In a move likened some North Korean border closing dictate, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that for anyone 12 and older, a ‘no shot, no travel order’ will take effect on Oct. 30. The order will immediately isolate 30% of the Canadian population who are still unvaccinated…overnight. The order covers not only travel by air but also throughout the county by train. Trudeau claims there will be a “few extremely narrow exceptions, like a valid medical condition.” However, the political climate around the Covid shots has already caused a chilling effect on doctors’ willingness to write them and review boards’ appetite to approve them.

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POLL: 54% of U.S. Voters Concerned About the Potential of Harmful Side effects of the COVID-19 Shot

More than half of voters are concerned that COVID-19 vaccines could have harmful side effects, and don’t think the federal government should have the power to make vaccination mandatory. A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports finds that 54% of Likely U.S. voters are concerned about the potential of harmful side effects

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Scores of Hospitals, Medical Centers Suspending Covid Vaccine Mandates

Hospitals and health systems are suspending COVID-19 vaccination mandates amid a temporary halt of the CMS mandate for healthcare workers. A federal judge in Missouri on Nov. 29 temporarily blocked CMS from enforcing its mandate in 10 states pending the outcome of litigation. The next day, federal judges in Kentucky and Louisiana expanded that order nationwide. With litigation pendingContinue reading Scores of Hospitals, Medical Centers Suspending Covid Vaccine Mandates

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