“At a hearing before a judge late Friday, Stephen Lloyd, a lawyer for the immigration minister, agreed not to seek Djokovic’s removal from Australia until the court proceedings are over. Djokovic is expected to attend an interview with immigration officials Saturday, where Lloyd indicated that the Serb would be detained, although he would be allowed to spend time Saturday preparing his case with his attorneys ahead of a further court hearing Sunday.

Nick Wood, one of Djokovic’s attorneys, told the judge that the minister was seeking to bar Djokovic from Australia on the grounds that the player’s presence could excite anti-vaccination sentiment — an argument Wood called “patently irrational.” These were different grounds from those the government cited in canceling his client’s visa the first time, he added.

Wood said time was of the essence and suggested Hawke had dragged his feet in making his decision. “We are where we are because of the time the minister has taken,” Wood said, adding that he hoped for a quick resolution so that Djokovic could play as soon as Monday night.”


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