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  1. What I find interesting is that autism was virtually non existent before these vaccines given to our children. It is now, today, a virtual epidemic and growing exponentially. These vaccines have been developed by criminals who control the CDC, FDA and big pharma. Someday I hope to see these people put to death. They are mass murders.

    1. many years ago my boxer dog had a vaccine injected into the neck and time after she developed cancer on the neck and sadly after several operations she died…that really woke me up about vaccines.

    2. Over vaccination is rampant. The same underlying problems exist. Under reporting adverse, reactions, a one size fits all indoctrination via a vaccine chart handed to veterinarians. They sometimes know going in the truth but they have to keep their mouths shut. Titerforpet.org is carrying forward the legislative effort to address overvaccination. I invite everyone to join the movement, to sign up for updates and get involved. I learned what did not work while helping Dr Robb at Protect the Pets. #optimalimmunization #titersforpets.org

  2. @vpanos the answer to your question is……YES. For sure, without a doubt. Vets know less about keeping out pets healthy than our Drs do about us! If they can find an opening, they will act like a used car salesman & try to sell you on a transplant or surgery for thousands of dollars. And most likely the treatment will kill your pet in the end or disable them.

  3. All vaccines are poisons… Every person, child, and even animal that is injected with poisons are therefore effected in some way… I have some parents that say “my kids are vaccinated and they are just fine.” But what is fine or “normal” in today world were pretty much all kids have behavior issues, breathing problems, bowel problems, skin issues, sleeping problems, or any of the autoimmune disorders that kids live with in todays world… The saddest part of it all is the so called science behind virology and how a virologist knows there is a “virus” and that it causes disease is the beginning of the worst junk science I have ever looked into. Scene no “virus” has ever been found in the bodily fluids or tissue of any sick person should be the first indicator of how bad this virology science is.

  4. I Knew ALL Vaccinations were Linked….From the child vaccinations to the Flu..to Covid..I also believe that there NEVER was ANY Covid..Just the Flu renamed! I like what you do here at the Highwire but do Not understand WHY you Keep espousing the Covid Psyop?? Keep digging..SEE The Bigger Picture Del..The proverbial Rabbit hole is So Very Deep.

    1. People are forgetting this is a bioweapon.
      I’m a healthy woman of a certain age, RARELY sick even with a cold, and if I do get the flu (as I did about 6 or 7 years ago) I am quick to recover.
      I got covid, the delta variant, on December 1, and was sick for 4 weeks. I actually thought I was going to die. I STILL, 3.5 months later have no taste or smell! So it galls me when I hear people say “there is no covid”.. Take it form one who KNOWS. Yes, there is. And I’d like the people who released it into the world to be held responsible.

  5. I think, because Andrew was the first highly respected doctor to raise any major concern over vaccination, at least for a long time, that the vaccine companies (with their financial motives), the government (with their own non financial motives) and mainstream media (with their ties with vaccine companies through sponsors and ownership (some parts of media being owned by pharma companies)), and their connections to government) freaked out (for lack of a better phrase) about the possibility that Wakefield and his team would find something real (that may or may not have been true, but that they at least had suspicion of the possibility of it being true (that the MMR vaccine caused autism in this case)) that would undermine the publics trust in vaccination and willingness to vaccinate, causing the vaccine companies to loose out on large profits, and the government to worry about outbreaks of measles, so they decided to frame him so that, A, the potential that a link would be found (that may or may not be real) would vanish, and so that in future, anyone who see’s an possible way a vaccine could cause some serious issue, would not pursuit research into this possibility due to fear of being struck off, defamed, slandered and committing career suicide.

  6. Yep, I am actually putting getting a dog on a back burner although I really want one… but just the fact that I am factsinated on the poison they are injecting into people and into animals… I really need to first think of how I will organise getting a dog without vaccination.. And my dog who immigrated got a tumor not long after the plandemic started so it could be my ex got him vaccinated, I am so sad! He is not really that old yet and he was the most beautiful and healthy dog ever!

  7. Yes, it was Joe Biden who insisted on “Mandatory Vaccination” while telling his followers that his son Hunter was the most intellectually gifted person he knows! This is just how fucked up the progressive left has taken the United States with their politics. And 210 million Americans did exactly what he told them! Bizarre……… Biden is truly no better than Putin. So when Joseph Kennedy Jr. blames this vaccine fiasco on Trump and gives Joe Biden and complete and total pass try to remember Hunter’s lap top. And yes, Fauci is a monster!

  8. I started following Polly on Periscope and watched her live every day throughout the Vaxxed Bus journey. I remember when you joined the Vaxxed team. I watched you, Dr Wakefield, Polly and many others traveling around our country answering questions after the Movie played. You’ve ALL paid a huge price to get the truth out. None of you have wavered. You each went off into different directions but all with the same goal. I can’t thank you all enough for never backing down, for never giving up, for never being silent! The world is listening now thanks to all of you!!!

  9. Just received a new DVD of VAXXED…

    Sadly, Americans would rather watch a Marvel comic book super hero silly movie than get some real information. It’s the human condition……. especially in the US.

  10. I just bought this movie last month. Where can I watch Vaxxed 2. ?
    I wonder if the evil ones are actually trying to harm our children and the fact that black boys get harmed the most is an added bonus ?.
    My beautiful mixed son didn’t speak for 2 years after the MMR.
    And what did I do ? I joined Moderna’s covid vax trial thinking that mRNAs would be safer for children vs all those preservatives. Boy was I ever wrong. That jab destroyed my health

  11. @barb07 – “People are forgetting this is a bioweapon.”
    – Not an actual bioweapon, just a social re-engineering psyop.

    “I got covid, the delta variant, on December 1, and was sick for 4 weeks. I actually thought I was going to die. I STILL, 3.5 months later have no taste or smell! So it galls me when I hear people say “there is no covid”.. Take it form one who KNOWS. Yes, there is.”
    -Sorry, but you don’t really know Jack Squat. You have no proof you ever had Covid, much less any particular variant of any coronavirus, because all the tests they used were bogus. Nobody ever used the correct method to identify any virus since the covid scam started. None of the biolabs have ever recieved an actual physical biological specimen to calibrate any of their equipment with. Digital files that some goofball monkey drew up out of thin air for a kickback DOES NOT COUNT as evidence!

    Chances are you had an older Coronavirus or Flu version that occasionally resurfaces on a cycle. None of your symptoms are new, but the media and government sure did brainwash your already weakened sheep-like mind to believe it was new. Nobody ever wants to talk about ALL OF THE FACTS that’s literally right there slapping you in the face, but your brain is too numb from multiple psyop operations over the years to recognize you need to wake the hell up!

  12. If a vaccine was known to cause meningitis was renamed, sold again, caught, renamed, and sold again, and caught again as described in the movie VAXXED; this sounds like a Crime against Humanity. Is there solid documentation for this incident, including Names? This needs information with references to be distributed publicly and widely.

  13. Second viewing, one year later.

    I still cannot decide what is more mind-boggling… The actions revealed to conceal the causal evidence of infant Autism …..?
    Or the subsequent in-actions revealed!

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How is it that The HighWire’s reporting on Covid has been so far ahead? How did we know so much about the public health players, and the games they would play with lockdowns and vaccines? Because, they’ve done it all before. The HighWire presents “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” the movie that exposes one of the biggest public health scandals of all time. They say ‘vaccines don’t cause autism,’ but they never told you this.