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  1. At 48 minutes in, there were video clips of MSM commentaries of the so called “experts” bad mouthing the unvaxxed.
    One of them was Dr. Leana Wen. If you look her up, she a member of the WEF. Also, remember The Boston Marathon Bombings? The classic picture of the guy in the cowboy hat pushing “injured” Jeff Bauman in a wheelchair. It just so happens a lady who looks just like the good doctor is on the other side helping push the wheelchair. The picture is out there if you look for it. Seems really weird.

  2. I wonder how many millions of people who took this “Jabb” will be dead when we finally get all the relevant documents concerning their “safety?”

  3. driving so much money into cancer ‘research’ is criminal when if they were serious about improving outcomes you would not be looking at a cure but a prevention . drugs will continue to promote more cancer outcomes.

  4. Per rumor, Walensky was arrested upon returning to the USA by a faction of the military and taken to a military tribunal for swift justice.

  5. Still had no time to see it all, will continue tomorrow.

    Was there any reference to Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi?

    Does anyone of the HW team know about the level of ‘content moderation’ in this community ‘forum’?

  6. REPEAL Obama’s propaganda law. It’s not JUST a “a narrative”. IT IS PROPAGANDA. That means it is a behavioral psychology technology, engineered tactic of manipulation, disinformation and lies. In the case of covid, it was used to make sure the covid sure lockdowns, tests and injectables and hospital protocols were PROMOTED FOR PROFITEERING PURPOSES as well as repression of free speech, informed consent and bodily autonomy. “Vaccine Hesitancy” is a weaponized term that has NOTHING to do with public health and safety! It is being used to meslead.

  7. Linda Yaccarino and her X Everything APP is pure WEF.

    Everything in one place = Centralization = Fewer of everything else
    –> leading to the direction of accepting One World Control

    Her Ad Council work pushing a bioweapon was pure fascist propaganda since the covid profit stream has been a Fascist profit stream with both corporate and bureaucratic parties profiteering.

  8. GREAT EPISODE! Excellent legal work. Why the heck would the CDC need to review 1.2 million pages to license a vaccine? They obviously are trying to bury the evidence under a mountain.

    1. Hey Linda Yak Yak…the big vision for Twitter is the idea that it is the only big social network that allows FREEDOM OF SPEECH..It is in preserving this fundamental principle of our Constitution that makes Twitter stand way above other networks that censor free speech,like facebook and YouTube It is also the main thing that is going to make Twitter the number 1 social network in the world.If you don’t understand that essential protection,and instead want to allow advertisers to dictate any of the content,then you are crossing into corrupted waters and destroying what makes Twitter in an exceptional class of its own.I applaud Elon’s response to Linda but I still feel he made a BIG mistake hiring someone like her, who doesn’t get what makes Twitter Great and instead wants to kiss these advertisers asses and allow them to overstep their rights to dominate any content whatsoever.

  9. Hmmm…sorry Del, love the show, but the elephant in the room…is…that considering all the evidence of fraud and corruption…not one person has been convicted or jailed…never mind CHARGED.
    The documentary Plandemic 3 was supposed to be released in June LAST YEAR…then it was in September…then December.
    Why has “this can” been kicked down the road for a YEAR?
    Call me pessimistic or conspiratorial…But I can’t escape the feeling that pressure has been applied to delay the release.

    Year 2023…I believe we are experiencing the soft approach…

    Calm before the storm…

    Unfortunately, what we have experienced so far…will pale in comparison to what these psychopaths will unleash on humanity moving forward.

    They are exposed…and therefore desperate.
    Be prepared folks…Shit is about to get real.

  10. Did Aaron Siri’s document really say June 31, 2025? If so, I guess the FDA will have an infinite amount of time to issue all those pages since that date doesn’t exist!

  11. BINGO! Corporations are the Though Not$ees, from MSM, to Google, now on to TwittHerd bots. Heil Fascism! DickTraitors, BASS TURDS! “Brought to you by Pfizer!”

  12. I love your show, Del! I’ve been watching the Highwire since the beginning. So if I’m understanding the study at the 1 hour mark correctly, with a sample of almost 7 million people, about 0.03% of the vaxxed died from Covid. And according to Ioannidis’ recent study, he calculated that Covid had the same mortality rate overall. So this is proof the vax doesn’t decrease mortality from Covid at all!

  13. Couple thoughts:

    You don’t suppose Elon is hiring this lady to expose how “they” do business on the other side??

    As far as the court case ICAN/Aaron Siri, if it was known I had just by chance misconstrued the # of pages in information the court ordered to be released by me, would I still be walking around without consequence? Until the people in power get the same treatment for their perjury as the commoner would get, nothing will ever change. Nothing!

  14. Del continues to be very naive, saying the fanatical push to vaccinate everyone was a “mistake.” No it wasn’t, it was a deliberate, vicious crime. The global, satanic “deep state” wants most of us dead and the rest enslaved.

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Missouri vs Biden is the Biggest Censorship Collusion Case in America, with implications sweeping across the private and public sectors, and Almost No One is Covering it; Jefferey Jaxen reports on Elon Musk’s new Twitter CEO, Biden’s New Head of NIH; ICAN Scores Another Major Victory Against Pfizer and Moderna; Ireland’s New “Hate Offences Bill” is Disturbingly Draconian. Are The Irish Pushing Back?

Guests: Tracy Beanz, Aaron Siri, Esq., David Thunder, Ph.D.

AIRDATE: May 18, 2023