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Episode 339: THE PLACEBO LIE



  1. I did not know the origins of the Epoch Times.
    Remember that there are honest, caring people in every culture, when they beat the drums of war between America and China. Love Chinese people, Hate their murderous tyrannical government.

    Oh, and Del, Sit down with ROMAN BALMAKOV next.

  2. I’ve been following The Highwire nearly from its inception.. What always crosses my mind when I’m sharing info with someone who is just waking up to the reality of all things is am I relaying it simply enough so they are still following me. Am I presenting it “dumbed” down enough so they are grasping what I’m saying? I’m thinking less is more in the beginning. Dels discussion with Jan… he did nail it but what did someone new to the convo get out of it? I have so much material at this point when someone asks me for resources, it’s always a scramble to decide what will have the most important impact. I’ve often thought wouldn’t it be great to have a starter kit?

    Here are the resources I often suggest:
    Vaxxed/Vaxxed 2 DVD
    The Vaccine Court book
    icandecide.org (or .com I always have to look it up to remember)
    1986: The Act dvd
    Vax vs unvaxx (book)
    There are others as well. I just always have to look up the titles to get them right.
    The Highwire can get pretty scientific which I appreciate bcuz I’ve been at this a while now. I just think we need to be cognitive of the early discoverer and what it is they really need to hear. There’s a reason we teach Algebra in 8th grade not in 1st. Any thoughts on this?

  3. There’s no embed code for these??? They’re already hosted on your servers; why can’t we stream from there? I can’t afford the space to download an hour or longer show, but your videos would sure cover more ground if you allowed us to distribute — I must be missing something.

  4. Great interview with Del. It is obvious that the root of the vaccine problem, as mass psychoses like religion all must join in, roll up your sleeve and take part. What is missing ? Critical thinking and observation can go a long way! But the planted fear and the possibilities of being shamed by friends and family worked very well! And really besides and easily manipulated public, it all comes around to the greed and corruption within the big pharma complex linked to the F.D.A., C.D.C. , N.I.H. is driven by massive greed!

  5. Next time that Del has the opportunity, he might do well to repeat Highwire reports/FACTS that greatly add to the Placebo paranoia:

    How several, “accidental PLACEBO” (unvaxed) groups revealed to possess better mortality rates (versus comparable vaxxed groups).
    For example:
    – Somalian immigrant children in Minnesota,

    – thousands of patients of Dr Paul Thomas (Oregon) vax vs no-vax patients,

    – vaxed groups vs un-vaxxed groups within present-day tribes in W Africa (Guinea? Ghana?).

  6. Great work, Del and Jan. Del’s offhanded summary of Jenner’s invention was priceless; so succinct that I had trouble hunting up the exact wording. — something like ” . . . some did better and some died”. The entire history of vaccinology in a nutshell! It’s unfortunate that you can’t FOIA for excess mortality statistics in the Continental Army.

  7. Del, please research Carnivore Diet! You can find all over youtube people curing themselves from diabetes, arthritis, anxiety/depression, auto immune diseases, and more! I’ve been eating carnivore for almost 3 months, and it changed my life! Please please please research it!!

  8. They got me with exactly that, the compassion issue.

    Having a few susceptible family/friends at the time. I went against my own best judgment. I wasn’t going to take it at all…. but based on the information I that was given to me by my government, I took it to protect my loved ones. They told me it was safe! I now know that they lied to me.

    Three shots later, the death of two family members, and another who luckily survived a massive heart attack, and then my own personal visit to an emergency room visit with heart scare, which at the time I still wasn’t aware of the possible C-19 connection as all that info was still being suppressed in the media.

    Looking back to what I know today, comparing it with current evidence coming out, and piecing it all together with my family timeline… I now 100% regret that life altering decision to get not just 1, but 3 shots of Moderna.

    I got played!

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Del Bigtree has been investigating vaccines since a whistleblower came forward in 2015 to expose alleged fraud at the CDC over the MMR vaccine. Now, through the work of his nonprofit, the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), he is digging deeper into the inner workings of America’s vaccine program using novel legal approaches. He joins Jan Jekielek of Epoch TV’s ‘American Thought Leaders’ to expose one of the biggest lies ever told to the public.

AIRDATE: September 28, 2023