By Jefferey Jaxen

The Glasgow Times is reporting Public Health Scotland will stop publishing data on covid deaths and hospitalisations by vaccination status – over concerns it is misrepresented by anti-vaxx campaigners.

The week marks the last weekly publication to include the data on infection rates among the vaccinated and unvaccinated after their data revealed that the vaccinated appeared to be the primary drivers of Covid cases.

“Officials said two issues relating to the unvaccinated population and testing habits meant the data was no longer robust and open for misinterpretation without context” The Glasgow Times writes.

Despite Public Health Scotland’s £47.9M budget [in 2020-2021], it will cease publishing basic health data because…’anti-vaxers.’ Interestingly, their disappearing data act comes only weeks after First minister Nicola Sturgeon was a frontrunner to suddenly announce the end of all Covid restrictions in the country.

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