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  1. I have a friend who reached out to me when her husband developed horrible mouth sores after his employer mandated the vax. She didn’t take it bc she has an autoimmune disorder. I suppose he has one now. It’s heart breaking to see so many people not have answers.

    1. REmember, since it was the EMPLOYER of her husband who was forcing him to take the jab, then they are very likely responsible since they had no authority to do so, but forced him to get the shot, anyway … so try to
      sue for medical treatment, and more.

  2. The covid narrative would have never been dropped, nor suddenly ignored, if said virus ever existed in the first place. Hello, use your common sense to see straight through the covid nonsense.

  3. Yet NO ONE is addressing the vaccine injuries to our pets..
    Pet vaccines contain the same harmful ingredients (thimerosal, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc..) as human vaccines – and are causing countless injuries, cancers, auto immune diseases, and deaths in our pets.
    Pet vaccines are big business for Big Pharma – but no one is speaking up for our vulnerable animals who literally have no voice in the matter.

    1. Del has to make an episode addressing this and getting that vet on who has all the data (Benefits vs side effects with percentages). That’s why I no longer believe in the Parvo shot. I don’t even know which shot gave my dog a bad reaction since she had 3 shots at once and all three had seizures listed as side effects. I used a nerve herb combo which cleared it up.

    2. And did you know that very few but smarter vets give ivermectin to dogs along with their rabies shot to reduce chance of bad nerve side effects? On the flip side of that I raise mini pigs and have only had one pig have a bad reaction to semi-annual Ivermectin deworming. The nerve herb combo pulled hi out of that. I think he ate his buddy’s share of ivermectin too. I get them one on one now to dose them so I can make sure they eat their own share. Ivermectin also works like magic on piglet pneumonia, not just regular human pneumonia and Covid Pneumonia.. Side effects are very rare with Ivermectin and are most often nerve related, probably why the nerve herb mix worked.

    3. I looked up the package insert for my dogs vaccine and it stated that the life of the vaccine is from 5 to 7 yrs, so u would only have to give them the vaccine.3 times during its lifetime. I stopped giving it to them 6 yrs ago.

  4. CovisisFake, I am SO Glad someone else Sees the Truth! Everybody thinks Covid actually exists..It does Not. Its the Fl.No More no Less.. All these people saying I have Covid!! I ask.What are your symptoms? And….Its either a COLD or the FLU.. Man but people are…Not using their brains..

  5. One thing that stands out with these experts on Del’s show – is that they seem to think that all these harms and problems surrounding the vaccine are “mistakes.”
    That really is a supremely naïve view IMO – these aren’t mistakes.
    Fauci, Gates et al, know exactly what they’re doing – they know these shots are toxic.

  6. I called the number you gave for thr cleveland clinic regarding Tanners transplant but was given a message that the mailbox was not set up so I wa unable to leave a message. Is there an alternat number

  7. @Libertas the agriculture industry has quite a few people speaking out. They are being censored. In Pennsylvania, Amish farmers are being sued by the FDA, In Wisconsin dairy farmers are being shut down. There are holistic vets fighting for the pet industry. They are hard to find with the censorship

    1. @Aunty_Gaslighter
      Yes, I know some holistic vets are speaking out – that’s how I began researching this issue.
      But none of the “influencers” in the Freedom Movement are uttering a peep about it.
      Humans have voices to speak up for themselves – but our pets don’t have a voice – and unfortunately, most pet owners are unaware of these poisons which are regularly being injected into their beloved pets..

  8. We will see you soon at the March 10 rally in LA!
    I was set to go to the DC event ( … until that Omicron variant made us stay secluded at home.)
    I will donate some $$ here for the party, like I do monthly since 2020.
    [even though I never paid for cable TV, political party, etc.] Its a hardship for this blue collar worker, but worth it … esp. when I see the countless others doing/sacrificing so much more.

  9. ….and in Canada I can’t fly from province to province as an unvaccinated person. Nor could I transit/fly via “free” USA with a stopover from Mexico to Canada.

  10. You guys need to completely forget about the vaccine passport it is now the digital currency/digital ID which will require full vaccine compliance along with every other compliance known to man. Other huge news the Canadian courts have told the crown that they have to produce proof that they own the land or get off it which is 87% of the land in Canada! https://www.bitchute.com/video/5aRdTmCFMPLg/?fbclid=IwAR0aqWmDgH2Qq0Hgp_nYQFPFsU3G6jsNxGylAI6RDDyvB8ITRrbjyssWTpE

  11. I really wish that Aaron Siri would open a practice in Canada and file some lawsuits!! I know alot of people would support them here. The convoy raised a ton of money.

  12. Exactly! They adjusted their data after the court win. I’m concerned that with every brilliant strategy that Aaron Siri comes up with, that’s one more thing these corrupt governments put on their list of legislations to change.

    1. @ daverave62
      As much as I have respect for Dr. McCullough and his work – even he said to Del that he didn’t believe the things that have occurred have been done purposefully.
      He’a either shielding his associates in the gov’t, or is woefully naïve.
      Even the Phd in this last segment, can’t seem to grasp the reality of the situation.
      Though he tactfully remains silent – I think Del has no trouble getting it after all this time..

  13. you hear some doctors and others say they are not against all vaccines but me for one im against all vaccines cause all are poisons designed to harm and kill !!!

    1. @ daverave62
      Yes… My generation didn’t get all these current vaccines – we got the “illnesses,” got over them, and got our natural immunity towards them. We lived..
      I’m with you – these shots are a scam – not only to line the greedy pockets of the allopathic industry and Pharma – but for an even worse agenda which is really mind boggling to contemplate..

  14. Just an FYI about the state providing medical services to kids without parental consent: I am close to someone who went through this in NYS: Her teenage daughter was given an ABORTION without her consent. The school set it up for her. You really should check the laws in your state in regard to this, especially if you live in NY or CA.

  15. Not only is Aaron Siri amazingly handsome but brilliant as well. It is just crazy that the CDC gets away with their lies and the conflict of interest within the CDC. I really want to see people behind bars.

  16. $heeple $cience refuses and censors asking the obvious questions and doing the tests which real science demands to be tested. The Galileo Affair is the model of bad $cience which is used outside of religious authority even more tyrannically, preventing all real progress. Nothing new under the sun..

  17. is there no evil these so called health depts will sink to ?????


  18. I honestly can say that the insanity we are seeing involving Covid murder, fanning the flames of the Ukraine war, using “Global Warming” as an excuse to destroy American energy production is a result of Americans buying into and supporting ‘Progressivism’. Sadly, even some intelligent people were sucked into this evil ideology. This dogma is at the foundation of the political movement to destroy this Republic. Sadly, it’s many previous supporters of this arrogant conviction who have actually put this country in the position it now finds itself in.

  19. As to pet vaccinations, our cats haven’t had any since they were kittens, and they’re all between the ages of seven and ten. No infections or diseases. Outdoor/indoor. Pets are definitely over-vaccinated ? ? ?

  20. DELL, Restore Tanner’s mal-functioning Kidney with CHLORINE DIOXIDE. – Relay this message to Tanner’s parents. Also, be sure and tell them how dangerous these vaccines are. YOU CAN SAVE TANNER’S LIFE with this information.

  21. IDELL if you truly mean that you want to set precedence regarding a story that will effect the ENTIRE WORLD. interview MARK GRENON of THE GENESIS II CHURCH of HEALTH and HEALING. CONTACT me to set up the interview. My name and email address is on your list as a donor to your show ICAN and as lizellie.

  22. Bribe money all over the place and easy to see it’s signs in the incoherent words and actions of the bribed. Nursing homes giving flu and covid shots that kill, insurance companies mandating shots that maim and kill? Governors mandating things that kill… The writing is on the wall who taking bribes.

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What is Killing Millennials?; Airlines Ready to Drop Masks; Chaos & Hypocrisy in NY; Cleveland Clinic Denies Child’s Kidney Transplant; Huge ICAN-funded Legal Win; Get to L.A. April 10th!

Guests: Jessica Rose, PhD, Jenn & Dane Donaldson, Aaron Siri, Esq.