1. Shawn is having a pity-party because this is all happening to him. Get over it Shawn, this is happening to millions of people and it makes no difference how educated they were, or whether people like you see them as useless eaters or not.


      The report on the United Kingdom. A passage from the report:

      Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on older persons living in care homes in England. 28,186 “excess deaths” were recorded in care homes in England between 2 March and 12 June, with over 18,500 care home residents confirmed to have died with Covid-19 during this period. UK government decisions and failures resulted in violations of the human rights of people living in care homes, notably the right to life, to health and to non-discrimination. From discharging 25,000 patients, including those infected, into care homes; to denying care homes residents admission to hospital and imposing “do not attempt resuscitation” orders on them without due process, to failing to provide PPE (personal protective equipment) and testing to care homes. Older persons living in care homes were abandoned to die.

      I guess; “people in care homes had their right to life violated”, sounds better than; “people in care homes were murdered,” but it is less accurate.


    2. Are you human at all? The man is suffering. These people were decieved into taking a poison masqueraded as a vaccine. You must be a Satanist. Malignant narcissist. No empathy whatsover. Lord Almighthy Creator, help us all.

  2. Soo so sorry!! There is a crime here that needs justice and compensation for you and all these people who have been so seriously injured!!!! I pray the evil will be collected and justice prevail. Thank you for speaking truth of this terrible deed. I pray your body will surprise you and heal and your dreams forever bless you!✨???

  3. I got my 1st shot of Moderna in Aug.11,2021. A week later I suddenly had super high blood pressure over 172/122. I don’t have any high blood pressure history nor my family. The high blood pressure was not dropped for another week I had chest pain , short breath and then my left hand fingers were numb , the index finger shaking by itself. I went to an urgent care location, and later to a PCP and luckily my PCP didn’t undermine it and started multiple tests. ( Unfortunately it costs me lots of $ and I had to cancel further tests. My PCP starting trying kinds of medicines to control the super high blood pressure. As a science researcher who studied on virus, RMA and cDNA before, I’ve suspected this is caused by vaccination since I was super healthy before I took vaccination. My PCP has the consideration as well, so I’ve decided not to proceed the 2nd shot of vaccine. Since Aug. I am under medicine control of the blood pressure and recently need more high dose to control it.
    I’ve online reported to CDC in Sep. BUT no one reply nor contacting me.
    These two weeks I’ve started new symptoms of coughing and vomiting.

  4. Shawn, thanks for your bravery to stand up and I am sorry for all the suffering you’ve been through. As a devoted science researcher before, I truly feel your disappointment and sadness.
    I hope more people may stand up for the truth. I am not against the vaccination, but the side effects or risks should be voicing out freely and the warning should be addressed before people decide to take vaccine.

    I pray God bless you, heal you and let you to be a blessing to many.

  5. “Against my better judgement, I went back and I got in line.” “I remain pro-vaccine.”

    I feel for their suffering, I do, most especially the children, but it appears to me that many of these people are so well educated that they completely disregard the most basic common sense and reason. How many, like Mr. Barcavage, have several advanced degrees and work at the FDA, CDC, NIH, federal government etc., yet despite all their intelligence and education society finds itself on the brink. And this was a long time coming.

    Something tells me we’re going to need a lot more than advanced degrees if we are to progress meaningfully as a species.

    “Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.” -Einstein

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U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.