There are worrying facts that Professor Retsef Levi of the Sloan School of Management at the world-famous MIT in Massachusetts (USA) announced – based on a recently published Israeli study . As a result of the Covid vaccinations in Israel (60 percent of the population there is already fully vaccinated, over 80 percent once), there are more and more serious consequences and damage with clinical or even intensive care relevance.

For example, a 25 percent increase in cardiac arrest and heart attacks was registered among the 16-29 year old vaccinated. Heart attacks increased by as much as 83.6 percent in vaccinated women in the age group 20-29 years. According to the study cited by Levi, this increase is “clearly related” to the vaccination campaign. Collateral damage and “side effects” accepted by the corona policy are a focus of work for the MIT medical statistician Levi, who is considered an international capacity in this regard.


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