1. Del I think it’s interesting that you roasted Donald Trump for allowing Fauci to have the keys to our nation. But have you forgot how he hired Scott Atlas as America’s new doctor but the left didn’t except him neither did the media. Trump is only one man. He also never mandated anyone to take the vaccine. I sure hope to hell you are going toast Biden for mandating the shot to kids, and as many people as he could. Why are you not roasting Biden for not taking the keys from Fauci. Taking full credit for the vaccine that is killing people. Seems pretty biased to me. Biden is by far the worst President the US has ever seen. So I will be expecting a full on rant from you on how Biden is doing a far worse job.Not to mention the democratic party used covid to steal the 2020 election. Where is the roast for the democratic party?? Where is the roast on Joe Biden if you sit back and act like Joe Biden is innocent you are a biased you know what.

      1. I agree. I would like Trump to acknowledge the problems with these vaxes and that rushing them was a mistake BUT, the rant was disappointing. Trump’s back was against the proverbial wall. He would have been destroyed by the left had he not allowed their man Fauci to call the shots. I knew that he was right about HCQ and his revealing that he took it was a show of contention. Remember the media’s reaction to that? I agree that you showed bias with this rant. BTW, I loved how Trump ran this country – except for the virus, but I’m not sure about his running a 2nd time. The coming elections will be quite telling.

  1. “The only way to watch is by signing up right now, by clicking on ‘The Real Alex Jones’ Banner at the bottom of this page. Sign up Now!” What banner? I’ve looked several times and don’t see any Alex Jones banner at the bottom of the page at all. I’d like to see this. How do I sign up? I’d have thought it would be in the Monday email–but that never arrived either.

    1. I just got my “Monday email”–this morning, Tuesday, and the link is in there. The signup apparently was not for the Alex Jones Part 2 video, but for the newsletter. The direction about the banner at the bottom of the page was very misleading, but the problem is solved now.

  2. He says over and over “Trump is a good man”

    A good man doesn’t cheat on all his wives, screw his business partners, and lie constantly. That “good man” was dropping more bombs than Obama did. That “good man” did absolutely nothing while the country was shut down except for Fast Track the Abomination that’s killing everyone. Good men don’t put Goldman Sachs and Rothschild Bankers in charge of the economy.

    Jones is just as full of shit as Trumo is….

  3. If you can’t watch through my link on my previous comment just type into Google Alex Jones part 2 the high Wire and click the link and it will be right there. I was shocked I even found it !! You got to watch it I’m still in shock. If you are supporter of Donald Trump which I am pray for God to convict Donald Trump to do the right thing and admit that he was conned and to expose and the hold the globalist accountable since they are indeed going to blame it on him anyway even though they were the real predators. ?

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