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Episode 363: EYE ON THE SKY



    1. You can see planes turning their sprayers on an off. Planes flying one direction, turning around and coming back parallel with their original track. The most important is simple thermodynamics, you have a given temperature, moisture level and air pressure with no condensation. Airplane flys in, turbines are increasing the pressure, condensation will happen, but this is the unbalance. The pressure is not maintained therefore the condensation dissipates. Even nowadays you can see that not all planes are making horizon to horizon trails. I think the interview was not challenging enough.

      1. Agreed. I think that it is most important, having listened to the ‘theoretical’ response to trails in the sky, to have Dane Wigington on your show to rebut with evidence what has been stated. Dane has been studying this topic for quite some time and has amassed a huge evidence base which sheds light on what is going on. Dane runs the site GeoengineeringWatch.org. To date the site has had over 46 million visitors.

  1. This was very interesting. I would be very curious to delve further into the solar cycle/astrophysics side of things as well. I have recently been digging into the research of Ben Davidson aka the Suspicious Observer and his Space Weather News reports. In the short time that I have been delving into his research and data he has made some unnervingly accurate observations that corresponded directly with things that I could quantify. Most of what he talks about is beyond my wheelhouse of medicine but in the areas that our wheelhouses overlap I’m intrigued. I don’t have a conclusion yet on the veracity of his data but so far (as horrifying as it may be) he reminds me of the scientists and doctors who have been blowing the whistle on covid and the vaccines and he’s being treated in a very similar way. The thing that I find interesting though is the research he has done showing how what is going on right now in our solar system is what is having far more impact on our planet’s weather and many of the other potentially misunderstood anomalies that we are experiencing than humanity. He seems to have found the unnerving middle ground between the climate hysteria of the left and the complete environmental dismissal of the right. Would love for your team to dig into his stuff and see what you make of it. I want him to be wrong with the same desperation that I wanted to be wrong about what I expected from the Covid “vaxes” (and as he has himself stated that if he is wrong it will be the answer to his daily prayers) but so far I haven’t found the flaw in his research in as much as I can evaluate it not being well versed in astrophysics myself yet. Would love more brains looking at it. Perhaps the most unnerving part is that his dose not conflict with any of my own research, observations, or hypotheses but rather either fills in gaps or gives additional viable explanations for patterns. Anyway, today’s show has some crossover points and I would be interested in getting Ben’s perspective on Jim Lee’s assessment’s and where he agrees, disagrees, and/or has additional data points that might shift certain calculations and conclusions. Fantastic show as always. Always fascinating to hear each perspective and data set.

  2. As for fake meat .. during the hurricane in Florida last year the grocery stores had the meat cases wiped EXCEPT the Beyond & Impossible… the meme started from there, Beyond Impossible To Sell 😂

  3. This was a great interview with Jim Lee. I only know him from his website which is so full of info, it can make your head burst. I learned a real lot from it, and hope you get him back to talk about some of the other weather modification technologies out there. Looks like with anything, moderation is the key. Not eating steak every day, not flying every month. And those private jets? Ground ’em!

  4. And that thought that we could be setting ourselves up for a global cooling disaster? Interesting! I’ve been thinking about that already from a clip from the old doc The Great Global Warming Swindle that mentioned we’ve been too close already to that danger point where photosynthesis stops. Yikes. We need to stop playing these games.

  5. Please, Del, have someone else on to talk about chemtrails. Respectfully, this man is not the one you want. And not Dane Wigington either. I’ve heard some pretty bad things about him and how he’s two faced with his work and may be paid opposition. Karen Kingston or Dr Ana Mihalcea may know some more knowledgeable people. You CANNOT tell me that those crisscross lines are NOT Geoengineering and you cannot tell me that only 100 planes are doing this. I can literally smell the chemicals dispersing and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. They spray downstream or upstream and as they disperse, you can smell it. Even Reinette Senum knows a lot.

    1. ALL of this needs to STOP! I am so sick of not seeing the BB natural sky, clouds and breathing the fresh air. JUST STOP! David Keith and Bill Gates need to be charged with Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Survival, from spraying and playing God, of the ENTIRE biological world. There are now nanoparticles, nanobots and graphene oxide covering the entire planet. One of the patents claimed it’s purpose is to “monitor and control all matter”. This is evil at its highest level. We are at an extinction level turning point. JUST 🛑 STOP!

    2. I think you misunderstood. I hear him saying it IS geoengineering, but those pushing this are using commercial airlines to help achieve it. The 100 he’s referring to are those that are ‘deliberately’ designed and tasked to do specific geoengineering. It makes sense to me. I don’t think he is ‘opposition’. He’s a nerd who’s been working on exposing this stuff in his little corner of the internet for decades, mainly speaking to his base for decades, granted, but he’s been trying to get people involved. Organization is not everyone’s strength. If ‘they’ had wanted to use him, he would have had more exposure by now I’d think.

      1. I live in Canada close to an airport. Within 30km. I see domestic flights every day and on a clear blue sky day they don’t leave any condensation Trail behind as mr Lee described. However certain times of the day we see airplanes that leave trails of chemtrails that start to cross paths in a weird pattern across sky. Those airplanes are not part of the regular domestic flights and they fly much higher. I don’t trust your guest and his statements maybe they are observable in USA but here on Canadian skies the chemtrails are clear.

  6. Airlines will never fly their planes at lower altitudes, due to the higher fuel burn. They won’t pay for that, so unless someone else absorbs that cost, it will never happen.

  7. The Informant Magazine”
    You mean that since I give a lump sum every year for the past 3 years and not monthly, that I don’t deserve to get it?

  8. “Eye on the Sky”

    I have been a Pilot for 42 years, 35 professionally flying turbo props, regional jets and transport’s..

    I have never seen any of the “chemical spray ” that is considered Chem Trails.. Is there truth to what you see.?

  9. I don’t mind adjusting my beliefs about who is doing what, to whom, and why. This fascinating interview left me with a 6 of 1, half dozen of the other feeling – so they’re not exactly chemtrails being sprayed on us to kill us, they’re just chemical trails being left in the air to … fall on us and kill us. Ohhhh., I do feel better thinking we’re only the stupidest people on earth, rather than the most evil., although of course, I know … we’re both.

  10. Have you seen the old documentary Why In The World Are They Spraying? You can see the patents and hear the discussions of experts on the matter. You are shown news headings from around the globe talking about events as a result of it where it was discussed openly at the time. Also, didn’t Jim say that the jet fuel itself was doing a lot of the damage?

  11. From the time I was young I remember looking up at the sun and never once did I see the white haze that surrounds the sun like it does now and it continues to grow as the spraying carries on!!

  12. Well Del read my mind because while watching the first part of the interview I thought Jim Lee was saying chem trails aren’t anything, nothing to see her. Then he pivoted during the last part. So he’s not quite where Dane Wigington is but he does think the government is spraying chemicals for nefarious reasons.

    It’s weird that Oppenheimer was mentioned. I just watched the movie and was thinking about it while watching this episode of the HW. The more I learn about this stuff, the less I trust the govt.

  13. Can some one please show me some actual evidence that dangerous human induced climate warming is not happening?? At the moment everything I have seen or read indicates that the a large Mass Formation group has formed within the Highwire/Anti-Globalist community and everyone is falling over themselves to deny climate warming is happening and also deny that it is human induced – without any actual credible evidence. Hopeful someone can provide some actual credible evidence. Would love to be actually convinced it’s a hoax – by actual good science

  14. When I was a child never were there these contrails. Why is that? Different planes, maybe. But the clouds were different too. Big and puffy. We never see that anymore. Why? I don’t believe all that was said on the program. There could be some truth to it but a lot was missing.

  15. I want to understand why I see a hundred planes, small and big, with out any type of trail in the sky, but then I see one that not only leaves a trail, but then it will fly back and forth across the sky over and over again within a small area? This does not seem like a plane being rerouted to take a different flight path. Seems they would just fly straight through once and keep going.

  16. I think that it is most important, having listened to the ‘theoretical’ response to trails in the sky, to have Dane Wigington on your show to rebut with evidence what was stated during the interview. Dane has been studying this topic for quite some time and has amassed a huge evidence base which sheds light on what is going on. Dane runs the site GeoengineeringWatch.org. To date the site has had over 46 million visitors.

    1. Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles study on low dose inhalation exposure and neurotoxicity due to bioaccumulation. This is the one to watch. Also suggests to me that those who pilot the planes may well be at the biggest risk. If commercial airline pilots are being grounded due to declines in mental competency, this would be the smoking gun, IMHO.

  17. Fake meat is delicious and difficult to tell apart from actual meat, when used in recipes like meatloaf or spaghetti with marinara sauce! However, it is incredibly bad for you. The ingredients are highly denatured, GMO and loaded with pesticides, hexane and toluene residues. That said, I have SIBO and a lot of things make me ill, especially vegetarian food. I tend to eat carnivore due to my history of pain, inflammation, asthma, chronic fatigue and severe nutrient deficiencies caused by my poor absorption, so I figured Impossible burgers would make me feel ill, but not so! I was very impressed. I thought it was meat and had three servings! But if I ever have it again, I’d be sue to only eat it once a month, TOPS!

    1. You haven’t read the articles on it at Children’s Health Defense I’m figuring. Calf’s blood, yuck. Try reading the article on dark matter in REAL food – the 98% we don’t know that was put there by nature that supplies us with all our strength and health. No lab coat can ever come even close to replicating it all. It is disaster in the making, a ticking time bomb of cancer and sickness that will only enrich the pharma industry ever more…again.

  18. Ongoing, global scale geoengineering or climate engineering is one subject that is either ommitted or misrepresented by all MSM, and vast majority of alt media. Connection between it and anthropogenic global warming is equally ommitted or, again, misrepresented. This also holds true for both this episode and the one hosting Dr. Judith Curry.
    Claims that almost all visible trails in the skies come from fuel only, and all the increasing hazing of our skies is only accumulation of decades long commercial aviation emmisions, are not true and not helpful for the cause of exposing and halting climate engineering operations, period.
    Although there is no denying of existence of jet fuel additives, vast majority of geoengineering is conducted via payload dispersions.
    Trails starting and stopping, trails as wide as the entire wingspan, trails misaligned with jet airstream, visible nozzles aimed at jet exhaust, two tone trails (dissipating or spreading in the different fashion), trails being unparalel or misaligned, and more, all prove these operations can only be done as a payload dispersions.
    Making fun of the damage we humans have inflicted on our home planet in a geological blink of an eye, is not helpful in bringing credibility to this issue, and again, in exposing and halting geoengineering.
    All solar minima, and all different natural variability cycles are real, yet they are all vastly outpaced and overridden by multitude of human industrial scale activities altering our planet’s energy balance. This is not scientifically disputed.
    Another troubling fact was a lack of any mention of chemical ice nucleation as a factor in all the weather modification operations. And the role these events play at skewing temperature readings to the downside. Temperature readings are taken at scale during those chemically ice nucleated events. And then they are used to lower the decades past averages used as a baseline, making that baseline effectively lower, giving appearance of the factual increase lower than it really is.
    Credibility and coherence is the key, if we are to gain traction with moving this issue forward. The two episodes in question, are unfortunately not helpful in informing the public on this most important issue of all.
    They just add to the confusion and division, and facilitate doubt as to the true state of the climate.
    Geoengineeringwatch.org is by far the largest and most visited website in the world, dedicated to documenting, exposing and halting ongoing climate engineering operations. Its lead researcher Dane Wigington would be good suggestion to have as a guest on the show.

    1. “Claims that almost all visible trails in the skies come from fuel only, and all the increasing hazing of our skies is only accumulation of decades long commercial aviation emisions”

      Sorry, he never said that. He said it was part of the problem.

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Episode 363: EYE ON THE SKY

Jefferey Jaxen reports on Fake Meat’s Free Fall, green energy’s plan to end the automobile age, and is Bayer Headed Toward Bankruptcy?; Del unpacks weather modification with climate engineering expert Jim Lee.

Guests: Jim Lee

AIRDATE: March 14, 2024