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Episode 284: THE FINE LINE



  1. Great point here gentleman . No you have listen to this Doctor or what’s in the vaccine or not.
    People need a sense of being right all the time
    And not having an adult conversation.

    1. Great point here gentleman . No you have to listen to this Doctor not that Doctor or what’s in the vaccine or not.
      People need a sense of being right all the time. That’s the issue.
      And start having adult conversation . Is what I meant here.

  2. Human beings that are “hackable animals” (Harrari) are not fully human, they have not yet evolved suffeciently to be called human. They are not yet the desired outcome of the “human experiment” run by the Creator. The “harraries” are (probably) agents of the Creator – whether they know it or not would be another question – sent to put pressure on us to make sure we realize what is expected of us. We need to free our “mind” (the Human Operating System) and perfect it so that the Creator can upload it (when the time comes) to operate much more sophisticated “bodies” in a higher realm.
    [Of course, this is only my speculation. Other than this hope, I have no idea of what really is going on here.]

  3. and if you do know what ukrain is its a corrupt state from a to z this is just to get europ on his knee so all ather states can bay here the great fabriks for just a dime. whe have the fieling the state is killing us the chech enerige ferms cell there energie on the market in dermeny and get there about 1 krawn for it and we people have to bay it back for so much more.i say fuck eu go out and take care of your self. . . .

  4. the conversation between Del and Mattias Desmet (I just ordered the book) was BRILLIANT!! I so resonate with everything said and I will be re-listening and sharing. And good for you with the Alex Jones interview!!! Del – you are the best and I love your courage and dedication to your principles and intuitive knowing. You are a pure heart.

  5. It’s called Lockstep (all countries doing the same things at the same time). I believe a UN or WHO or WEF program Del. I don’t believe it’s theory; I believe it’s plan. Something to do with Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari and those guys.

  6. The One true God gives every believer the GIFT of ‘self-control’.

    The man-gods steal/takes every man’s self-control.

    Let us not become #ManGods who are destroying the world and all life in it.

    Let us set our individual boundaries of CONTROL by establishing fences/walls called RESPECT of other’s rights to personal choices based on INFORMED CONCENT. 9.10.22

  7. Why are they trying to paint Dr. Drew as a newcomer to this conversation? He’s been critical of covid policies the whole time! Very public about his opinions!

  8. It’s the liberal left that has brought this hell onto the free people of this world. It’s really just that simple. What we are now seeing is years of leftist ideology bought into a public that lacks critical thinking and is easily manipulated.

  9. The Ukraine is the fourth most corrupt country in the world according to the corrupt UN. Joe and Hunter go there to molest children and collect millions in graft, all of which is in the form of American foreign aid kicked back to these criminals.
    Go to YouTube and listen to the very informed Col. Douglas Macgregor for what the truth on this Ukraine debacle really is.

  10. I was talking with my brother-in-law the other day. He is convinced he knows the truth about politics, world events and this Covid BS! He gets all his information from watching television. He feels he is extremely well informed. He is basically a good person. His views on current events are just plain group think. It’s sickening to watch……

  11. Why pay to visit your doctor?…Skip the middleman and go straight to the one who calls the shots…your local health bureaucrat…After all the doctors can’t dispense advice without their approval….Everyone needs to call and make an appointment

  12. Kids are going to DIE on the playground from this mask madness. And I wont feel a thing for their parents BECAUSE THEY ARE ALLOWING IT.
    I took my kids out of school.

  13. Simple: the reason the Oregon Medical Bard didn’t provide the evidence for attempting to yank Dr. Thomas’ license was fear of the evidence, with which Dr. Thomas has them dead to rights. Harassment is their home court, and that’s where they want to keep the fight. Good on Dr. Thomas for taking them on at what is supposed to be a neutral court.

  14. OMG doctor Paul Thomas! My own kids are a living graph of vax damage. My oldest got ALL the vax on CDC schedule and he has been such a sick kid and with ADHD, my second got SOME vax spread out and he’s less sick, my third had hardly any vax and very healthy.

  15. I’m sooo glad to see Dr. Paul fighting back with this lawsuit. It’s about time that the Oregon medical board was called to explained themselves. YES!

    And just think how many jurists and potential jurists are going to get an education.

  16. Mattias Desmets interview was incredible, thank you.

    Please could you start putting the Jaxen Report as a shareable insert, it’s like a weekly news show and lots of info. Always my fave part, I love the convo btw Del and Jeffrey.

  17. Why is there not a link on this episode 284 or any episode tht we can share with our contacts? Please provide a link that is sharable. If there is one, please let me know where I can find it.

  18. Interesting conversation between Del and Mattias. Even more interesting is how God is a conspicuously absent explanation for the purpose of life.
    Del mentions the passage in Genesis about God instructing Adam and Eve to not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, then asks the question of why God would give such an instruction because shouldn’t we need to have such knowledge? Not sure he realized that he answered his own question in the end…. the reason God did not want us to have that knowledge was because in His infinite wisdom He knew it would ultimately be destructive to us as well as being driven by the original sin of pride that caused the fall of Lucifer. Aside from that, God desired for the human race to depend and rely on Him for everything concerning life.
    This is where I have to disagree with the concept both Mattias and Del seemed to believe….that there is no certainty to the matters of life and really no body can be sure about anything. Absolutely not true. If you have a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe then you have assurance of the issues of life. We may not have complete understanding of all things or have answers for every question that comes our way but if we did then that would make us God. No, instead, He has given us the assurance, through Jesus, that what we don’t know or can’t comprehend peace will be provided if we choose to trust in His leading and surrender to it.

  19. Del, Dr Drew is a Californian and probably a Democrat. The man has awakened and his influence is pulling back the blindfold on millions of people who will not listen to you or I because they think “you’re just MAGA you hate me for being a Democrat Californian”. So chill with the scathing criticism.

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Episode 284: THE FINE LINE

Dr. Drew’s ‘Aha’ Moment; Doc Sues Board For $35 Million; Vaccine OK’d on 8 Mice; Journey into the Mind; Del Reveals ‘The Real Alex Jones’ 2-Part Event

Guests: Paul Thomas, MD; Mattias Desmet, PhD; Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg