1. This was great and thank you Ll for being courageous and fighting for yourselves and the thousands that have been injured but no one believes them. Here in NY the medical practices and doctors won’t even entertain the idea of a legit medical exemption in fear of retaliation. When I asked they said it’s approved and recommended for everyone. The feds and state are forcing the vacination or your job, next step is to hire a lawyer, I am terrified of these vaccines given the extent of my numerous health problems, I don’t want to add to the fire and make things even more unbearable than they are today. The stress and anxiety of this shot has me going thru flare ups on a monthly basis. Thank you again and I hope folks become accountable and they make the necessary changes, people get the help they need. This is no different than the long haulers that are getting help, the help needs to go both ways.

      1. I appreciate this so much! My son-in-law and I were talking about this and he said something very true to me, that is I’ve never observed anyone personally with adverse reactions. Even though I don’t know these people, you can’t deny that they are real. Thank you


          The report on the United Kingdom. A passage from the report:

          Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on older persons living in care homes in England. 28,186 “excess deaths” were recorded in care homes in England between 2 March and 12 June, with over 18,500 care home residents confirmed to have died with Covid-19 during this period. UK government decisions and failures resulted in violations of the human rights of people living in care homes, notably the right to life, to health and to non-discrimination. From discharging 25,000 patients, including those infected, into care homes; to denying care homes residents admission to hospital and imposing “do not attempt resuscitation” orders on them without due process, to failing to provide PPE (personal protective equipment) and testing to care homes. Older persons living in care homes were abandoned to die.

          I guess; “people in care homes had their right to life violated”, sounds better than; “people in care homes were murdered,” but it is less accurate.


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      2. Please please know this is not about health its about destruction of the human being human spirit human communities and families
        Its all to implement a hostile take over of all western democracies

      3. Thank you. I feel the same as you. The stress and anxiety of this jab is killing my joy of life. I can’t believe that we live with this fears every day without any help. Where is the third brunch JURISDICTION? They DO NOTHING! We are ruled by communist PARTY with a tyrant president.

      4. The pfzr vaxx is NOT FDA aprvd, the EUA pfzr Biontech vaxc is NOT FDA approved!!
        (EUA is Emg. Use authz. Only)

        The only one of ALL of the vaxs out there in the world that’s approved by FDA is called
        (from Pfzr).

        it is the ONLY vaxx approved by the FDA and IT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US so they tell you it’s ok to use the EUA one (Pfzr Biontech one) as it’s “the same ingredients and interchangeable”
        So it’s to FOOL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND GIVE THE doj the ok to Mandate all the military to take it.

        It’s called “BAIT AND SWITCH” America!!

        You are not getting an FDA approved vax UNLESS it says “COMRINATY” ON THE BOTTLE!!

        This is a humanicide in progress. It’s the NEW WORLD ORDER’s intention to reduce the population of the planet by at least 95-99% of it’s current numbers.

        The UN AGENDA 21 AND UN AGENDA 2030 is what you are seeing going on in LOCKSTEP all over the world.

        See “OPERATION LOCKSTEP” BY Harry Vox for the truth, as well as YT re the WEF (World Economic Forum- Klaus Schwab).
        They want a new world with no need for all these soon to be useless humans as AI and robots will soon take their place and they want all the earths resources for their elite selves. See how wonderful the philanthropic people like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, the WHO, CDC, FDA, Central BANKS OF THE US FEDERAL RESERVE, THE IMF (international monetary fund) Bank of International settlements, EU central banks, Wall Street Tycons with so much $ they think they’ll live to at least 150 with new medical technology and they’re mostly EUGENICISTS!
        They think they’re superior genetically and we are not useful or worthy.
        Hence they needed a method of eliminating majority of population.
        Viola, magic virus. Force mass fear with endless repeated false messages of massive deaths, keep everyone locked in and destroy small business and the economy and transfer most of the US wealth from middle class to the elites who own the companies allowed to stay open. Then convince everyone around the world the only answer is a vaxx that’s really not a vaxx but a mystery concoction that can do any of a number of
        things to humans except prevent getting, spreading, or from hospitalization or death.
        So why do you think this is being mandated??
        Why do you think the majority of the medical profession, government, media, etc etc etc aren’t speaking out?
        There are many trying around the world but NOT ENOUGH. Do you know what’s happening Australia? Look around on You Tube or alternative online Rumble or Odyssey or other online news outlets for truth.
        This is EVIL pure and simple.
        Never in history has there been an attempt to achieve humanicide on this global level.
        WAKE UP WORLD.
        They want total control, human slaves of anyone they allow to survive, 24/7 surveillance and control. Do you know what 5g will REALLY lead to?????
        Surveillance in your own neighborhood.
        See PLANET LOCKDOWN videos on Odyssey and Rumble. Interviews from medical, scientific, financial and other professionals around the world telling the truth about the magic virus and the truth re the injections.
        The full movie of interviews can be seen at Planet Lockdown. Com.

        The WHO changed the definition of pandemic. The definition of vaccine has recently changed and other words around what’s happening. Does that make sense? Why have they supressed the treatments and supplements readily available and put out in the media anything absurd they can to put people off from trying them. Yet they’ve been healing people in large large numbers all over the world including US.
        The DIVIDE AND CONQUER tactic is in full view with our gov and the media the elite own. Wake up Wake up Wake up before it’s too late. They want us divided so we can’t go against their plans.
        UNITE and Live.!! God bless us all.

        1. Thank you U.S. Senator Ron Johnson for all you’re doing to continue to expose the EVIL caused by Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneka, Johnson & Johnson and for exposing the FDA, NIH. CDC, Biden Administration and all those in Congress who have allowed & blessed all this EVIL to take place under their watch!! There is nothing good to come from these evil doers! There should be NO MANDATES! What happened to the Nuremberg Code????
          This needs to go public on all NEWS Stations WORLDWIDE!!!!
          Everyone share this with all you know! All of mankind needs to hear and see this!

      1. Make no mistake – the whole world is in trouble just now and we need to muster every ounce of our spiritual and physical strengths to overcome the tyranny being meted out to humanity.

      1. Absolutely it needs to shared anywhere and everywhere. I deleted my Facebook acct over a year ago.I recently got the ‘Nextdoor’ app. Last night I shared the link on next door and it was deleted twice and so I asked who was deleting my post. I said it’s disgusting, whoever you are. She posted back “it’s disgusting that we believe in science and facts!” This is so very troubling.. wicked and evil

      1. Informative information from History;

        Compulsory vaccination or any tax supported vaccine program violates the declaration of independence, The US. Constitution Article, IX and X, 1780, and the Preamble, and Article SIX of the Bill of rights.

        Our U.S Declaration of independence promises us that, “All men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Enforced vaccine-poisoning violates these three rights.

        The Sixth article of the bill of rights promises, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons… Shall not be violated.” Enforced medication (vaccination) violates their right.

        Blackstone, one of the most renowned lawyers of Gr. Brittan stated, “No laws are binding upon the human subject which assault the body or violates the conscience.”

        Judge Cooley, Judgee U.S Supreme court said, “NO right is held more sacred or is more carefully guarded by the common law, than the right of every individual to the possession and control of his own person.”

        Thomas Jefferson, writer of our U.S Constitution, taught that “Liberty in all essential needs, is not a privilege granted by Government, but an inherent right possessed by all men.” Thus, the chief function of all governments is to secure and enforce these human rights, not to invade or violate them to satisfy medical dogmas or other oppressive, dangerous and illegal theories.

        Government sponsored vaccination drives violate these human rights.

    2. Ernest Ramirez!
      I know the pain when our GOVERNMENT sacrifices our sons.
      Mine died at age 4 at the first day of our assignment after a false CPS report.

  1. Thank you! It is so very hard to believe there is such evil, intentionally wicked people doing this. Come Lord Jesus come. The word says when begin to see these things take place “look up, your redemption draws near”. God bless

      1. Investigate 5G networks…is covid a cover for ignorance and proliferation of ongoing negative unresearched dangerous deadly 5G impacts?

        Covid has never been identified????

        Go to Court…the highest Court…the Supreme Court. Sue them all…WHO, NIH, FHA, CDC, and the Pres. No more Conversation!

        We have the proof of Corruption????

        1. Wireless electricity of course will damage. this is what microwave beam formed is and this is part of 5G. The people behind the vax are also the ones who have dominated wireless electricity since 1900 and dominated the ”writing of history” and dominated ”education”. Look up the Dodd interview on Foundations. Then see the so called Pilgrim society. Then see the thesis ”Marconi Scandal”. Just about 20 families behind this. See why they left the UK on the Diligent and mayflower. Eustace Gates is BG ancestor. And the ancestor of Frederick Gates who injected people just before Sp flu. then Carnegie, Hopkins and JP Morgan turned on microwave radar experiments. They turned this on Sep 1918 and off Feb 1920. Look up first hand Sp flu reports, the deaths were like in Italy called covid during the ”experiments” by the WEF that went around the world. See the Musk satellites and the launch patches. These are the danger we face. Including Noaa goes by the Roths$$. 5G from earth and space must be banned.

  2. Thank you to all the brave people who are telling their injury stories. Although, the numbers of injuries are far higher with this vaccine than from all other put together, your stories are no different from those of us who have been injured in the past. I watched and listened to you and tears ran down my face because I say myself sitting in those chairs! The exact words, the emotions the experiences are the same in many ways for all of us who have been injured from vaccines in the past. It just brought the raw emotions back that I have buried over the years. I am so grateful that Sen Ron Johnson has provided this forum for you to share your stories. you ARE REAL and you deserve to be heard!

  3. And, I also need to add, thank you to all the doctors, researches, lawyer who are taking a stand and speaking out knowing your reputations and careers will be attached. But we are learning…there is power in numbers. If we all stand together, we can overcome, correct the mistakes and change this world for the better.

  4. As Catherine Austin Fitts would say; they found a way to murder people by turning it green. Billions in profit for big pharma. Billions in profit for the Federal Reserve, taking all private property to pay for the interest on our national debt.

    The American people are now worth less to the “elites” than cockroaches. Hundreds of millions need to die in the largest transfer of wealth in world history. No need to get teary eyed, when they make it legal to murder children, the rest of us don’t stand a chance and aren’t far behind.

    Welcome to reality 101.

    1. Conscientious Objector: Thank you for sharing *who* is behind these mass murders. We’ve spent months studying the powers behind “Covid.” They are the perpetrators. Their control over health institutions, politicians is a phenomena, principally centered in the Western World. Non-western countries are moving away from these deadly vaccines by using Ivermectin & other well known medicines.
      God bless you and everyone.

      1. I would like to know how the FDA is still up and running and it’s not basically torn to the ground and rebuilt you would think that they would being up lawsuits against this company Enterprise I should say because let’s face it they’re all about money not the facts not the data not about the experiences they’re only worried about lining their own pockets I think if something does come from this that the governors and the government once everything is out should be demolishing the FDA and rebuilding a new and better system because the people that are running this organization or Empire are not fit to be representing the public and the citizens but it’s supposed to be protecting

  5. Sincerest Thanks (To The Highwire) for this and all the other information you put in the public domain for FREE. To the naysayers: without this outlet where would you get to see congressional panel’s like this? MSM was absent, along with all the heads of the plandemic… That ALONE SPEAKS VOLUMES about what this pandemic is about. Had they showed up, it would have been the FIRST CHANCE for an actual debate around the facts since the beginning in march 2020. I say Guilt by omission! Kudos to Senator Johnson.. You did the right thing sir, you are in the minority in that respect, Thanks to you as well!

    1. And Thanks to all who have been Injured who bear the pain from this deception and stood strong to tell their story, Thanks to the MDs & PhD’s and others who have, I’m sure, put their careers in jeopardy to speak out. And to everybody who takes this moment to see the reality of the level of corruption we face AND GO FORWARD with a will to CHANGE THIS CORRUPT SYSTEM. WE ALL STAND TOGETHER because Divided we will fall. There is only one enemy “Corrupt Power” (Its comprised of RED and BLUE make no mistake about that)

      1. Hollow words from someone who refuses to acknowledge the wanton and reckless censorship that takes place on this website that censors people far worse than the MSM ever did, and solicits donations on the false pretense that they don’t censor people.

        But you know your words are hollow, don’t you Dick.

          1. “this website that censors people far worse than the MSM ever did”

            You are insane.

            The MSM censorship so much worse that the two are hardly comparable.

            Point out any of the great big Jew lies on an MSM site and your comment is deleted almost immediately.

    2. You make a very good point, the fact that mainstream and the plandemic pushers are not here speaks volumes about their cowardice and unwillingness to face the truth but would rather cower in their own fear generated campaign. They are hiding in their holes, shivering at the fact that they have been exposed and are seeking more ways to demonize those present so that their flailing narrative can stay in tact. It not that everyone will be or has been injured, it’s the fact that those who have been, is just too many and this vaccine rollout should be stopped immediately. When they die, they won’t be able to take their millions to the grave. And their progeny will carry the burden of the blood spilled by their forefathers. There is no escape from the retribution that will come to them and those that follow.

    3. You make a very good point, the fact that mainstream and the plandemic pushers are not here speaks volumes about their cowardice and unwillingness to face the truth but would rather cower in their own fear generated campaign. They are hiding in their holes, shivering at the fact that they have been exposed and are seeking more ways to demonize those present so that their flailing narrative can stay in tact. It not that everyone will be or has been injured, it’s the fact that those who have been, is just too many and this vaccine rollout should be stopped immediately. When they die, they won’t be able to take their millions to the grave. And their progeny will carry the burden of the blood spilled by their forefathers. There is no escape from the retribution that will come to them and those that follow.

  6. I also want to say, and this is a projection from my intuition, this world wide roll over into the abyss of tyrannical by the “so-called” leaders, could have only taken place if they have been targeted or compromised in some way. Those who could not be compromise have been or will be eliminated. There are few who join the aggressive field of politics who actually care about people. They mostly care about power and control. We should send a cover of protection over Sen. Ron Johnson, who is willing to admit he made a mistake and then take it further to give these folks and many others, a voice. Give thanks for his bravery and commitment. He is a rare jewel in the den of thieves. Namaste

  7. Before the Plandemic only about 1 % of the side -effects of vaccines were reported. No need to believe otherwise today. So all numbers should be multiplied with 100 – so 15,000 deaths should more likely be 150,000. for the vaccine

    1. If well over 65,000,000 murdered children could testify, just think of the stories we’d hear, about how they were cheated out of their lives, in the name of choice, for females who make the decision to murder their own child, to escape responsibility for engaging in reckless sex.

      I don’t feel sorry for these people, they had a life and chose to throw it away, because of their blind faith in extremely evil people.

      I call that poetic justice.

      These people are more than likely headed straight to hell, and that’s not the fault of Jesus Christ. Jesus died for their sins, and this is how these pitiful, brainwashed losers, chose to thank him.

      1. conscientious objector,… who cares what you think.

        You think this site is heavily censored.

        This shows your judgment is worthless, and your opinions suspect.

  8. These are some of the bravest people in our country right now. I cried multiple times during this discussion. I am sharing it with everyone I know. Yet, many don’t want to know. They don’t want to acknowledge this is happening. I don’t understand it!!!

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.

    How does this happen on a site that solicits donations on the false pretense that they don’t censor people?

    1. Just tried posting links to articles about how this depopulation agenda is moving ahead as planned.

      Why does the fraud Bigliar want to censor “MSM” news articles?

  10. “On January 5 Leigh Dundas urged on a crowd at the Capital with this rhetoric: “We would be well within our rights to take any alleged American who acted in a turncoat fashion and sold us out and committed treason, we would be well within our rights and take them out back and shoot ’em or hang ’em…’ Tony Ortega, the former executive editor of Raw Story, reported in February.”

    This wasn’t just “reported” by Ortega. He posted a video of Dundas where she made that clearly inflammatory comment that is 100% illegal, but Del Bigliar won’t let that be posted on this website “which doesn’t censor”.

    I saw this story first on TruNews, and they played the video on air of her saying those exact words.

    1. How many more children will die while Bigliar buys multi-million dollar mansions out of your donations to “fight this in court”???

      Why does Bigliar promote unhinged lawyers who want to take people behind the capital building and “shoot or hang them” without so much as a military tribunal?

      Who is Del Bigtree anyway?

    1. Discuss 5G…dangers. Covid has never been identified. Something else is causing so called covid results.

      Go to court..even the Supreme Court to give credibility to legitimate covid reporting provided by CREDIBLE DOCTORS, RESEARCHERS, and CITIZENS and ignored by WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, BG, and F.

      1. I think you make an excellent point Louise. This whole storyline of Fauci, Wuhan and batshit is probably all a diversion. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.

        It’s like with 9/11, it had nothing to do with hijackers and box cutters, that was just the official narrative. Anyone who questioned it had their lives destroyed and many were probably murdered.

    1. at 1:02 thru 1:08, there is no one named Leigh Dundas that is on this video. Maybe this shows who the domestic enemy, or at least the lying troll, really is!

  11. Thank you Highwire for covering this story. Thank you Senator Johnson, and all the people who participated in this panel. Please hold the line and keep sharing your stories, speaking out and sharing this critical information. You are all a ray of hope during this dark time.

  12. I’ve been so messed up from this Vaccine. Luckily I feel like I’m getting over the hump of all the neurological issues it caused. Everyone shaking their head, our precious vaccine, there’s no way this could have caused you any damage. I was in amazing shape before this damn thing. I never had the issues that I have before this. You mean to tell me that the other people who are in the same boat should eff off because were a small percentage of people and it’s saving the rest get out of here. I would have never gotten this evil nasty vaccine. It’s been hell emotionally and physically wondering omg do all of a sudden I have some crazy neurological disease that’s going to screw me up the rest of my life? Yeah thanks for this. I’d much rather have gotten covid. I would ask these medical professionals, would you give this to your daughter or son?

    1. You made the mistake of trusting psychopaths Jason, these “medical professionals” are in this for the money, that’s all they really care about, and they prove it day-in and day-out, all across America and around the world.

      Most lawyers are no better, selling their fellow man out for a comfortable living, never caring about the pain, suffering and death they cause to people by the millions.

      Isn’t it a bit ironic, that the two things we were told growing up that we wanted to be above all else, (to make our parents happy) turns out to be what most psychopaths end up choosing to be?

  13. Grateful for keeping these voices being heard! Don’t stop! These truths need to be heard every day! God bless each and everyone on this panel.. Thank you God for the courage of Sen. Ron Johnson please keep fighting for all of us and our children!

  14. Sad for victims but also anger. You guys didn’t listen to all of the vaccine injuries and deaths before this. All the babies buried because of this vile negligence. How many times did you call us stupid, ignorant anti-vaxxer, while we pled and begged to just be heard??? I was healthy and well before I got the MMR forcibly after childbirth because I wanted to wait to vax my child after watching my bf children struggle with life-long illness. Where were you guys when we sounded the alarm since 2003 and many many before hand. God bless you all, and I do hope that you are ALL heard today, especially for the innocent children!

    1. Sometimes, the shoe on the other foot, is a tight squeeze. There is a lot of fear in the cult of medicine. Doctors, nurses and other staff are fearful of their jobs and security. Many have student loans & insurance policies they are still paying off because medicine is a high price spread.
      Also, forethought of the ramifications of following the first mandates that were seriously outside the bounds of science were followed. That is masking and social distancing and lockdowns. All of which were none to be non-starters, but were enforced by the majority of the medical community. Now they are feeling the pinch because it directly affects them. We need their silenced voices to be heard. It may not bring back what was lost by others because of previous vaccine mandates, but hopefully, it will turn this sinking ship around. Peace & Blessings, Nana

    1. There are many courages Canadians, however and sadly many have their heads buried so far into the ignorance of denial and selfishness bucket.

      Our once trusted people like BC’s Dr. Henry, Horgan and Dix have now proven to us all how deep their level of incompetence runs.

      This level of incompetence continues daily and their actions continues on a daily basis and causes harm.

  15. God help all of you who have taken away our freedom and killing so many people with this vaccine! This whole process and the lying is horrific! God rest the souls of those who have passed & bless the families who have lost loved ones! You’re in my prayers!

  16. at 8:55 natural immunity, is intentionally being ignored to further an agenda, ALL the data is intentionally being ignored, suppressed and pushed aside for the agenda.

    Denial, denial, denial is the modus operandi and will continue until these criminals present themselves on the witness stand, Crimes Against Humanity.

  17. My ex wife was killed 36 hours after getting her 2nd Covid shot. The medical community didn’t report it and the cause of death on the death certificate was sudden heart failure. Dead at 56. She had survived Covid with NATURAL IMMUNITY prior to getting the poison pokes. The cover up is real!

  18. @34:34 TIMESTAMP
    An HONORABLE LT. COL. speaks the undermining attitude of COMMANDERS using the SOLDIER as a LAB RAT!? Come on VETS.

    What is the Sacrifice we are required to MAKE… ?? some OF these COMMANDS=LOgIC?? ➗ CArE??

  19. This is genocide.
    Stephen Hahn was the former FDA commissioner in charge of regulating Moderna. NOW he joined the firm that launched Moderna. JAMES SMITH – CEO of Reuters in charge of informing people about covid 19 vaccines. He is a current member of the board of directors of Pfizer. SCOTT GOTTLIEB – former FDA commissioner in charge of regulating Pfizer. NOW current member of the board of directors of Pfizer. ANTHONY FAUCI, NIAID Director under the National Institute of health – ALSO funder of bioweapons research on gain of function bat coronavirus. THIS SAYS IT ALL..

  20. When will people realize that Government cannot solve our problems? Mandates are not going to solve anything. They are just causing more problems. Get politics out of our healthcare! Let doctors do the jobs they spent at least 12 years of their life to learn how to do. Stop threatening our doctors for speaking out.

  21. Thank you Sen. Johnson and everyone who was brave enough to speak out!
    These stories must be told & I pray the entire world hears this information ASAP!

    I had the Covid-19 virus in July 2020. I experienced 8 weeks of cold and flu symptoms. Once I finally “recovered”, I never felt the same. I couldn’t breathe normally & although it was minor, as a former semi-pro opera singer, i knew something was “off” in my breathing & lungs. Feb 2021, I had a mini-stroke T.I.A. & my doctors found multiple blood clots in my lungs. After I finally recovered from the Pulmonary Embolisms I had a conversation with my PCP. I told her that I didn’t want the vax but asked her what she would recommend as my medical provider. She emphatically told me, “YES, you should get the vaccine, you’re immune compromised & should definitely get the vax”…. I LOVE & trust my PCP, she is an amazing person. I know she only wants my highest good. So in Sept 2021 I got the Pfizer vax. 3 days after the 2nd dose I had, what the medical field is calling, a “heart event”. Minor heart attack, With Myocarditis. None of my doctors denied that this was a vax injury. however, they don’t know what to do with me now. It’s November 2021 & I just had a Cardiac MRI that indicates my heart is free of inflammation. However my symptoms of chest pain, extreme fatigue, Irregular heartbeat & dizziness are not improving. My doctors & specialist don’t know what else to do for me. I’m single, on a medical leave of absence from work & don’t know what my future holds. Everyday my body is in pain. I’m so grateful for everyone who spoke at this meeting. You’re speaking for thousands of us.

    1. Get Ivermectin right away!!! And start researching about orthomolecular (high dose vitamins) and how to take them for long-haul Covid! You can help yourself!

  22. I have a dear longtime friend who had manageable but very annoying tinnitus after the second Pfizer shot his tinnitus surged so loud he felt suicidal and checked into a psych hospital where they put him in lockdown held against his will and not being treated for severe tinnitus at all Dont take the untested jab because no longterm safety is established and no compensation for health injuries???

  23. if every vaccine death i know the excuse is that they suffered past heart or health issue why vaxx any unhealthy persons its clearly murdering them
    why are they first to receive this shot

  24. Funny how if a bogus PCR test says you have covid and you get hit by a bus, fall off a building, die in a place crash withing 28 days then coivd is put on the death certificate as cause of death.

    But if you take any of the death jabs and you have a heart attack, die, auto immnue disease, bells palsy etc within 28 days of the vaccine it was never the vaccine that was the cause, funny how the 28 days template suddenly doesn’t apply when it’s the vax.

  25. I want to thank all of you who have testified . I want to know how to help get this information out. I have fibro. I received my vaccines last spring and feel I have been negatively affected by them, but docs have told me, I cant prove anything. I am sure nothing has ever been reported.

  26. В наше положение организовать сексом по любое час затем извлечь оргазм в момент, когда же личности этого вздумалось совершенно не есть трудностью. И даже когда пользователь одинокий и в рядом только табло планшета – с содействием нашему порнографического-веб-портала чат порно видео мы обещаем сделает для Вас источник горячих ощущений и зависимости ото возбуждающих женщин, они хотят вместе с юзером утешиться. На нашем страничке онлайн порнухи читатель можете использовать возможные форматами коммуникации, дебютируя из простого залипания порно видеоматериалов из портативного-видеокамеры также финишируя приватным диалогом вместе с понравившейся женщиной. Для удобства абонент можете включить свободную оформление также включить личный страничку, где достаточно станет покупать цифровой баланс и применять их под случай привилегии абонента по указанному порно-сайте. Нажимайте на разновидность, высматривайте трансляцию затем самостоятельно направляйте процессом порно с помощью чатику либо камеру с самыми аппетитными девченками страны.

  27. My Mother unfortunately lost her life for what my family believes was due to the 2nd vaccine she received in April 16th, one month later she was incapable of operating the day to day things such as using a phone, computer, tv. She passed away almost 2 months to the date of receiving the 2nd vaccine to the point where she could no longer talk, walk, eat, basically function. She was a dear sweet woman whom so many loved and for her life to be cut short for “Doing the Right Thing”. We got our vaccines because of her. We miss her everyday, the only blessing is she did not suffer long. She would not want to live as a vegetable. So very sad to watch this happen so quickly to a vibrant person. Mother’s Day was her last coherent day we spent with her. I would like to also mention and it could be a coincidence but my husband also suffered a horrifying illness and had to have major surgery. Was this in fact a coincidence or an adverse effect also, we may never know. VERY SAD!

  28. Extremely disappointed to hear that Dr Patrick Whelan’s testimony is completely compromised by his love for money! Very, very disappointing. There is no evidence that these injections are beneficial to any age group whatsoever! And, in the 5 to 11 year old age group, only 100 have died WITH Covid out of 48 M in this country. All had major underlying health conditions. You cannot beat that with a dangerous, experimental injection that has shown to produce myocarditis in children in large numbers. Stop the genocide! Stop the crimes against humanity!

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U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson holds a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.