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  1. Dr. Ladapo is a rock star! Such a wicked smart move by Gov. DeSantis to bring him on here in Florida as the Surgeon General. Brilliant move and Floridians win!

  2. Yes. Let this sink into your head. Your government is trying to kill you and your kids by purposely giving you false information about the fake covid vaccines. This government activity is literally the definition of Global Population Control. It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore, it’s a FACT!

  3. And just to make this perfectly clear … It’s still NOT possible to make a vaccine for ANY coronavirus, much less for a non-existent novel coronavirus that you’ve all been tricked into believing exists.

  4. i think the aids & covid viruses are non existent and are a lie…..i think covid is a severely damaged central nervous system caused by years of vaccine shots.

  5. I would like to thank The Highwire team. Your content convinced me to hold off and not get vaccinated. It also motivated me to do my own research on vaccine safety. I believe your efforts saved my life and the lives of many others. Thank you for being a beacon of truth.

  6. Fox is not owned by Rupert Murdoch he only owns 22%. It is owned by the same people that own Reuters, Facebook, and Pfizer. Second largest shareholder T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. is owned by top shareholder Vanguard and other main shareholders. Somebody has to play the “devil’s advocate” to distract people from whatever is “really going on”.

  7. I’m afraid you may be right, PSZ.

    The Ukraine gambit is the perfect distraction — It seems like the coverage on CNN and MSNBC is Ukraine only 24 hours a day., with Fox News not far behind.

    Now we can blame everything bad that is happening — rising death rates, extreme inflation, coming food shortages on Russia, instead of Trump.

  8. “The corruption that is in the world through lust”–the desire for self-gratification no matter the cost to others. (2 Peter 1:4). Thank God, He has given us “exceedingly great and precious promises”, that we can escape that corruption by following His will, His way. Thank you, Del Bigtree, for standing against the corruption!!

  9. The creators of the mRNA therapy, who could have chosen almost any of the surface proteins of the COVID virus to be reproduced in our cells, to generate antibodies, instead chose the most damaging and dangerous part of the virus, the spike protein. Which also appears to be the unnatural part of the virus that probably was added to the spike protein in the Wuhan lab.

    One would have to be extraordinarily naive, or aggressively ignorant, to believe that choice was just random bad luck for our species, and not done with malice aforethought.

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Censored by Twitter!; Walensky Confirms CDC is Inept; FOIA Exposes Media’s Covid Bias; Getting to the Heart of the Matter About Covid, Vaccines, and Kids; New Date Set for Defeat The Mandates Rally

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