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Episode 336: TINDERBOX



  1. Every geoengineered flood is an opportunity for a land grab. People’s lives are upended to the point of bankrupting them. Then the predators arrive, snapping up the property of the flood victims. It is a matter of a scam like insider trading. Those in-the-know KNOW and can profiteer. So this is not only an insane science project sort of thang, it is a SURE THING for predators to gain economic control.

    Don’t be an “environmentalist”. It is a crazy term without a clear definition. Be a conservationist. Wasn’t “environmentalism” invented by the Club of Rome as a means to manipulate the population and direct people to globalist NWO goals.

  2. How convenient that Google Earth has made it possible to pinpoint every house of every person the Overlords want to wipe out. Like in Lahaina where only the group housing for low incomers in a development were burned, but the other single family houses were spared. Pretty weird.

    1. “You have a moron overlooking your child’s health” is the understatement of the century and it might be true if they were merely passing out benign ineffective vaccines.These vaccines are genocide.Its way more than a simple moronic act.Its extermination!!!.

  3. We are in a subtropical region with a monsoonal warm wet season (jan-mar/april) and cool dry season. Normal winter minimum temps are 7 deg C in a warm year and 0 degrees C in a normal cool winter. This winter, 18-19 is the overnight min, with only a few clear nights falling to 14-15. There are species that have winter/hibernation cycles necessary for breeding. Some won’t get their natural cues this year. The block-out-the-sun idea is rubbish here, because it’s the clear skies that let the heat of the earth and sea out. Cloud cover in the winter =heat. Also the summers have become unbearable, and spring is one heatwave warning after the next. This year and last year, any clear sky soon has 1 or more aircraft trails appear, and you can watch these throughout the day expand from a thin trail into a thicker one, to usually a complete silk veil over the whole sky. Then comes smutty-coloured clouds, and super-wet rain. What i mean by super-wet rain is that it soaks into the dry clay straight away, as if it contains a wetting agent, whereas it normally takes a lot more rain to wet below the surface in our soils. It also feels different under foot. I’m a farmer who depends on the weather so I notice these things, but I wonder whether they’re noticed by many people generally or not. If the trails are, as some suggest, created by new jet biofuels, the EPA should investigate and put an end to them because these changes are observable and extreme.


  5. When the warming is so bad that they have to cover it up, what is causing it? I heard that all planets in our solar system are currently warming up, so it must be the sun…

  6. The Highwire has gone fully MORON with regard to the science around CO2 emissions and the history of PPM CO2 in atmosphere. Either stick to your wheelhouse of vaccines or at least do some actual basic research on the science behind climate change.

  7. I am still surprised that Del and the HighWire will not note the statistics of global emissions, carbon atmospheric concentrations and the correlating significant temperature rise in the atmosphere and oceans. Science is most trusted when measures and objective analysis are conducted, like how the HW knows that the experimental jabs were not really tested for the long term, does not stop transmission, with all sorts of harm by mass vaccinations occurring.

    I can understand that perhaps 800,000 years ago the carbon concentration and climate could have been much more severe than it is today, but does that deny what has been going on in the last 200 years.. Meanwhile an exponential increase of impact is occurring from loss of carbon sinks as the oceans are too warm and ice melt will lead to more absorption of heat from the sun.

    Yes, geoengineering is making matters worse, which is being pursued because the military industrial complex maintains the fossil fuel industry for Geo-political and weapon technology purposes. They continue to drill and exploit nature for short term interests. They talk more about a climate emergency and use authoritarian maneuvers that are apparently reducing life on our planet. Be aware of half truths, and look at where we are headed toward ecosystem collapse in part from geoengineering and in part from pollution. Both issues are occurring at the same time.. Study more the measures.. truth sets us free..


  8. A question, hoping someone who knows can answer. I understand that historical carbon levels are obtained from ice cores. If I put a plastic bottle of soda in the freezer it distorts the bottle, sometimes it pops the lid and flows out. Once defrosted the soda is always ‘flat’. So I’m guessing freezing expels or chemically alters carbon dioxide from the water? Doesn’t this also occur in environmental carbonated samples, and what are the effects of increasing pressure and time under new snow loads and permafrost conditions? What calibrations, if any, are used to ensure accurate comparisons of environmental conditions from ice core data? If someone can point me in the right direction to understand these things, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

  9. It’s not :”black pill” to point out that voting for president isn’t going to change anything. It’s just reality. You’re the one feeding people nonsense that’s never going to work, because you still live in a world where you think 9/11 was a guy in a cave apparently. Because the minute you acknowledge that it wasn’t, the idea that your elections are legitimate is laughable. Telling the truth is never black pill.

    Your really think they could pull off 9/11 and the Rona, but you can vote harder and fix it? There’s ZERO logic or facts to back that up and that’s the ultimate black pill, false hope.

    Stop attacking people like me who were doing this work LONG before the Highwire just because you want to cling to your silly belief that presidents are elected.

  10. The Kerry/ Massie show, trumped only by the fool Jefferey and Del giggling, was too much. I cancelled my small recurring donation. I’ll watch only segments now– the ones with actual science in them. But I sure can’t share this unscientific wingnuttery, nor can I praise the show now. Bleh.

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Episode 336: TINDERBOX

UK Data Shows Teens Dying in Excess; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on a new study suggesting the COVID shot is altering kids’ immune systems, and Yesterday’s Tree Huggers Are Today’s Tree Burriers?; New Book Let’s The Science on Vax-Unvax Speak For Itself; Is Geo-Engineering Adding Fuel To The Forest Fires?

Guests: Edward Dowd, Brian S. Hooker, Ph.D., PE, Dane Wigington