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  1. I may create a video from this episode. It took me 5 listens to Jeffrey’s report, and I realized there is a SOLID smoking gun in his report that proves our government knowingly caused death and injuries, by lying to the public, and keeping the vaccine rollout going. They knew it was going to hurt people before they even released/forced it onto us.

    1. I think the government consists of 1) psychopaths possibly demon possessed
      2) cowards
      3) blind sheep
      and yes, quite a few of them knew.

  2. Leila Sentner,
    The 2 biggest things our system currently does not teach until college that I think should be taught to children are
    1 Deception in advertising and 2 Logical Fallacies. What age do you think children are ready to learn those, though?

  3. Center Academy is a better school. Children should have a wholistic education.

    The first concern is children selling what the child called healing crystals. Perhaps these are placebos, but are the issues with legal pharmaceutical drugs taught? And the scientific method to make such claims? And the informed consumer to review studies?

    Is informed consent taught? To review the package insert. To be able to say yes or no without consequence from government. If agreeing to a shot, to see the syringe loaded from the bottle.

    How does the school handle medical emergencies? To they inform parents about the dangers of ventilators and the fatal kidney failures from Remdesivir?

  4. I edited the Smoking Gun portion of this week’s Jaxen Report down to pure substance. I plan to add intro, outro, and explanation at the beginning, for a finished product, but here is a less edited version in case the Highwire, or anyone else wants to use it. It will only be available to see via link after I upload the finished video: https://utreon.com/v/sWOBo6WvRai

  5. On this super Jazen Report on the VAERS contract, something not mentioned too is hospitals forbidding doctors and nurses from submitting reports. And administrators and license boards threatening doctors and nurses from submitting reports. Hospitals and vaccine centers wouold have been the primary entry to VAERS during covid. Imagine what those VAERS surge numbers should have been. VAERS and GDIT were seeing well less than the 1% estimate of the usual under-reporting.

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Has the Medical Freedom Movement Become the Most Influential Voting Block in America?; On The Jaxen Report, Jefferey details The VAERS Exposé and CDC’s knowledge of the hell they were about to unleash on the world; Controversy at Cochrane, as the once-esteemed organization is now throwing its researchers ‘under the bus’ in favor of the the opinion of a NY Times Editorial writer?; An Academy in Florida would not fold under pressure to vaccinate teachers, mask and isolate students. Hear from the couple that founded the Centner Academy, and how the children have thrived while most other schools were caught in the COVID’s crosshairs; The International ‘Crowd Resilience’ Tour is coming to America, and Del’s got all the details!

Guests: Leila and David Centner, Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, Dr. Ryan Cole