Instantly, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, humanity was told that a new vaccine would be the much-anticipated savior to stop the tyranny. It will prevent the virus, they told us. Pope Francis was so in awe of the powers of the untested mRNA genetic jabs that he insisted “ethically, everyone should receive the vaccine.” The Pontiff went so far as to declare that those refusing to take the jab “when it was known to be safe” were putting the health of others at risk and possessed “a suicidal denialism.” Powerful words that no doubt further stoked the constant fear embedded in the hearts and souls of a locked-down world. On December 21, 2020, Vatican News reported that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), with approval from Pope Francis, gave “the green light during the pandemic to the use of vaccines produced with cell lines derived from two fetuses aborted in the 1960s.” Describing the abortion-tainted COVID jabs as “morally licit,” the CDF went on to state:

“It is morally acceptable to receive COVID-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process.

All vaccinations recognized as clinically safe and effective can be used in good conscience with the certain knowledge that the use of such vaccines does not constitute formal cooperation with the abortion from which the cells used in production of the vaccines derive.”

There are at least a couple of things wrong with this message. First and foremost, as confirmed by Atheist physician Dr. Stanley Plotkin in a January 11, 2018, deposition with attorney Aaron Siri, it took hundreds, maybe thousands of aborted fetuses to research and develop vaccines that use fetal cells, including the COVID-19 injections. One study alone used “a whole range of tissues” from 76 aborted fetuses. Plotkin confirmed his team chopped up into little pieces and cultured the pituitary gland, lungs, skin, kidney, spleen, heart, and tongue of fetuses that were all three months or older when aborted. Thus, insisting the COVID-19 jabs were produced from cell lines from just two fetuses is categorically false.

Second, and equally important, is that COVID-19 injections are not safe and effective. Moreover, they were not proven to be safe and effective when the CDF made its statement in late 2020, essentially insisting humans held a moral obligation to get the jabs, which overrode any objection to the use of fetuses in vaccine development. Fast forward to the present day, with the latest conservative estimate of over 17 million deaths after receipt of the gene-damaging jab, and there is no doubt that the COVID-19 “vaccines” crafted from aborted fetuses are neither safe nor effective. Instead, mRNA spike and lipid nanoparticles from the jabs are contaminating every organ in the human body.

Why does Pope Francis continue to promote the abortion-tainted COVID-19 injections? As recently reported by Lifesite News, as part of his just released memoirs, in a string of interviews with journalist Fabio Marchese Ragona, Pope Francis emphasized his thoughts and reactions to the years devoured by COVID-19. Condemning those who did not get the COVID-19 injection or who were publicly opposed to them, the Pontiff remarked:

“Deciding whether to get vaccinated is always an ethical choice, but I know that many people signed up to movements opposed to the administration of the medication. This distressed me because, in my view, being against the antidote is an almost suicidal act of denial.”

In May 2019, a few short months before the pandemic seized the world, the Linacre Quarterly, the official journal of the Catholic Medical Association, published “Pontifical Academy for Life Statement: Moral Reflections on Vaccines Prepared from Cells Derived from Aborted Human Foetuses.” Touching on “The Principle of Licit Cooperation in Evil,” the article squarely states that culturally, the use of abortion-tainted vaccines contributes to the creation of a generalized social consensus to the role of the pharmaceutical industries, which produce these vaccines in an immoral way and fail to market as such. So here we are again, with more proof that Big Pharma is exclusively out for profits, reinforcing that under Pope Francis, the Catholic Church’s voice against abortion-tainted vaccines must remain loud. The article noted:

“Therefore, doctors and fathers of families have a duty to take recourse to alternative vaccines (if they exist), putting pressure on the political authorities and health systems so that other vaccines without moral problems become available.

They should take recourse, if necessary, to the use of conscientious objection with regard to the use of vaccines produced by means of cell lines of aborted human fetal origin.

Equally, they should oppose by all means (in writing, through the various associations, mass media, etc.) the vaccines which do not yet have morally acceptable alternatives, creating pressure so that alternative vaccines are prepared which are not connected with the abortion of a human fetus, and requesting rigorous legal control of the pharmaceutical industry producers.”

Speaking specifically of the COVID jab, based on directives from Pope Francis, it’s safe to assume that many Catholics went against their moral conscience and insisted their family get jabbed to “do their part” against COVID-19 (which is no more dangerous than the flu). To that end, the article summarized that “such cooperation occurs in a context of moral coercion of the conscience of parents, who are forced to choose to act against their conscience or otherwise, to put the health of their children and of the population as a whole at risk,” adding, “This is an unjust alternative choice, which must be eliminated as soon as possible.”

Yes, the “unjust alternative choice”—the catastrophic and deadly COVID-19 jabs—”must be eliminated as soon as possible.” That sounds right. Yet, from all appearances, Pope Francis remains beguiled by the deep-state-funded COVID-19 propaganda. The doublespeak makes no sense. “We must always protect human life, from conception to death,” he declares in his memoir, adding, “I shall never tire of saying that abortion is murder, a criminal act; there is no other word for it.” Those are strong words backed up by no action.

Indeed, as Pope Francis declares support for civil unions of same-sex couples and declares, “We cannot turn a blind eye to cases of anti-Semitism, racism, or discrimination,” one could almost conclude that he is either conducting or helping steer the direction of the DEI train that is rapidly dismantling our nation and to a greater extent our world. A leader of his stature can’t declare that abortion “involves discarding, eliminating a human life that is without fault” and go a step further declaring it “is a defeat for everyone who carries it out and anyone is complicit in it: mercenaries, killers for hire” and then turn around and strongly promote abortion-tainted COVID-19 injections that have killed 17 million people.

Unfortunately—and this is incredibly troubling—with Pope Francis’ silence on what we now know to be deadly, gene-damaging mRNA COVID-19 injections crafted from research involving hundreds of chopped up fetuses (that also simultaneously introduced frightening mRNA technology), many bold statements in his memoir are rendered meaningless. Understanding that hundreds of babies have been sacrificed at the alter of science to create the deadly COVID-19 jabs, the Pontiff’s message that “the church must act as a mother” is one message that will surely leave many Catholics feeling abandoned, angry, and heartbroken.


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Tracy Beanz & Michelle Edwards

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