1. Thank you Del for this interview. The only thing that rubbed me the wrong way was when you asked “When did you know that you were wrong about Sandy Hook”? Regular listeners to Alex understand that he shares his thoughts based on the totality of the evidence at the time, and this necessarily changes over time. More important is the process of discerning what is hidden and recognizing historical patterns. That is where the learning happens and why I listen.

  2. Within the rantings of loudmouths like Jones are all kinds of truths, half truths, paranoia and bias. However, I listen to these people, people like Jones and Icke, the lizard guy, because they follow everything. Their paranoia means they find things the rest of us don’t notice. So despite the craziness there are things only they can winkle out because they spot the disruptions in the field. I pay no attention to the assumptions they make but I very much appreciate the dirt they dig up.

  3. With respect Del, I appreciate that you are religious but many of your international listeners are not and many new watchers will be very put off by the recent religious bent your show has taken. I love your show but the biblical stuff has no place in it and makes it messy and unscientific. I won’t share it anymore if it’s going to have such a christian bias because my friends won’t take me or it seriously. America may be mostly christian but the rest of the world is not.

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Alex Jones is the most controversial man in America. In part 1, Del sits down with Alex to discuss his style of journalism, how he started, extreme censorship, Sandy Hook, and more. After you watch part 1, sign up to be a HighWire Insider to receive Part 2, set to drop Monday, September 19th, only on!

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POSTED: September 19, 2022


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    The HighWire’s ‘Ex-Vax Files’ Series continues with the story of Michelle & Todd Guppys’ son, Brandon, a vaccine-injured, autistic adult. As a baby, Brandon was showing signs of vaccine reaction after every round of #CDC-recommended shots. It wasn’t until his language ceased and severe digestive issues following an MMR booster that the Guppys went from “pro-vaxxers,” to “ex-vaxxers.”

    The HighWire highlights the life of an autistic child that grows up, the impact on his parents, his caregivers, and the future of a society filled with autistic adults.

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    The Highwire’s ‘Ex-Vax Files’ Series Continues. Mother of three, Catie Clobes, followed the #CDC’s recommendations, listened to her pediatrician, and less than 48 hours after her 6-month-old daughter Evee’s vaccinations, lost her baby. Refusing to accept a SIDS diagnosis, Catie shares her heart wrenching journey from “pro-vaxxer” to “ex-vaxxer.”

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    ‘Ex-Vax Files’ Series Premiere. This former Bexar County, TX, District Attorney and his wife followed the #CDC’s recommendations, listened to their pediatrician and, when tragedy struck, went from “pro-vaxxers” to “ex-vaxxers.”

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