By Jefferey Jaxen

Rally protestors continued to remain peaceful Thursday as reports of arrests begin coming in. Rebel News Canada reported at the time that convoy organizers Tamara Lich and Chis Barber were arrested in Ottawa at that time. On Friday, the military-style police descended upon the protestors working under the direction of Prime Minister Trudeau’s new Emergency Act powers. Police have also arrested Freedom Convoy protestor Daniel Bulford.

Scenes rapidly devolved Friday into what has been a regular occurrence as government enforcement squads around the world use heavy-handed tactics to muscle compliance with public health Covid edicts being resisted.

Meanwhile, in the early morning Friday, Liberal Speaker of the House Anthony Rota announced the Friday meetings scheduled in the House of Commons and the Senate over the Trudeau government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act were cancelled. Citing an expected police operation in the downtown core of Canada, Rota gave no indication whether further meetings will be cancelled or if the police had ordered him to cancel the proceedings.

Some at the scene in Ottawa and many watching on numerous live streams are now referring to the fluid situation on the ground as ‘martial law.’

Ottawa Police have threatened anyone in the area, including journalists trying to cover the story, with arrest.

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