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  1. Indeed, it’s time we stand with conviction, integrity, and literally self-preservation. I support The Highwire. I also support James Corbett. Mostly, share and communicate. I know people don’t want to hear it, but they need to even though they don’t know they need to.

  2. Now that the vaccinated outnumber the unvaccinated, they’re increasing the pressure and further dividing us. If we don’t fight back, our numbers will continue to dwindle until the crowd that used to be part of our humanity will not care about our demise. Seriously, these seem like end times.

  3. Del when I had an income I donated to you because I think you are one of the most powerful voices in this war. Now I am not in a place where I can donate but I still support you with my voice and my activism. I share your clips as often as i can and often watch the shows twice, take screenshots and share or post the clips in comments so fb doesn’t delete my profile.

    I appreciate every single thing you do.

  4. he is josef megele sun . . . . . en he works for the presedent of amerika . . . . . . and hole the world beliefs him still. and he is going on and on . . . . and the world will be becaus of him never the same.

  5. Glad to see Del telling us what he thinks. For those that have been aware for years, please dive into ‘what ifs’-the depopulation plan…be bold with your audience.

  6. It has hit WA State too! I hear Oregon is bad also. How do we stop the spread? Some protest, share the truth and of course refuse to participate in mass jab campaigns, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

  7. Del. I live near Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and a lock down on unvaccinated has been issued since september 1st i the province. the funny thing, is that cases of covid are going up and down, even know, 90% of population received 2 jabs. but yet, we are (the unvaccinated) responsible for the waves (according to our provincial governement) this is crazy. i have been looking a the data of quebec deaths, and 2021 is actually mostly equivalent to 2019. which mean that we are back to normal. but no, we are still in a pandemic according to the governement. and yet i dont mention our worst prime minister, Justin Trudeau. the worst asshole in history of our country.

    1. I hear you. But like here in the US, we elected our own asshole in Joe Biden. Unfortunately, it’s the voters who make these decisions and believe the political lies and BS. The fools are paying a huge price, but are too stupid and brain washed to even recognize this simple reality! Good luck to you in Quebec. We feel your pain.

  8. So incredibly discouraging that so many have been brain washed into believing this “virus” is responsible for the deaths, all without a shred of proof!
    So, what is it that is killing those people? Where is the proof that says “this is what kills them”?

  9. I am now reading Robert Kennedy’s Jr. book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. I am only about a third of the way through the book, but make no mistake Kennedy documents and aptly describes how Fauci orchestrated the biggest fraud, possibly in history, and with it the destruction of democracy. There is no doubt Fauci is a criminal of the highest order and very probably a megalomaniac. He is certainly responsible for the needless deaths of thousands in the US and many more abroad. This is a must read for those of us who have stood independently, demanding valid research before submitting to and receiving any ’emergency’ vaccine. Big pharma, the media, high tech companies and large cororations have profited from the death of millions due to the Covid porn being pushed relentlessly on all of us. Lock downs, vaccines, masks, etc. have taken a terrible toll; which is well documented.
    On the down side Kennedy crucifies President Trump while giving President Biden a total pass! That is total bull shit! Trump made mistakes for sure. Biden has gone out of his way to destroy American freedoms while pushing mandatory vaccination and punitive measures. Biden now presides over an economy that is staggering while a year ago America was prospering. Kennedy, an obvious life long Democrat, needs to be more honest in this assessment. His bias makes this impossible. It does cause me some concern about the rest of his assertions and accusations in this book. There is, however, no doubt that Fauci is a criminal of the highest order.

  10. Hmm computer models were used to determine all the covid measures. The phrase rubbish in rubbish out shows only excellent data will produce anything approaching truth.

  11. TheHighWire winning? Now children are being forced vaccination with or without parent approval. The pizza party. TheHighWire can continue saying they are winning, but history will show nobody won. The ball is rolling and it will get worse. No one can stop it.

  12. How can I watch this with it whirlling every few words… what is the trick to watching it without these continuous interuptions – spoling the watching!!!!!

  13. Del, you & your staff really need to address the issues with the latency, and video quality and start issues with your videos. I usually never have an issue with the live stream but once it’s uploaded EVERY single time I’ve watched an episode at some point there are quality issues. How can I ask others to donate when our voices are not heard when it comes to this? These problems have been brought up since you moved to this new platform. Why continue donating? Seriously.

    p.s. I can stream videos all day long without issue, until I get on the highwire, & troubleshooting these issues for private businesses is what I’ve done for 11 years of my life.

  14. Still your videos aren’t loading after 15 minutes. If your networking guys or gals can’t figure this out by next month, I’m done donating. You have great info, but if I can’t access it, I have to go elsewhere. Get the IP address of the server hosting these videos, run a continuous ping for two minutes from your house, and you’ll see how horrible that device on your network is behaving. It’s either a bandwidth issue or the video server doesn’t have the memory or computational power to handle the traffic on your site. I’m done voicing my opinion on it. Next month I’m silently voting with my wallet, if it continues.

  15. When you send your children to school you are giving your children to the State. That means you consent to what ever they put into your child’s mind and body. Schools today are teaching your children that Communism is for the benefit of society, have intercourse at an early age, more than two genders, tranny strippers coming to your library to read your tots books is okay in their eyes, and not to question authority. It has been for a long time, now. That is what got us here in the first place. A former Soviet Union defector told us that Communists will infiltrate the minds of the young in schools. Children stealing from stores in large groups hasn’t gotten you to question where they got this idea? Children killing other children… that meme on YouTube that have the old Soviet Union theme song after the Robbie Rotten character from Lazy Town proclaims that the ice cream is free. Does that bother anyone? Twenty year olds that have never learned TINSTAAFL in economics class? Take your children out of school, try to live with your elders peacefully in the same house, and grow a community with those who have the same values as you. Plan to grow food together, build tools together, and barter & trade with one another because inflation is not going away either. The bankers divested from our country back in 1998 and they see the country with the great big red flag (social credit scores ringing a bell, anyone?) as the winner of this fight. We have to continue to be ungovernable.

    As for the Loading issue, I understand but they really are trying their best with meager means… Just like the rest of us. Help them out if you can (with your knowledge) since they don’t have Big Pharma’s pocket book.

  16. Maybe Del is trying to tell us that this is all a bunch of lies. The video doesn’t work. He doesn’t want us to watch the lies. He is being forced to continue the Highwire against his will.

  17. I am reading Robert Kennedy’s Jr’s book, “THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI”. I find it incredulous on two issues. First of all, there is no doubt, that Fauci is a megalomaniac and a monster. It’s only a matter of time before thousand more people are killed and/or severely injured and this murderer is exposed. What I find almost as abhorrent in Kennedy’s book is his political take on this evil. His diatribe against Donald Trump is accusatory and damning. He obviously hates Trump and blames him for this insane situation. He then goes on, to give Joe Biden a COMPLETE pass, saying that Biden is the victim of bad information. Total and complete BULLSHIT! Biden is a Fauci enabler of the highest order. Kennedy is blind to this truth. Biden’s mandated vaccinations are absolutely against the letter and word of our Constitution and so much more. After reading Kennedy’s political assessment I found it difficult to give his book the serious consideration it very probably deserves. If Kennedy is willing to put his politics above the truth then what else is he lying about here. It’s a real shame because Fauci is truly a bastard.

  18. Another great show Del. The “sad little man” song was the best! I see a lot of people are upset about the show not loading. I hope it gets better for them. I’m not having any issues. Thanks and have a wonderful day. 🙂

  19. If you have a facebook please go to March for Science page and lay down some truth they are spreading lies. Sometimes they talk about global warming but most posts are about covid and vaccines

  20. WHY /HOW is this MONSTER Still working anywhere?!!!!! Who dropped the ball on this demon? How can we stop him before more die because of his crimes? F-man!

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