Are Covid Shots Off The Hook When it Comes to Soaring Excess Deaths?


By Dr. Mike Williams

It’s 2023 and excess deaths are still high above their normal baselines in many countries. Yet officials are baffled at this deadly mystery. In the UK, the conversation has reached the level of both public and political importance. A lack of statin drug medication was suggested as a possible cause by England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty only to be corrected for his inaccurate statement by epidemiologist Tom Jefferson and Professor of evidence-based medicine Carl Heneghan

Now Esther McVey MP has asked whether the UK Government was investigating the cause(s) of excess deaths or was planning to do so.

Joining McVey, Lord Strathcarron has now voiced his concern on the same question in an official submission to the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care.

The Daily Mail weighed in making the claim that only 75 people died in the UK as a result of an adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccines – as experts hailed such data as proof the shots are safe.

The claim can be assessed by comparing UK & US data. Using data up to the end of 2021 because research has recently been published covering the same time frame regarding vaccination experiences in COVID-19 vaccination in the United States population.

First, to confirm that the UK & US have at least a similar vaccine coverage, we look at Our World in Data’s numbers and see that the UK has a slightly higher vaccine coverage in 2021 than US when looking at one dose coverage:

When comparing the people who completed the initial COVID-19 vaccine protocol we see that somewhere around July 2021 the UK surpassed the US but tracked at a similar rate.

Now we look at another important data point to show deaths reported after Covid-19 vaccination in both the UK’s Yellow Card System and the US VAERS



It has been established in multiple instances that VAERS likely is a system that is underreporting injuries and deaths from vaccines. Skidmore’s recent vaccine survey, of the period ending December 23rd 2021 in BMC Infectious Diseases, although open to debate, does give us a number to work with as it states:

With these survey data, the total number of fatalities due to COVID-19 inoculation may be as high as 278,000 (95% CI 217,330–332,608)’.

Taking Skidmore’s ‘278,000’ number and dividing that by the actual number of deaths reported to the US VAERS, underreporting of death resulting from Covid-19 vaccination may be just over 19 times (19.34451).

As the UK has a similar vaccine coverage (slightly higher than US) and with the assumptions that the general lifestyles; vaccine reactions; and reporting and capture of vaccine adverse events of the populations are not significantly different, then we may reasonably expect 37,006 deaths due to Covid-19 vaccines.

19.34451 X 1913 = 37,006 deaths

The population of the UK is approximately 20.5% (20.47631%) of the US (Worldometers data accessed 7th Feb 2023). If we scale accordingly using Skidmore’s 278,000 deaths, we might also reasonably expect to see the deaths experienced in the UK due to Covid-19 vaccines were 56,924.

20.47631% of 278,000 deaths = 56,924

Of course, in using both methods of analysis above there are assumptions but based on the scale of difference between the claim made in the Daily Mail of 75 deaths in the UK due to Covid-19 vaccines compared to 37,006 or 56,924 deaths, it is not unreasonable to reject the claim of 75 deaths by the Daily Mail.


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