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Episode 351: WAR OF THE WORDS



  1. 25:14 I recall, what was it the Milgram experiment? where test subjects administered shocks to a person they couldn’t see, upping the voltage with each incorrect answer. The test subject would often defer to the administer of the experiment asking if they should stop, and the administrator always deferred to the document that stated the experiments must be completed…The Doctors needed the reassurance from an authority figure to override their internal barrier to committing murder.

  2. Hi, I have been watching The Highwire for a number of years now and am a monthly donour. I constantly promote this program and send links to many of my contacts.

    I am disgusted to see and hear any mention of the Zionist Ron DiSantis. A guy with extreme double standards and filled with hate for Arabs and the Palestinian people. Either full of lies or just purely ignorant. Where he gets the skewed information of the Palestinians puzzles me and that he has spent no time fact finding before spewing such disgusting lies upon lies.
    It is a good job that Dr Ladapo seems to be knowledgable to inform DiSantis of some truths in the medical field.

    I was also totally shocked by what spewed out of RFK’s mouth the other day on a podcast regarding the genocide in Gaza…. Another Zionist bent on wiping Palestinians off the map. To say he is/was the chair of Children’s Defence……What hypocrisy and double standards. Thousands of children being murdered, disfigured, maimed, mutilated, having to go through amputations, operations, and other medical interventions without anaesthesia AND he says Israel has a right to defend itself??? He obviously has been bought by AIPAC and such.

    Sorry guys if you associate with DiSantis or RFK then I will no longer donate or associate myself with this program. You cannot or should not have such hypocrites on The Highwire

    1. Israel and the region has always been a topic of controversy and division.
      In the area a spiritual battle is being fought where influences of light and darkness, but also arrogant little human minds are caught up in a battle they do not understand.
      In times like this it is better to do a step back and know that information about that area is contradicting an unreliable.
      I think grave injustice is done on both ends an that we should not let ourselves be driven apart on other more productive area’s.

  3. You say to “tell us if we got it wrong”, well ya did. Jeffrey says he called U.S. hospitals & they weren’t using morphine for covid patients as part of their protocol!!! My moms medical records & many of my friends all over the U.S. records beg to differ. They were making people sedated enough to get them on vents to get all the $, highly highly incentivized. At least $100,000 per body. Either Jeffrey didn’t call or he’s gullible. Would u guys seriously believe the hospitals after they’ve murdered millions of covid patients?! Why do u think EcoHealth Alliance has been sued 4 times & we will continue to sue & make any involved additional defendants. Death Protocol orders were all sent down the line & most obeyed & chose orders & $ & jobs over actual lives of our loved ones. Good luck to those demons on judgement day!

  4. To Sals: I truly believe in free speech and that is why you can state all the things you just did. I sincerely hope you learn some history about the topic, and refrain from the name calling of political figures you disagree with. Until you do, no one will take this commentary seriously.

  5. To Crogala: thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately free speech is limited, even your response tells me this. I speak about DeSantes and RFKjr factually. They have repeated unverified allegations. I thought they were men of integrity in the Covid arena. But this integrity should not be limited. Even if it means that you may upset certain groups for speaking the truth (AIPAC & such) . I stated facts. Both have supported the Genocide of Palestinians (Muslim and Christian) both have said vile things without knowing true facts. Neither has called for a ceasefire. They have an agenda, which is to win votes so any integrity, honesty, truth that could have a negative impact on their political future goes out of the window.
    I have read and know the historical facts unfortunately both Desantes and RFKjr do not or choose to ignore and run with the rhetoric. Israelis, whether their media, politicians or the IDF have spewed lies upon lies which have been refuted again and again by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch. Even their own government conceded and have had to refute serious allegations.
    ‘There is a list’

  6. I would love to see the subject of ‘agendas’ brought into the conversations a lot more than they are. It’s a big elephant in the room that’s not sufficiently addressed especially when bringing up the whys of inadequate testing, rushed production (though I believe they had these poisons already in stock as they were creating the plandemic) and disregard for likely side affects given the list of toxic contents. Please do an episode on Agendas!

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Episode 351: WAR OF THE WORDS

Top Florida Health Official Wants Answers Over Potential mRNA Contamination; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on Scottish Care Home Nurse Whistleblower, New Evidence Links Daszak, Baric, in Wuhan Coverup, and Predictive Programming and The Manipulation of YOU; New Movie, Protocol 7, Exposes Mumps Vaccine Scandal; Protocol-7 to Debut at New Autism Health Summit in 2024

Guests: Joseph A. Ladapo, M.D. Ph.D., Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Tracy Slepcevic

AIRDATE: December 21, 2023