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  1. It’s too bad that Del didn’t get a real professional on the subject of climate engineering. His name is Dane Wigington at geoengineeringwatch.org.
    I don’t know where this guy of “Jim Lee” was found, but he needs to find another career. I couldn’t listen to him, for 5 mins, after all the junk he said! I was very disappointed with Del, with getting this “cheapo”.

    1. Cosmic rays…ironizing radiation (8:55) + a seed + water = clouds
      No one is talking openly like this about the effects of the ionizing radiation from HAARP, the ubiquitous cell towers dotting the earth or Elon Musk’s satellite trains in the sky.

    2. I admired his research tack. This is more complex than it appears and some information requires greater scrutiny. For example, nobody touches on The Dust Detective, a story in High Country News on cloud nuclei. That said and now that the Tarim Basin is the source of the dust, we haven’t looked at China’s terraengineering and global hydrologic cycle impacts of both the planned 1 billion trees and the massive find of hydrocarbons in that same western basin. Even Dane Wigington wouldn’t examine that but continually looked only to planes. Our planet is a complex system where “fixing” or doing resources extractions always, always in my studies has had unintended consequences..

      “Let us faithfully record the impressions of the day for both we and the world shall be wiser for it.” George Perkins Marsh. “The Camel”

    3. Hmmm… disagree. He had Dane on several months ago, who was also a good reference. You should listen to this entire interview because it starts in one place and ends in another. This is by far the best explanation of what’s going on I’ve seen.

    4. I have watched the interview with Jim Lee now for a second time. I’ve been a fan of Dane Wiggington’s work for over a year now, but Lee examines the problem from angles not treated in Wiggington’s work.
      The most precious part of Del’s interview with Lee, for me, is the distinction between “slave talk” and simple language which can discern the heart of this complex matter. My own speech to anyone I would attempt to “enlighten” about this matter has been mostly half truth and “slave talk”.
      Wiggington is a passionate engineer/naturalist — his language is at its best when he is describing his own experience with nature. Lee aims at the ineffective language of ill informed scientific and pseudo scientific debate; his work is most needed and his work with the language of debate as it would stand in a legal court is priceless.

  2. Good point about seeing the stars. We have not been able to see them for a few years now. And our view of the horizon over the ocean, keeps getting whiter and higher each year.
    I have videos and photos from the last few years of the spraying they do on almost a daily basis.
    We are all breathing in aluminum, barium, strontium and nano particles of plastic everyday.
    We do not consent to being an experiment for geoengineering.

  3. Aluminum causes dementia. We are breathing in aluminum everyday from this spraying experiment. Add to this mix that 5G interacts with the metals that are being sprayed. People are getting sicker everyday.

  4. Many Thanks for the Jim Lee interview, and for the two of Dane Wiggington prior.
    Climatology is roomy enough for both Dane and Jim; I’ve followed Dane’s geoengineering site for over a year & the interview with Lee is a worthwhile complement to Dane’s work.
    I recall Stephanie Senneff’s remark during Del’s interview with her, something like: “I thought glyphosate was the worst thing possible — the mRNA shots are far worse . . . ”
    This geoengineering business seems more an existential threat than any coerced medical treatment.

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Leave a Reply

Del sits down with the founder of climateviewer.com, Jim Lee, to discuss the latest in weather modification and geoengineering. Jim has collected over a decades worth of weather modification history and has archived it so that the public has access. In this segment, Del challenges Jim, and gets to the bottom of what’s really going on in the skies above.

POSTED: March 15, 2024