convicted felons but we trust anyone who says the word vaccine. Now more people are experiencing what so many of us have experienced before covid. I hope and pray we can be stronger together now that there are greater numbers of people injured.

        2. The mandates are criminal. My daughter has not been jabbed. She does not want to be, but now she is forced to get vaccinated, or she will lose her job. She works all by herself in an isolated area in the bush, but it is a government job and she has no choice– unless she is willing to give up her livelihood. I am worried about her. Really, I am worried about all of us and the tyrannical path we seem to be on.

    2. Socialized medicine under large corporations making incredible profits are a problem. We also have the entanglement of politicians, elites and big pharma. All evil to the core.

    3. Stop killing animals. And be like god .God didn’t eat meet. And say sorry for all sin in Jesus name amen. Don’t do then ..way didn’t not ask god ..if your don’t or not if god say no it..God say no to me .no me no. No ..?‍♀️?

    4. I went deaf in my left ear after the Pfizer vaccine in April. I now have tinnitus in my other ear. I was a critical care doctor. I had to take leave. I would like to help if I can.

      Dr Elizabeth Bollenbacher

  1. This is horrible! I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ that you all will heal and have peace. I will pray that those at the top will be prosecuted for their crimes of knowing the harms and ignoring them. I’m afraid more kids or teens are going to die or be permanently injured and will never live a normal life.
    God help us all!

        1. All these criminals, (pfizer, moderna and more, govertment and appointed healrh officials) must be brought to justice and be in jail under humanity criminal charges.

    1. oh common people.
      don’t believe everything you see on TV.
      do you know how many people are making up “vacc injuries” to try and sue big pharama and make a buck? I would put my money on it it’s over a few hundred.

      you trust random people with zero immunology; epidemiology, paediatric backgrounds, but don’t trust the scientists that have kids who have these backgrounds that study the vaccines and have vaccinated their own kids???

      give me a break.

      correlation is not causation.

      stop trying to find things to blame.

      and FYI there is nothing in the vaccines that would cause over half the claims these people are making.

      if some of these things are true. I truly feel bad for anyone suffering, but it doesn’t mean it was from the vaccine.

      look up the amount of kids who are suffering from covid and dies from covid. it far surpasses the amount of people who have had “so called vacc injuries”
      of course the majority of you are too stubborn to believe science because of your own egos or total lack of education.

      1. Have you NO SHAME? No one can SUE, because there’s a WAIVER.. Big Pharma is ABOVE the LAW and no LIABILITY whatsoever. Shame on you. They are maiming people with IMPUNITY.

    2. This is heartbreaking. I cannot comprehend how and why these corporations and governments the world over are seemingly getting away with these abominations of human beings! Shocks me to my core! God help and bless all you poor people suffering. I will never allow that poison to enter the temple that houses my soul. Pray as I do to Jesus.

  2. Devastating. I watched the entire 3-hour Town Hall and tried to share on FB and they took it down. They are silencing the voices of the injured. This is grossly egregious and goes against the Nurnberg Code to “Do No Harm.” Thank you for condensing this. And thank you to all the participants who were so brave in coming forward.

      1. This absolutely devastating, heartbreaking, outrageous and unacceptable!! We need to share and share and share again. i posted to FB numerous times, we’ll see if it gets removed. this regime and the msm promoting the jab are pure satanic EVIL. this is precisely why i refuse this poison, i will homeschool my grandchildren if that’s what it takes to keep them Safe!! there was a damn good reason big pharma is protected from lawsuits over this, and this is the result. nothing but human experimentation going on. Lord please lay your healing hands on these victims and their loved ones, please. i pray that justice is swiftly served to these SANTANIC MONSTERS who are forcing/coercing folks to take this poison. Please Lord heal this country, don’t abandon those of us who believe and trust in you. in Jesus’s name, i pray!! ???

  3. The insult is not worse than the injury but makes it all the worse.
    I am one of the injured and spent the entire day yesterday with severe skin burning from head to toe and unbearable internal vibrations, chest tightness, shortness of breath and tinnitus. I didn’t know whether I wanted to live or die. And no one could help me. No one. Having tried to get help for almost 11 months, I know there is no one who can help me.

    1. Jesus can. He is “The Great Physician, The Great I Am”. All I can do is offer you may prayers for you and the others injured by by this poison. I feel like this has been a nightmare since February 2020. I don’t know God’s will or reasons, but I feel this is all a test of our faith. I cried while listening to everyone’s story. I can’t image what you are going through. I just keep reciting Romans 8:28 ” And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” God bless you all. I will keep you close in my prayers.

    1. This is happening in US! A country which is supposed to lead in freedom in speech, freedom of choice but see the state it is now. Worse than a third world country. Oh America, you who chatise China for human rights abuse, look at how you treat your own citizens. Look at how you abuse the basic human rights of the freedom to decide what people want to be put in their own bodies. May the people of America rise up against the totalitarian government.

  4. God help and restore the health to all with injuries from the jab.
    Please bring justice and arrest all who are responsible for these crimes against humanity!.
    Someone please help these people!

  5. I feel sorry for the people at the WTC on 9/11, jumping to their death from 100 stories, to escape the heat and smoke they were being overcome by, but these people had a choice.

    I feel absolutely nothing but disgust for most of these whining, sniveling ignoramuses, who put total trust and faith in known psychopaths.

    Worse yet, and expectedly, nothing has changed, in either them or the system that’s trying to murder them, despite their whining and disgraceful sniveling.

  6. So, as heartbreaking as this is to hear, we have to manage our expectations and think these things through. Think of it this way. It is law that you have to wear your seatbelt. However there are a number of cases per year that result in injury or death bc of a seatbelt. But we still mandate it be worn. Why? Because overall seatbelts save lives! Same thing with vaccines. There are going to be allergic reactions, myocarditis, unexpected side effects from vaccines but you have to remember that these cases are extremely rare. It’s much more dangerous to catch Covid.

    1. Go ahead and take the jab then, if it makes sense to you, but if you try to force it on me, I will end your life in self-defense, as you leave me no other choice but to defend myself.

  7. Thank you to all who worked in the production of this video. “Who Will Help Us?” The rest of us will. We know that this is not about our health and safety, and none of the people pushing the ‘vaccine’ are going to help us. We have to keep pusing back, especially on masks because MASK COMPLIANCE IS THE BASIS OF EVERY OTHER ‘MANDATE,’

    1. Who will help us?

      Jesus will, as long as we don’t take the jab. The people who have already taken it need to refuse any more injections and beg God for his forgiveness.

  8. Please are going to take this the wrong way.. So, before y’all go ballistic THINK.


    There is WAYYYYY TOO MUCH INFO out there for this to continue to happen!




    BUT did you even THINK BEFORE HAND.

    NO! .

  9. I also watched the 3 hour meeting and was heartbroken at the devastation this vaccine has caused so many innocent people. I also posted and was flagged for misinformation….hideous but I will keep trying!

  10. as a physician in practice for 30 yrs I am ashamed of our profession. I am not anti-vax but never thought this vaccine was needed nor appropriate except in some very high risk people- the vast minority. It is clear this is nefarious and those of us that see the evil will fight to the end to stop it! Such an important video to share to the world

  11. I’m mad that they are giving kids this shot. Don’t they check to see what this shot does to your child. It sterilizes your child, girl or boy. They will not have children. You won’t have grand children. WAKEUP AMERICA,

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Devastating testimonies from people severely injured by Covid-19 vaccines, along with heartfelt pleas from top level medical professionals, in Washington D.C, all pleading for their voices to be heard.

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