1. Australia is soon to be Chinese territory. Should have kept your guns, at least you wouldn’t have to die on your knees with a bullet through the back of your skull.

      At least we violent Yanks, have the self-respect to die with our boots on, and who knows, with God’s help, we just might defeat the most powerful band of thieves, murderers, and pedophiles on the planet, wouldn’t be the first time.

  1. Dr. Aaron Williams was AMAZING ~ jaw dropping and exciting that someone else “gets it” and has put the same background/agenda puzzle pieces together that I have. This was a perfect speech, perfectly and intelligently delivered. Thank you. So refreshing.

  2. Demonstrations are good, people speaking out is good, not bowing to tyranny is a virtue, but giving money to shyster lawyers, who are just “playing the game” is not going to accomplish anything, and Del should be ashamed of himself for stealing people’s money, in their most desperate hour, to squander on mindless pettifoggers, selling false hope.

      1. What lawsuits?

        I’m sure people would like to know what lawsuits you are talking about. The times where people just trust what a person says, because they’re a female, are coming to an end.

      1. The way I see it, he’s an actor, who worked for big pharma on the “Doctors” and is probably controlled opposition, leading people down the wrong path.

        That may or may not be the case, but much stranger scenarios than that have been true in the past, and the fact that he lies about censoring people sure isn’t helping his credibility any.

        Like my dear old dad used to say: “A person who would lie to you about one thing, will lie to you about anything.”

    1. Every week I am shown the science from around the world by the Highwire and Del
      Mainstream media tells us nothing in fact they shut down any true data that doesn’t fit the narrative
      Thank you Del

      1. Hi Faye, if Del is so keen on following science, why does he ignore the science on 9/11, that proves the WTC was destroyed in a controlled demolition?

        We can’t just pick and choose where and when we follow the science and Del knows better, unless he suffers from some mental handicap I’m not aware of.

  3. I usually don’t research people, but there are too many red flags about Del Bigtree, to ignore, so I took the liberty.

    I think this is a fair assessment and the author asks a lot of legitimate questions to which I would like to see Mr. Bigtree respond, even though that’s probably never going to happen. See what you think, odds are very good this won’t get posted, but if it does, what do you think?

      1. I posted that to give people a better idea of who Del is and where he comes from.

        All I “have on Del” is that he’s engaging in fraud by soliciting donations on the false pretense that he doesn’t censor. This is one of the most censored sites on the internet, this one and Alex Jones. Funny, now they’re next door neighbors. I guess the CIA likes operating out of Austin for some reason.

        1. That “exactly” comment was to be matched with MT Squid’s comment, not the Del detractor/insinuations! I looked into the detractor material and it’s nothing but lightweight, unsubstantiated inferences and unsupported mud slinging. One wonders “why?”

          1. It just gives people a better idea of who Del is. I didn’t post it to undermine confidence in Del, he does a pretty good job of that on his own, with all the censorship he allows on this website.

            I didn’t see the article as “mud-slinging” there isn’t any mud in the article, just a few unanswered questions about Del that he could easily shed light on.

            I don’t see anything wrong with questioning Del’s motives, especially when millions of dollars in donations, from well meaning people are at stake, not to mention what damage he might be doing if he is working for the pedophiles and murderers that be.

  4. All anyone needs to do is to look at the track record of what Del Bigtree has accomplished to know whether he is an actor. He IS a larger-than-life HERO for everyone who dreams of big pharma being held accountable! He is a HERO for EVERY person who values their health freedom!

    1. Holly, thanks for telling me how you feel, it’s your opinion and you have every right to see it that way and I have every right to see it the way I do. But then there’s the way it is, and I at least need to do my due diligence to make sure I know what that is. Not what I’d like it to be, and not what I’m really hoping it is, but the truth of what it actually is.

      That’s what America is all about, it’s not about censorship and running con-games on each other for personal gain, which is how these reprobate lawyers make a living, and they need to be in prison for it.

      Most of the scumbags in D.C. who are destroying America by attempting to take our rights and enslave us are lawyers … enough said.

      1. Your just a bored, unhealthy five, possibly with a counterphobic six wing (ennegram) trying to stir up conflict over marshmallow fluff! Get a life, and maybe see a therapist.

        1. I bet most of Del’s personality cult are as mindful and eloquent as you are.

          Someone who refers to matters of truth and justice as “marshmallow fluff”, probably needs to follow their own advice on seeking help from a shrink.

          1. You mean the “truth and justice” that is somehow connected to your random ramblings about all lawyers belonging in prison and your paranoid distrust of basically anyone?

    1. Hey Kathy, sure the truth really and truly annoys a lot of people, there is no doubting that. It actually makes some people homicidally angry, they actually want to kill you for speaking the truth.

      There was a time on earth when they actually nailed people to crosses for telling the truth, and it wasn’t just Jesus who got that sort of treatment as far as I know, it probably happened to a lot of people, who spoke truth to power, or dare steal a loaf of bread when they were starving, and there were always people like you there, cheering it on.

      Nowadays telling the truth about most anything will get you called an insurrectionist or terrorist, by the real terrorists who run the country.

      I don’t go around flying planes into buildings like the Bush regime, I don’t lock-up millions of men, for no other reason than to use them for slave labor, like the criminals who run our courts, but I’m the “bad guy” yeah right, I get that.

  5. Thank you everyone who was at the Rally! Great to know we are not alone and are on the right side of truth and history! Keep up the fight and never quit for the sake of us all. In the end good wins as we know but it’s a messy road to get there!

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Leave a Reply

Hundreds gather at the Minnesota State Capitol to rally against all medical mandates, censorship, coercion, discrimination, and the erosion of thier health freedoms.

Speakers: Dr. Bob Zajac, Del Bigtree, Mark Bishofsky, Dr. Aaron Williams