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Episode 236: W.H.O. IS TO BLAME?



  1. Dell, and the entire highwire teaam. YHANK YOU. I have been watching for almost a year now and sharing in every way possible, and I am proud to say a few weeks ago I became a monthly contributor to ICAN!

  2. When I wrote to my senators about arresting that monster (Fauci) I got a reply that sounded like it came right from Fauci himself! (The shots are safe and effective and that’s why we took them). As long as our so-called “leaders” are uninformed cowards, we will have a government that will continue to destroy everything that was good about life in the “land of the free”… the most important of those (in my opinion) being able to say NO to things I don’t want.

  3. Tranhumanism is the absolute worst choice of living status for this generation to hand off to future generations on Earth.. And that is why this unbelievably huge worldwide nightmare must become completely, utterly, 100% stopped cold, – once and for all time.


  4. Thank you for everything and especially this interview. I had been searching for hours the day before this aired for this exact WHO meeting where she says the problem with misinformation is it isnt misinformation. I was so relieved you saved this! If people cant see it after this, they are blind. the problem is getting the lazy ones to watch it.

  5. Del, it’s interesting that the Global Health Summit of Dec 2019 and the World Economic Forum are both located in Switzerland………….you know….the World Economic Forum that has the “Plan 2030” ? Klaus Schwab? AntiChrist?

  6. I don’t mind if you call me a flat earther neither am I offended. A hundred years ago you would have been jailed in many places if you claimed the earth was round and spinning. It certainly does not fell like I am spinning lol.. But something happened after WWII.. science changed.. things got weird.. Maybe Stanley Kubrik has the answer and maybe Mr. Beracca is trying to tell us something in a round about way.

  7. Please recall that Marion Gruber resigned in September 2020 as director of the FDA. She is running from her deeds. The vice director at the FDA who has resigned is Philip Krause.
    What a bunch of pseudoscientists and liars who have hood-winked the global medical profession, but for a few heros of medicine.

  8. Do you know they have never done a study about how vaccines work together?? And the CDC admitted it the other day…we test them alone, don’t test them together to see if there are safety synergies…Thanks
    Del, donated again. I love it when you rant and rave…someitimes people need to have these policy wonks translated to english.

  9. Being Dr. Heidi Larson is an anthropologist, that tells me she is a Godless evolutionist and doesn’t believe in the efficacy of the immune system God created in all of us.

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  11. Remdesivir as an approved early treatment medication is contributing immensely to the COVID death stats. Fauci approve to spike the numbers and increase the sales of HIS VAXX. THIS SHOULD BE EXPOSED!!!

  12. It looks like the meeting where the individuals speaking about “adjuvants” and how they should only be combined with known “antigens”- because they can have different effects when an adjuvant is combined with an antigen with unknown safety data-that these individuals receiving a project that was made this way, are AT RISK. These individuals are admitting that when adjuvants are mixed with unknown antigens that can cause unknown effects? How does this relate to synergistic toxicity? Such as when we immunize children babies and now adults with multiple injections at the same time. It sounds as if synergistic toxicity is known but not being spoken about specifically. For those of us who would like proof of synergistic toxicity here it is. And Within this meeting the discussion of the individuals who advise in the making of vaccine products are advising against using antigens and adjuvants together in unknown ways. This is HUGE.

  13. Everyone you called out works for Del, he’s going to use it to justify draconian censorship far worse than he censors now, which is a lot.

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  15. Sounds like this whole COVID vaccine push is really all about the entire vaccine program. Trying to restore confidence in the altruist nature of the reasoning behind the whole vaccine schedule. I had a feeling it was something more sinister than just COVID itself because as we know and is logical, the vaccine doesn’t stop anything. Maybe if enough people think it will save them from death, then they will yet again look to the science industry as our saviors. It’s sickening and turns my stomach… I was vaccinated while pregnant, not knowing that there was no science behind it and I could’ve harmed my son. I want to use very explosive words to express my anger but I will trust that they will answer for their high crimes either in this life or the next.

  16. So thankful for your news show! It is the only one I trust to report the facts! Trying to get your word out!! Keep bringing it our future is riding on you!

  17. Love you Del!!!
    Not much outrage here in Australia they’re just getting jabbed and going about the day! The unvaxxed are the bad guys?! I can’t even believe this is Australia !

  18. Firstly Love your work Del!!!

    Fauci is a lying demon. Dr David Martin wrote a Dossier on him and all his crimes. Everything Fauci says is a lie.

    Would love for you to have Dr Dave Martin on the show to expose your audience to him for those who haven’t heard of him.

    In other news.. not much outrage here in Australia they’re just getting jabbed and going about the day! The unvaxxed are the bad guys?! I can’t even believe this is Australia !

    1. Natasha, the problem here in Australia is that most Aussies have that “She’ll be right” attitude and a relatively easy life while the rug has been progressively pulled out from under them (like slowly boiled frogs) by globalist politicians interested in their own welfare at the expense of the people. Heaven only knows what they hope to gain from the tyranny they are currently raining down on the people. Maybe they think the evil cabal will treat them favourably when they gain world control? These traitors need to wake up and smell the roses! Be reassured, Natasha, the ‘Fight Back’ has well and truly started here in the land of OZ! The dragon has finally been roused from slumber!

  19. It’s not about money. Actually is there an itemized type of writeup regarding where your ican donations go? Other folks have been asking and I see no answers. Seems you are well off because of these incredible videos. Awesome. But you got the money dude. I feel overwhelmed and cheated when the public is asked for donations. This is very important and necessary truthful information and should be given without a price involved.

    1. So if you know this info is critical why don’t you donate everything you make all week every week? That’s what you’re asking of The Highwire…. Not sure if you’re just trying to start an argument or are just ignorant of the statement you just made, but maybe you should think about what you’re saying first. If you truly believe it, then you should be the first in line to donate everything you make at whatever job/ income producer you have in your life. Or, maybe focus your attention to the regulators who are funded by our tax dollars to do exactly what you’re asking Del & co to do for free. Actually I would start with researching how the whole process of creating and marketing a show like this actually happens, and what the costs are. I know, I know.. I’m literally wasting my breath here. But maybe you’re young and really don’t understand. Or someone reading this will realize how vital our support really is. For that, it’s worth it. Hope you come around one of these days..

  20. Hard hitting stuff Del. I’ve been watching this program for years but want to give a shout-out to GrandTheftWorld.com and Richard Grove’s team for reminding me weekly why I need to stop back in to see what TheHighwire.com is up to this week! Thx to everyone on the team!

  21. “Half a day training doctors on vaccines”… Also consider that doctors get about half a day on NUTRITION!
    Increasingly studies indicate that good nutrition, exercise and minimising pollution (clean air), can do things like REVERSE some kinds of dementia (Dr Bredesen)!

  22. I’m arguing the severity of this even though Rand Paul said no one’s arguing the severity of this disease. There’s faulty useless basically fake PCR tests and Trump picked that up right away and got a 2nd opinion where he turned around his diagnosis. Then he said he got a vaccine “It’s a great vaccine, I got one, you should get one, it’s a great vaccine” Now I don’t care if he’s president after hearing him say that one. He offers pro choice. I don’t care to be told it’s great when there’s clearly deaths and side effects because of clearly bad ass metal in the vaccines. Deadly graphene and MRNA and many hundreds of doctors I found online against it and claiming this is just poison. With the tricky various poison doses and placebos, It’s on StewPeters.tv. Dead, dead, dead is what the WHO wants. The smart beings that live underground are vampires who obviously run the WHO. That’s the world’s problem. “The whole world is a giant blood and loosh factory” Steven D Kelley of truthcatradio.com #OccupyTheGetty on t.me There’s plenty of psychics that can see things of this nature. USA don’t have the best medical system. The best pharmacy is out in the nature if nature is allowed to exist and be worked with. Big Pharma is there to make money off of plants so they are hiding nature from people and discovering it for their finances. Financial competitions are destroying human life, pretending to be better than nature so people can have huge ugly buildings and big mansions and travel on planes or in the underground case hang out with their spaceships, capture and reincarnate souls into new bodies. “14 days to flatten the curve turned into 3 jabs to keep your job” was good words. Lies, the devil is the father of all lies. We have a dark side on earth by design and the AI technical beings hiding out in underground bunkers and cities doing their thing to the surface dwellers to keep the blood and loosh factory going on from war and migrants and poverty and death of grown ups and they get their babies. Big Pharma who obviously works for the underground ruling surface earth, has been clearly given orders to destroy to reset the 400 year regular reset of human surface dweller populations. So it’s a depop “vaccine that’s not a vaccine” Why are some vaccinated people walking and talking for a year now? Placebos, or lowest doses in certain viles. People are supposed to stay sick so Big Pharma and Doctor’s can write bills. In war they have plandemics to depopulate and pay soldiers and doctor’s to finish lives of burden people. Lately everyone is considered a burden since they want to reset the civilization. Get rid of vaccines and they reset it other ways, quakes, volcanos, fires and floods, and hitting people as individuals or buildings with direct energy microwave beams, and they make all this bad food that’s not food. But for now the hospitals and doctor’s and random testers are being paid to put out war time death triage by poison. It’s a secret war. Liars are interesting in that they keep on lying past being caught. They can’t get rid of some virus that doesn’t exist. This viral thing is just repackaged, renamed common colds and flu’s and microwaves being aimed at people, fake PCR tests for pure lies. In the bottom line the devil exists and that group underground that’s the devil ruling by secrecy wants a depopulation and I believe an end times blood harvest. They got vaccinated people hating on unvaccinated and want them homeless, imprisoned or jailed or dead, and if what the doctor’s spoke out with like Dolores Cahill, and so many other’s this vaccine is meant to kill people via trickery and using hatred of the one’s who didn’t suffer yet over getting a placebo or low dose poison not feeling as bad yet as the high dose victims. Hidden data on side effects and actual death. Using MSM to lie, reading teleprompters and doctor’s lying too. We have a dark side on earth, that’s proving how people can be manipulated to hate on or kill other’s, or jail them or make them homeless, just to stay wealthier. Competition for finances is considered fair game to these types or many are remaining ignorant while MSM and the WHO and Big Pharma needs to get out of business. Which power is going to get them out? Now they try and say vaccines work better than nature. They’re gonna keep on lying because they work for the liars that run the planet from underground as far as I can tell. It’s vampires egging this on so that truth better come out or this is useless to fix an earth to a nice or great place. Make the earth great again Trump.

  23. It does make sense. They are unable to control the billions, so they want to implement stricter controls so they can kill us when they deem necessary.
    Globalists, The 300 eugenic, megalomaniac families that own the planet. Those who own the banks, Hollywood, the media, those who are looking for total control of the human herd.

  24. Long time supporter of your work. I just read some things on realrawnews.com. Is this a trustworthy site? Isaac suicided? Tom H. is now off of this earth? And so is Bill G.? And Hillary? I’d love to hear your investigation on this. Supposedly a military JAG and tribunal made this happen.

  25. The scientific method in biological science requires a statistically significant data sample as well as randomly selected test and control groups. The admission in this video to small data samples limited to one age group , is admission that they are not doing science. Science is not knowledge or facts – it is a very well defined process. Without the rules of the scientific method, the results of a study are entirely meaningless.

  26. Thank you and your excellent team, Del, for your hard work! I recently gave a one-time generous donation and now I am a monthly contributor.
    I live in a Spanish-speaking country, and it would be great if your information could be published in Spanish. My employees know the dangers of the “vaccine” and will never get it. But there are many who’ve bought the government’s fear campaign. I am disgusted to see most people–outside in the fresh air–or alone in their cars, wearing the stupid government-mandated dangerous-to-health masks. Even worse, they are putting these masks on their tiny children!
    Let’s don’t let these evil maniacs destroy the world!

  27. I love the Highwire. So glad we have a place to get the truth. I am unvaccinated and so is my entire husband’s side of my family. My husband died of COVID in 3/21 even though he was a very healthy man from a family that lives into their 80’s & 90’s. He turned 69 while in the hospital yet we are not getting the vaccine!

  28. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in our bloodstream. It must be fought for protected and handed on to them to do the same; or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free. -RR

  29. don’t be too hard on the USA. We have the same idiots here in the EU. In The Netherlands we have a kindergarten teacher who is Minister of Health. A complete idiot psychopath. In Belgium the prime minister is a corrupt WEF thug. The problem is global.

  30. Big pharma starts losing, so you see what they done? They hit us with a maybe virus. Lie like hell to people and have made billions. Idk how many people they got to go over to there side and trust vaccines but I’d say a more than a few. But there going to take it to the next level now. There thinking, you don’t think this is safe, well now we are going to hold you down and make you take it. Just to prove to you that it is.

  31. Hello from Massachusetts.
    I’m brand new here, I watched you on Dr. Wolfe and I will be here from now on.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Thank you Del for replaying this episode. I hadn’t seen it before. I found it to be incredible that this info is out there and not everyone will know it exists. I mean it’s been almost 2 years since that meeting and I’ve been following you for a year and a half and I’m just seeing it now. I discovered you and your work around May of 2020, and RFK Jr around April of 2020. It’s hard to find time to go back through your past episodes with all the content that there is to stay on top of these days, plus keep after daily duties, 2 kids and work. You guys do such an amazing job. Have you done any episodes digging into Jonas Salk? It just seems odd to me that the same guy who is credited with the first “Safe and Effective” polio vaccine would later go on to write the book The Survival of The Wisest. Most people view this as a book on eugenics and mutation. And for some odd reason the book is super expensive to buy. I personally have not read the whole book yet but was able to download a PDF and have just skimmed through so far. If you haven’t already done so I would love to see at least a segment on him. Keep up the great work at The Highwire!

  32. Thank you Del and your entire staff for thoroughly investigating and reporting what prominent scientists have stated on Covid-19. The time and effort it takes to seek out professionals (doctors and scientists)that back up their statements with evidence and facts and respected studies. No other journalist or newscaster reports with such intelligence and accuracy. I look forward to watching the Highwire as often as possible. Please continue to reveal the TRUTH and keep up the fight legally. We need to reverse these ridiculous mandates and get America back to a FREE country. Thank you!!!!!

  33. During nursing school I shared the story of my two sons having adverse reactions to infant vaccination and I was slammed and bullied by teachers and classmates saying I knew nothing. I learned to put my head down and got through the program but my radar went up and have since read 100’s of studies. Last year I was out of work as a nurse fighting for my life against breast cancer. I won and am now facing losing my job because I refuse to poison myself and risk having my cancer return. Lord help this land.

  34. I joined a pregnancy online group. When it came to due in October, they almost all got a flu shot before 12 weeks. Half miscarried. Compared to 1 or 2 women due other months (earlier), who either did not get the flu shot, or got it after 12 weeks, and then miscarried, the ones due in October, around 8 women left due to miscarriage.

    1. Clarifying, sorry, the ones who found out they were pregnant in October I mean.

      The ones who were due around May/June. They were getting flu shots at 6-12 weeks pregnant and a notabluy higher percentage miscarried.

  35. In the beginning, I didn’t believe that I am able to read such a long post. Your style certainly attracted my attention. Then you came back with another amazing article, as usual. Great Article Neil. I had a look a few days ago, but didn’t make an opinion, but I felt this article was good enough to warrant a thanks you, I’ll be applying the tips on my websites shortly!

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Episode 236: W.H.O. IS TO BLAME?

Fauci & Becerra Get Ripped A New One; Bombshell W.H.O. Exposé Through The Lens of A Pandemic; More U.S. Health Officials Jump Ship