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  1. Dear Geert, RN x 27 years here, former Fed/State Medical Investigator. You are brainwashed fool and refuse to look at anything other than your “herd immunity” theory when you are using it incorrectly. Herd Immunity is gained from natural immunity, not vaccine. Also, just because you have antibodies does not make you immune. My family would have rather have risked the measles, which is an acute, non life threatening infection (that if having it naturally can have immunological advantages long term and can be treated with vitamins), than a life long brain and organ damage my 9 year old grandson suffers with.. He is tube fed, will wear a diaper for life and has suffered physically and mentally from the brain swelling, the organ damage, floppy baby syndrome, emotional damage, hitting himself, screaming, mega colon, the need for enemas a few times a week, etc…. and pharma/state insurance will not pay for anything under the “Autism” diagnosis. My daughter cannot work as she has to take care of him 24/7. I pay for his diapers at $200 a month. The entire family has suffered emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially due to the MMR jab. Many vaccine injured kids live in a broken family or foster care. My grandson is a multi million dollar patient from the age of 2 (when he got the MMR) to age 9. Its all about profits off the damage from toxic vaccines. Vaccines that inject carcinogens, metals, biological agents/ fetal DNA/virus’s/bacteria/pathogens/retro viruses, neurological toxins, contaminants like Nagalase enzyme that promotes cancer, etc. How in the world that anyone can say that these injections are safe has got to have some kind of pathological mindset. No vaccine is safe, not one! No safety studies. No liability. No long term studies. No double blind placebo studies,,,,,, why??? Because they KNOW! They know that these toxic injections kill and damage organs and DNA. There would be no need for children’s hospitals if it was not for these toxic injections causing all the cancers, brain damage, neurological damage, auto immune damage, MS, Diabetes, swallow and speech disorders, etc, etc….. WAKE UP GEERT!!! Vaccines have killed more than the potential, acute illness that they supposedly protect you from. Vaccines cause life long profitable diseases. Profits off human suffering. The measles outbreak a few years ago was caused by the vaccine strain!! Humanities immune systems and DNA have been damaged potentially beyond repair in the next generations from these toxic injections. 1:36 boys on the Autism spectrum scale…. soon 1;2. THIS IS DEVASTATING TO THE HUMAN RACE! And in case you did not know, Autism is brain damage from the neurological damage from vaccines. I have never met an unvaccinated autistic child. The unvaccinated are overwhelmingly smarter, more balanced behavior/emotionally and are much healthier physically with much less chronic issues vs the vaccinated. Pharma has no liability…… why??? Because the lawsuits would put them out of business from the damage and deaths that they cause. No one in my family vaccinates ourselves, our children or our pets. It’s all a big scam. – RN, Grammy of a vaccine damaged grandson who’s name is on the Vaxxed bus.

    1. Though I am sorry to hear about your son’s pointless and devastating injury what you wrote is a load of unscientific and non-medical XXX – Herd Immunity (in the way Geert was using the term) is what stands between the global population and an endless series of destructive pandemics – Herd Immunity is created by BOTH natural infection on a very large scale AND genuine vaccination (which the COVID ones are not). Many vax injuries are caused by the added ingredients such as heavy metals, not the actual vax central active ingredient – this could be easily remedied (eg, single vials don’t require preservative) – easily remedied, but not cheaply so not attractive to Big Pharma….. Geert is arguing that we can’t just rely on natural infections to protect the vulnerable – and if you can’t see past your own anger to see his point I feel sorry for you – your kind of illogical blind frustration will get us nowhere….. His point is completely valid HOWEVER I personally do not want to be protected by the accruing of harm by our young – that is COMPLETELY unacceptable to me – there has to be a different, better way and that is the track I want to see explored – Geert’s arguments have a lot of merit but not IMO his preparedness for children to carry this burden…… there needs to be a better way…..

  2. Right on, Dunncs67!

    I honestly think this big push for vaccines just boils down to the fact that humans have a really strong need to feel important, and scientists who’ve figured out all this stuff about our immune systems, and the way it works, somehow feel like they “deserve credit” for all that hard work, because it’s not FREE to do the work… but the bottom line is, God and Mother Nature gave us incredibly powerful things like an IMMUNE SYSTEM, for FREE. We never NEEDED to know all that much about how they work, we just needed to know WHAT works. Indigenous people have been using potent antivirals from plants, for thousands of years. It’s cool to know all this stuff about MRNA and DNA, but it’s not NECESSARY to keep the human race alive. But so many scientists seem to feel a strong need for CONTROL, and come up with solutions, and be recognized as important and necessary. But we just need to work with what God already gave us. There are many NATURAL supplements we can take, that kill viruses really well (Oregano Oil, Artemisinin – aka wormwood, the stuff IVERMECTIN is made of), and there are many compounds that can boost the immune system, too. We don’t have to rely on scientists in a lab to tinker with experimental MRNA jabs, in order for the human race to survive. Mother nature made it super easy and cheap to boost our immune systems. Artemisinin grows like a WEED on the side of the road. So does milk thistle, and dandelion, and purslane, and many of the most powerful herbs in the world. Mother nature didn’t want the answers to be super complicated, and she made them so easy to grow, we can’t get rid of em. But scientists like Geert continue to try to push the idea that everything needs to be complicated and we need to do it in this complicated, controlled, scientific way. How about we all just learn how to boost our own health and immunity, and those who choose NOT to, are those who don’t live? How about we stop pushing experimental injections on other people who don’t agree with the lack of ethics behind these experimental jabs? Mother Nature must be crying, to see so many animals getting experimented on, knowing how many effective things she put on this earth, for us to kill viruses. When I got Covid I could not believe how helpful and effective it was, to take wormwood. It completely got rid of my body aches and that stabbing headache people complain about. Anyone can take this stuff, or make their own. But scientsts don’t seem to want us to know these things. It’s really too bad more scientists can’t give mother nature and God the power they deserve.

  3. i think people like Geert are part of the problem…even malone he helped create this diabolical covid vaccine which could kill countless innocent people over the next few years and now have somewhat change of conscience.

    1. We cannot afford to disrespect or discount ANY of the scientists in our tribe – likeable personalities or not – if you don’t understand that then you have missed Del’s entire mission which is open dialogue to get to the truth and to develop fresh solutions – anything less than this is juvenile and belongs to the other tribe, not ours….. encouraging experts to be open, discuss, and consider each other’s perspectives – the foundation for solutions…..

  4. This is the point people, why shy away from scientific debate/query, seen as science is supposed to be based on scientific querying? Not today’s science, which strangely enough is controlled by atheist influences, not religious influences or no group influence at all. Today’s none scientific querying and debate is a further sign of a distorted reality.

    These health professionals are labelled anti-vaxxers just because they are querying the science in regards to covid vaccines, lock downs, mask wearing and tests, tests that are at best 71% efficient in regards to detecting all respiratory infections. To be an anti-vaxxer you have to be anti all vaccines, in fact these professionals are anything but anti-vaccines as shown.

    1. No sensible sane person with any scientific training is anti-vaccine for all cases…. but there are plenty who are prepared to let others carry the burden for herd immunity….. that mis NOT reasonable or safe…… there will be other ways to be found and discovered…..

  5. Regarding this weeks show.
    Why… Why, out of all the experts on in the discussion did not a single one of them mention appropriate immune response.
    Geert even mentioned the word “shortcut” and this didn’t trigger a thought in any experts mind that vaccines ARE A SHORTCUT!
    IF there even is any benefit to inoculation and IF germ theory has any accuracy regarding how disease is contracted (i.e. through the communicable pathways, ears, eyes, nose, mouth) – then the use of injection bypasses the bodies natural immune pathway (takes a shortcut), resulting in many parts of the human system not being triggered, hence a plausible explanation for why vaccination (if it even does anything) can not and will not ever generate long-lasting immunity.

    Seriously! This should have been one of the biggest talking points in whether there is room for vaccination in the future and not a single one of your experts are informed enough to think of this? That’s not an attack on any one of them, in fact I have even more respect for Robert Malone after watching this discussion – it just amazes me, probability wise that with 9 experts (Del included), none thought to mention this.

    1. Not at all…. he has never budged from his perspective – and anyone who does not understand his arguments cannot be part of the solution because his points are absolutely central and critical and MUST be considered…… He was not in fact recommending one pathway, just that throwing out all pathways and posssibilities without careful risk analysis is completely irresponsible – he is absolutely right….. I just personally don’t agree with the healthy young carrying the burden – that is not an acceptable way to manage the risk to the elderly and vulnerable – there will be another way….. there must be…. our young are not guinea pigs or pin cushions…..

  6. Would have been nice to hear these kind of conversations long ago, I been fighting these pharmaceutical corporations , FDA, CDC, WHO, ETC. and now I learn that I really do not know a damn thing about all of this… I guess i’m a follower and right now I feel pretty damn stupid.
    I don’t know what to think, we just get sound bits are something new to fight that is so important now that we’ve never looked at the big picture in that we have to put ourselves in others shoes to see if they’re scamming the system or legitimately trying to help the world.
    Who am I to tell anyone to take the shot or not? I feel I no longer can do what I been doing and just start referring people to people like who were on the panel. I’ve learned so much in the last couple years but today I learned that I haven’t learned anything. I just been a parrot repeating smart people..
    Great show, I’m going to go soak my head,
    Tp many chiefs and not enough Indians, I mean there are a lot out here like me that thought we knew enough to preach, oh boy are we arrogant fools.
    THANK YOU ALL, I HUMBLY WALK AWAY WITH MY HEAD DOWN…. back to school of hard knocks I go.

  7. I am peeing myself laughing at Del’s reaction to Geert talking about balls. You see it register. “did this guy really just say balls three times on my show?”

  8. Please. Please. Please. Can we have a debate with all the prominent vaccine industry experts, public health experts, and then the docs and scientists on the other side of the debate. It would be a real game changer.

  9. I truly enjoyed the interview with the late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. He was truly a great man. How many lives did he save with is early treatment protocol? He was one of the first who showed courage and insight into these vaccine injuries and deaths. His warning to Israel were prescient and will founded, but fell on mostly deaf ears.

    It struck me that Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, is now having more adverse events than almost any other country. This vaccine is going to accomplish, and to a great extent already has done, what Hamas terrorists and others could NEVER do. Incredible…

  10. But what you really should know is … There’s No Such Thing As Covid, And It’s Still Not Possible To Make A Vaxx For ANY Coronavirus. The agenda you fear it might really be all about IS the agenda we’re facing. They wanted a convenient way to reduce the population and the new jabs deliver such convenience.

  11. I am a primary care physician with the masters degree in public health. I have taught epidemiology at the masters level. I would ask those commenting here who assert that vaccine-induced immune persons are not included in calculations of herd immunity to please provide a reference for your assertions.
    I have warned my patients about the dangers of the childhood vaccine schedule for 25 years. I have not recommended a number of vaccines. I was warning people from February of 2020 that this covid thing was a farce. But in this discussion, although I question Geert’s position, I think that it’s validity needs to be disproven. It is not enough to say “I believe otherwise”. In this conversation, unfortunately, it is Del who does not have the proper training to tease out these complex issues in his mind.

    1. I agree with the majority of your comments except your critique of Del – He achieves what most cannot – he brings science to the masses – on this occasion, I believe he was unprepared and taken by surprise – he says so himself…. but at least discussion was opened – I personally was so glad to see some honesty……and that the split was 50-50 about the whether to continue any vax or not….. This discussion must continue and if abuse like I see in some comments on this thread and elsewhere continues we may not get the privilege to listen in – why would a professional be honest just to get abused by OUR tribe as well…..

  12. My daughter signed the Vaxxed bus. ASD is not just “quirky” to live with. The elephant in the room is the vaccines…. ALL of them!

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At the ‘Better Way Conference’ in May, Del asked the forbidden question: “Do Vaccines Have a Role In the Better Way Forward?” Watch the full debate everyone has been asking for, then don’t miss Del’s candid follow-up interview with Geert.

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